Poland 27 June - 4 July 2015   -  More photos of birding trip report John van der Woude   www.jvanderw.nl 
See also report. All photos are by Nollie or me.

Site 37. Oder valley.

Site 35. The dike road NE of Slonsk is in a much better state than years ago.

Site 35. The four Lesser Spotted Eagles.

Site 35. The river Warta floodplain.

Site 35a. Upstream of 35 along the Warta, outside the floodplain, near point 2.

Site 35a. Also just outside the Warta floodplain, at point 3.

Site 39. View from the P of the fishermen.

Site 39 at point 3. Typical habitat for Penduline Tit.

Site 39 point 4. Excellent Ortolan Bunting road, very quiet. Een echte ortolanenlaan (zou Arend de Jong zeggen).

Site 40, old fishponds. Near point 1.

Site 40, at point 4 (taken from point 3). The isolated woodland of the Grey-headed Woodpecker.

Site 40 at point 5. Good birding, pleasant area.

Black Stork a site 40.

Panoramic view of site 40.

Summertime in Poland.

Purple Emperor Apature iris. Grote Weerschijnvlinder. Several seen in central Poland.

Site 41 at point 2. At the river Warta below Rogalin Palace.

Nollie leaning against the oldest oak of the Rogalin Palace woods, site 41.

Site 62 point 1. Panoramic view of the Warta river floodplain E of Warta town.

Site 62 at point 3.

Along the road, a soccer field with 450 Rooks. In a town called Szadek.

Golden Oriole chick at the parking place of our hotel at Spala, point 1 of site 66.

Site 66 point 2. Spala forest reserve.

Old harvesting from trees in Zadlowice forest reserve of point 4 of site 66.

Forest reserve at point 3 of site 61 western part.
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