Birding trip report South Sweden Sep/Oct 2006 John van der Woude  

Species list

Species list

Sun 24 Sep drive Holland to Falsterbo campsite
Mon 25 Falsterbo
Tue 26 Falsterbo and
Wed 27 Falsterbo
Thu 28 Falsterbo
Fri 29 Falsterbo to Åsnen 
Sat 30 Åsnen
Sun 1 Oct Åsnen to Öland, campsite (vandrarhem) Ottenby
Mon 2 Öland
Tue 3 Öland
Wed 4 Öland
Thu 5 left Öland, via glass region to Jönköping and Skövde
Fri 6 N and W of Skövde (also Hornborga lake)
Sat 7 Tiveden NP
Sun 8 left Skövde for ferry Göteborg-Frederikshavn (seabirds) then on to Germany/Holland

For the numbers of birds migrating at Falsterbo, see
   migrating = migrating South; if migration not stated then locally present Dutch name
Red-throated Diver a few S along Ölands south tip Roodkeelduiker
Black-throated Diver several S along Ölands south tip Parelduiker
Slavonian Grebe 1 at sea at Ölands south tip Kuifduiker
Fulmar several seen from ferry Göteborg - Frederikshavn Noordse Stormvogel
Gannet several seen from ferry Göteborg - Frederikshavn Jan van Gent
Great White Egret 1 Falsterbo Nabben Grote Zilverreiger
White-fronted Goose start of migration at S Öland Kolgans
Wigeon the most common duck at S Öland Smient
Pintail several S Öland Pijlstaart
Greater Scaup 1 ad. female S Öland Topper
Eider several S Öland Eider
Steller's Eider 1 eclips S Öland. not really a beauty Stellers Eider
Long-tailed Duck 1 small group migrating S Öland IJseend
Common Scoter some groups migrating E Öland Zwarte Zee-eend
Goldeneye a few at the inland sites, also groups S Öland Brilduiker
Honey-buzzard Falsterbo a few migrating, more migrating at Öland Wespendief
Black Kite 1 migrating Falsterbo heath Zwarte Wouw
Red Kite dozens migrating Falsterbo heath Rode Wouw
White-tailed Eagle S Öland a few Zeearend
Marsh Harrier migrating a few Falsterbo and Öland (latter: above sea) Bruine Kiekendief
Hen Harrier male at Falsterbo heath and 3 juvenal Alvaret Öland Blauwe Kiekendief
(Montagu's Harrier in Denmark on the way back Grauwe Kiekendief)
Goshawk S Öland forest 1 Havik
Sparrowhawk hundreds on migration Falsterbo and Öland Sperwer
Buzzard many in kettles on Falsterbo heath Buizerd
Rough-legged Buzzard a few migrating Falsterbo heath, many on Öland Ruigpootbuizerd
Lesser Spotted Eagle 1 migrating Falsterbo heath Schreeuwarend
Golden Eagle Fyledalen 3, Hornborgasjön 1 Steenarend
Osprey a few Falsterbo heath Visarend
Kestrel locally present Falsterbo heath Torenvalk
Merlin a few Falsterbo heath, more at Öland, 1 at Hornborgasjön Smelleken
Hobby a few Falsterbo and Öland Boomvalk
Peregrine Öland east coast Slechtvalk
Red-breasted Merganser only eclips/female types, several S Öland Middelste Zaagbek
Capercaillie Trollkyrka trail in Tiveden NP, at 5 spots, 7 birds; last one a male closeby Auerhoen
Crane groups + roost on west side of Öland; also start of (late!) migration 5 Oct Kraanvogel
Golden Plover two groups of about 30 at the central Alvaret plateau Öland Goudplevier
Grey Plover several Falsterbo and Öland Zilverplevier
Lapwing some migration Kievit
Red Knot a few Falsterbo Kanoet
Little Stint a few Falsterbo Kleine Strandloper
Dunlin the most common wader Bonte Strandloper
Ruff some small groups Kemphaan
Snipe several small groups Watersnip
Spotted Redshank in low numbers Zwarte Ruiter
Redshank in low numbers Tureluur
Greenshank in low numbers Groenpootruiter
Green Sandpiper in low numbers Witgatje
Wood Sandpiper in low numbers Bosruiter
