Birding trip report Buenos Aires province Oct 2000

Part 3. Species list

John van der Woude, The Netherlands --  

CS: Costanero Sur reserve at Buenos Aires
MA: Magdalena/Atalaya
CL: San Clemente (Punta Rasa and other sites)
AO: other sites in between

         Spotted Nothura (Tinamou)          CL AO
                      Greater Rhea          CL
                White-tufted Grebe    CS       AO
                 Pied-billed Grebe    CS
                       Great Grebe    CS    CL
            Black-browed Albatross          CL
              White-chinned Petrel          CL
                  Sooty Shearwater          CL
                   Manx Shearwater          CL
             Wilson's Storm-petrel          CL
  Neotropic (Olivaceous) Cormorant    CS    CL
                   Whistling Heron       MA CL
                       Snowy Egret    CS    CL
        Cocoi (White-necked) Heron          CL
                 Great White Egret    CS MA
            Striated (Green) Heron          CL
         Black-crowned Night-heron    CS
             Rufescent Tiger-heron       MA
             Stripe-backed Bittern          CL
                     Maguari Stork          CL AO
      Whispering (Bare-faced) Ibis          CL
                  White-faced Ibis          CL
                 Roseate Spoonbill          CL AO
                  Chilean Flamingo          CL
                 Southern Screamer    CS MA CL
            Fulvous Whistling-duck    CS
        White-faced Whistling-duck    CS    CL
                        Ruddy Duck    CS
   Lake Duck [Argentine Blue-bill]    CS
                 Black-necked Swan    CS    CL
                    Coscoroba Swan    CS    CL
                    Brazilian Teal       MA
          Chiloe (Southern) Wigeon          CL
     Speckled (Yellow-billed) Teal          CL
     Yellow-billed (Brown) Pintail    CS    CL
                       Silver Teal    CS
                      Red Shoveler             AO
    Rosy-billed Pochard [Rosybill]    CS    CL
                 Black-headed Duck    CS
        White-tailed (Bl.Sh.) Kite       MA CL
                        Snail Kite    CS    CL AO
               Long-winged Harrier       MA CL
                 Cinereous Harrier       MA CL
               Plain-breasted Hawk          CL
                      Harris' Hawk             AO
                     Roadside Hawk    CS MA CL
                  Crested Caracara    CS    CL
                 Chimango Caracara       MA CL
                Rufous-sided Crake       MA
                   Giant Wood-rail       MA
                    Plumbeous Rail       MA CL
                    Common Moorhen             AO
            Spot-flanked Gallinule             AO
                 White-winged Coot    CS
                 Red-gartered Coot    CS
                  Red-fronted Coot    CS    CL
                    Wattled Jacana    CS
            American Oystercatcher          CL
                Black-necked Stilt       MA CL
        Lesser (Am.) Golden Plover          CL
         Grey (Bl.-bellied) Plover          CL
                  Southern Lapwing    CS MA CL
              South American Snipe       MA
                  Hudsonian Godwit          CL
                Greater Yellowlegs          CL
                 Lesser Yellowlegs          CL
                Solitary Sandpiper          CL
                   Ruddy Turnstone          CL
            White-rumped Sandpiper          CL
                 Baird's Sandpiper          CL
           Buff-breasted Sandpiper          CL
                     Pomarine Skua          CL
                       Arctic Skua          CL
                      Olrog's Gull          CL
                         Kelp Gull          CL
        Grey-headed (-hooded) Gull             AO
                 Brown-hooded Gull          CL
                     Sandwich Tern          CL?
                      Cayenne Tern          CL
                Snowy-crowned Tern          CL
                Yellow-billed Tern          CL
                     Black Skimmer          CL
                   Picazuro Pigeon    CS MA
                        Eared Dove    CS
        Plain-breasted Ground-dove       MA
                 White-tipped Dove          CL
                     Monk Parakeet    CS MA CL
                      Guira Cuckoo    CS MA CL
                     Burrowing Owl       MA
        Glittering-bellied Emerald    CS
     Gilded Sapphire (Hummingbird)       MA
        White-throated Hummingbird          CL
                 Ringed Kingfisher             AO
              Checkered Woodpecker       MA
           Green-barred Woodpecker    CS
                     Campo Flicker       MA
         Narrow-billed Woodcreeper       MA
                    Rufous Hornero          CL
              Tufted Tit-spinetail          CL
           Sooty-fronted Spinetail    CS
                  Chicli Spinetail       MA
                Hudson's Canastero          CL
        Freckle-breasted Thornbird          CL
         Bay-capped Wren-spinetail          CL
                Wren-like Rushbird    CS    CL
          Curve-billed Reedhaunter       MA
       Straight-billed Reedhaunter    CS??
                 Firewood-gatherer          CL
                Variable Antshrike       MA
          Chaco Suiriri Flycatcher    CS
              Small-billed Elaenia       MA CL
                  Sooty Tyrannulet          CL
         Many-coloured Rush-tyrant          CL
                 Warbling Doradito          CL
          Bran-coloured Flycatcher       MA
             Vermillion Flycatcher       MA
                 Spectacled Tyrant    CS    CL
              Yellow-browed Tyrant       MA CL
                     Cattle Tyrant    CS
            Fork-tailed Flycatcher       MA
                    Great Kiskadee    CS MA CL
              White-rumped Swallow    CS    CL
              Brown-chested Martin          CL
                      Barn Swallow    CS    CL
                  Correndera Pipit          CL
                        Grass Wren          CL
                        House Wren    CS
          Chalk-browed Mockingbird    CS
             Rufous-bellied Thrush    CS    CL
             Creamy-bellied Thrush    CS
                Masked Gnatcatcher    CS MA CL
                     House Sparrow    CS
        Rufous-browed Peppershrike       MA
                     Hooded Siskin    CS MA CL
                   Tropical Parula          CL
               Masked Yellowthroat    CS
           Blue-and-yellow Tanager          CL
           Rufous-collared Sparrow    CS
            Yellow-billed Cardinal    CS
            Long-tailed Reed-finch          CL
   Black-and-rufous Warbling-finch    CS
       Black-capped Warbling-finch    CS
                     Saffron Finch          CL
            Grassland Yellow-finch          CL AO
                 Great Pampa-finch    CS    CL
           Yellow-winged Blackbird    CS
            Brown-yellow Marshbird       MA CL
          Scarlet-headed Blackbird          CL
                Bay-winged Cowbird    CS    CL
                     Shiny Cowbird    CS