Species list birding trip Gambia 18-25 November 2002
in www.jvanderw.nl  (trip report)   -   John van der Woude

Description of sites see text part of this trip report. Note:
Abuko = Abuko national park
Brufut = Brufut national park/reserve
Tanji - beach at village port
Pirang = abandoned shrimp ponds, unless indicated otherwise (like rice fields near village)
Kololi = area of hotels and shops just outside Senegambia hotel
This list is in Sibley & Moore sequence.
Double-spurred Francolin------------ sev. heard, some seen e.g. Abuko, Bush Track
White-faced Whistling-Duck------------ 1 family (?) Kotu ponds; Pirang two groups
Greater Honeyguide------------ Marakissa female in low bush along small trail
Fine-spotted Woodpecker------------ one only!, Marakissa in scope after long walk to southern marsh
Grey Woodpecker------------ sev. sites, also Senegambia hotel garden
Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird------------ often heard, once seen in low bush Marakissa
Vieillot's Barbet------------ Bush Track sev. around open savanna plot
Bearded Barbet------------ sev. in savanna woodlands (first at Fajara golf course)
Red-billed Hornbill------------ many places e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
African Pied Hornbill------------ Brufut in treetop, a few later at other sites
African Grey Hornbill------------ sev. places, e.g. Bijilo park
Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill------------ Bush Track pair in small tree in woodland savanna
Green Woodhoopoe------------ some groups e.g. Bijilo park left of entrance
Abyssinian Roller------------ a few only e.g. Fajara golf course
Rufous-crowned Roller------------ Bush Track 1 in open treetop, scope view
Blue-bellied Roller------------ Casino cycle track 3 in different palms; sev. later in wooded savannas
Broad-billed Roller------------ Senegambia hotel garden group in air at dusk; Brufut aerial group at midday
Malachite Kingfisher------------ just inland of Kotu bridge at small reed fringe
African Pygmy-Kingfisher------------ Brufut in low bushy savanna, close to the Striped Kingf.
Woodland Kingfisher------------ Bijilo park in small tree; only once later (Brufut?)
Blue-breasted Kingfisher------------ Pirang village below large shady tree along dusty road
Striped Kingfisher------------ Brufut close view in small tree
Giant Kingfisher------------ Abuko park Crocodile pond male and later female (preening)
Pied Kingfisher------------ sev. sites, once even hovering above sea (Tanji)
Little Bee-eater------------ best at Bijilo park, confiding group
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater------------ Brufut clear view in open tree
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater------------ Pirang sev. ar and in mangroves right
Levaillant's Cuckoo------------ Brufut well seen in small tree and in flight
Klaas's Cuckoo------------ Brufut well seen on top of small tree
Senegal Coucal------------ singles here and there, e.g. Fajara
Senegal Parrot------------ Bijilo park on palm stump
Rose-ringed Parakeet------------ opp. Bijilo park (a garden), few elsewhere
Mottled Spinetail------------ Brufut clear view, few elsewhere
African Palm-Swift------------ sev. throughout
Little Swift------------ sev., best seen at Pirang
Green (Guinea) Turaco------------ Abuko hoping from tree to tree a end of shortcut trail
Violet Turaco------------ Abuko 1 at shortcut trail, swallowing fruit; Brufut several!
Western Grey Plantain-eater------------ Abuko very noisy groups inside forest
Pearl-spotted Owlet------------ Brufut at end one seen at eye-level
Long-tailed Nightjar------------ Casino Cycle Track side track at dusk near beach
Speckled Pigeon------------ Senegambia hotel garden 3 on roof; few other places, singles
Laughing Dove------------ many places, e.g. Senegambia hotel garden, often highly visible
Mourning Collared-Dove------------ where?