Buff-throated Sandpiper one along road c. 500 m N of car park of lighthouse S Öland Blonde ruiter
Great Black-backed Gull common Grote Mantelmeeuw
Kittiwake 1 from ferry Göteborg - Frederikshavn Drieteenmeeuw
Sandwich Tern a few Grote stern
Common/Arctic Tern a few Visdief/Noordse Stern
Guillemot several seen from ferry Göteborg - Frederikshavn Zeekoet
Stock dove several small groups migrating S Öland Holenduif
Tawny Owl 1 calling campsite (vandrarhem) S Öland Bosuil
Green Woodpecker at campsite Åsnen and at entrance of S Öland reserve Groene Specht
Black Woodpecker 1 Åsnen campsite and 1 Tiveden NP Zwarte Specht
Great Spotted Woodpecker a few inland Grote Bonte Specht
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Åsnen campsite Kleine Bonte Specht
Wood Lark several migrating Boomleeuwerik
Sky Lark several migrating Veldleeuwerik
Sand Martin 1 Falsterbo migrating Oeverzwaluw
Barn Swallow several migrating Boerenzwaluw
House Martin a few migrating Huiszwaluw
Richard's Pipit 1 migrating across campsite S Öland Grote Pieper
Tawny Pipit 1 migrating Falsterbo Duinpieper
Tree Pipit several migrating Boompieper
Meadow Pipit many migrating Graspieper
Red-throated Pipit 1 migrating S Öland (based on sound) Roodkeelpieper
Rock Pipit a few present at S Öland tip Oeverpieper
Grey Wagtail several (c. 10 in total) migrating Falsterbo Grote Gele Kwikstaart
Wren a few in S Öland forest Winterkoning
Dunnock several migrating Heggemus
Robin many S Öland forest edge Roodborst
Redstart a few S Öland forest edge Gekraagde Roodstaart
Whinchat 1 Falsterbo shrubs at Inner Foteviken bay Paapje
Wheatear a few locally Falsterbo and Öland Tapuit
Blackbird a few Öland locally Merel
Fieldfare some groups Öland Kramsvogel
Song Thrush several migrating Zanglijster
Redwing a few S Öland forest Koperwiek
Mistle Thrush Åsnen campsite Grote Lijster
Lesser Whitethroat 1 S Öland locally Braamsluiper
Blackcap a few pairs (!) S Öland locally Zwartkop
Yellow-browed Warbler 1 S Öland lighthouse garden Bladkoning
Chiffchaff many S Öland bushes Tjiftjaf
Goldcrest many S Öland bushes Goudhaan
Red-breasted Flycatcher 1 self-found Falsterbo golf course; several (5) S Öland forest + lighthouse Kleine Vliegenvanger
Long-tailed Tit white-headed form a group S Öland forest edge (Witkop-)Staartmees
Marsh Tit Åsnen forest Glanskop
Crested Tit Tiveden NP Kuifmees
Coal Tit Tiveden NP Zwarte Mees
Blue Tit groups migrating (and descending!) Falsterbo Pimpelmees
Great Tit groups migrating Falsterbo Koolmees
Nuthatch a few Åsnen and Öland Boomklever
Treecreeper S Öland forest Taigaboomkruiper
Great Grey Shrike 1 S Öland migrating at lighthouse, later 1 at entrance S Öland reserve Klapekster
Nutcracker 1 migrating S Öland halfway the road to the lighthouse Notenkraker
Jackdaw sometimes on migration Kauw
Hooded Crow common Bonte Kraai
Raven Tiveden NP a few Raaf
Starling migrating, small numbers yet Spreeuw
Tree Sparrow several groups migrating Ringmus
Chaffinch many migrating Vink
Brambling migrating between the Chaffinches, and some at Skövde Keep
Greenfinch migrating at S Öland Groenling
Goldfinch a few groups migrating Putter
Siskin migrating Falsterbo and Öland Sijs
Linnet many migrating, especially on Öland Kneu
Crossbill Tiveden NP Kruisbek
Lapland Bunting? heard migrating at Falsterbo IJsgors?
Yellowhammer several migrating S Öland Geelgors
Reed Bunting many migrating Falsterbo, all resting a while in reeds at extreme tip of peninsula Rietgors