Birding trip Kazakhstan May 2015   -  Photos part 3: Tien Shan mountains above Almaty (site 14)
John van der Woude   -   see also main report
All photos where credit not mentioned are by Nollie or me. 
Soon after driving the easy, asphalted road into the mountains to our Alpine Rose hotel, we strolled a bit around in the mist and found Blue-capped Redstart (left) and White-tailed Rubythroat (right).

Part of the Alpine Rose resort.

Walking a short distance from the road to the 'Big Almaty Lake' we saw this Red-fronted Serin closeby. (Roodvoorhoofdkanarie)

The sandy delta in the far side of the lake.

Scoping across the lake and delta for the Ibisbill.

We found them! Three in total.

During a short pre-breakfast walk around the Alpine Rose hotel, we had this Black-throated Accentor (Zwartkeelheggemus).

One of targets for today, much further up the mountains and not far below the Cosmic Ray station, Himalayan Snowcock (berghoen).

Güldenstadt's Redstart was high on our wish list! Just below the Cosmic Ray station.

Around and just above the Cosmic Ray research station, we tried to find accentors. Altai Accentor was easy, but we failed to find Brown. This at an altitude of c. 3400 m above sea level.

Lower down again but still above the Observatory there is an interesting green area. We were only allowed to travel past the Observatory with a permit.

White-browed Tit-Warbler, the sought-after species in this very pleasant area. Photo Sander Bot/ 
Strange perspective of White-winged Grosbeak (Spiegeldikbek). Right: White-tailed Rubythroat. Here also my best view of Red-mantled Rosefinch.

The Cosmic Ray research station at c. 3300 m on a second visit, the next day. Plain Mountain-Finches and blakistoni Water Pipits around here.

Now we got Lammergeier, and again the Güldenstadt's Redstart.

Also Grey Marmot.

A last view of this high part of the Tien Shan mountain range.

The next day, before our flight to Astana, we visited a central park in Almaty. Close views of Blyth's Reed Warbler (Struikrietzanger) in a hedge. Impressive was this cathedral in the centre of the park.

Opposite the cathedral was this half open chess room, with Fisher, Karpov and Gasparov on the wall of fame.