Vinaceous Dove------------ calling on many places
Red-eyed Dove------------ e.g. Senegambia hotel garden, on ground
Black-billed Wood-Dove------------ often heard (or Blue-spotted); good view in Brufut area
Blue-spotted Wood-Dove------------ best seen in Marakissa and Abuko: blue spots in sunshine
Namaqua Dove------------ several Bush Track
African Green-Pigeon------------ Pirang at town rice fields in trees; Marakissa village (video)
Black Crowned-Crane------------ Pirang 2 closeby in old shrimp ponds, landing at only 70 m distance
Black Crake------------ Abuko Croc. pond 2 walking on left-hand border; also heard at Marakissa river camp
Black-tailed Godwit------------ 2 in Kotu stream Fajara golf course; large group (c. 40) on beach Tanji
Whimbrel------------ a few throughout
Common Redshank------------ four at Kotu ponds
Common Greenshank------------ Fajara: Kotu stream; a few later on (e.g. Pirang)
Wood Sandpiper------------ one at Kotu ponds
Common Sandpiper------------ a few
Ruddy Turnstone------------ sev. at Tanji beach
Sanderling------------ many at Tanji beach
Little Stint------------ Pirang 1 between 5 Curlew Sandp.
Curlew Sandpiper------------ one Kotu ponds; several Pirang
Ruff------------ Pirang 1 in flight
African Jacana------------ Abuko Croc. pond and at first hide
Senegal Thick-knee------------ sev., best at Pirang 2 below dike; first one at end of Brufut area, at small creek
Eurasian Oystercatcher------------ one at Tanji beach
Black-winged Stilt------------ c. 6 at Kotu ponds; some at Pirang
Pied Avocet------------ Pirang a few
Common Ringed Plover------------ Tanji beach a few
Spur-winged Lapwing------------ one at Fajara golf course
Black-headed Lapwing------------ sev., first at Fajara golf course (two together)
Wattled Lapwing------------ two along road to Bijilo park entrance
Lesser Black-backed Gull------------ Tanji beach a few
Grey-headed Gull------------ sev. along coast
Gull-billed Tern------------ Pirang a few flying around
Caspian Tern------------ sev. along coast
Royal Tern------------ Pirang group to the right
Sandwich Tern------------ Tanji beach a few
Common Tern------------ Tanji beach sev.
Little Tern------------ Pirang a few near mangroves right
Osprey------------ a few throughout
Black-winged Kite------------ Kotu bridge, and a few later on
Black Kite------------ common but should be more visible in other seasons
Palm-nut Vulture------------ Abuko male a while before zoo, nearby in flight; later a few only (e.g. Pirang)
Hooded Vulture------------ common, e.g. at Senegambia hotel
Bateleur------------ Bush Track 1 adult overhead
Western Marsh-Harrier------------ Pirang 1 subad. male; Marakissa swamp 1
African Harrier-Hawk------------ sev., best at Abuko Croc.pond close view in tree
Lizard Buzzard------------ sev. Marakissa; first at Brufut, in palm
Dark Chanting-Goshawk------------ in flight sev. places e.g. Casino Cycle Track
Gabar Goshawk------------ Brufut overhead (format; rump); Marakissa perched, scope view early a.m.
Shikra------------ a few, first at Fajara golf course, chased by Pied Crows
Grasshopper Buzzard------------ first bird of Bush Track, splendidly exposed in tree (video)
Tawny Eagle------------ Marakissa dark female adult, circling overhead near marsh far at right
Wahlberg's Eagle------------ probably one at Brufut: narrow straight wings and tail
Martial Eagle------------ Bush Track 1 adult circling overhead
Common Kestrel------------ a few, e.g. in Kololi, chased by Little Swifts
Grey Kestrel------------ Bijilo park Ornith. trail 1 on palm stump
African Hobby------------ Pirang small rice fields twice closeby overhead
Lanner Falcon------------ Marakissa low flight across road
Little Grebe------------ sev. Kotu ponds
African Darter------------ Marakissa river camp on river bank
Long-tailed Cormorant------------ Kotu ponds 1 flying out; sev. at Pirang
Black Heron------------ a few at Pirang (first ones: 2 overhead)
Little Egret------------ Pirang in large flight group of egrets and spoonbills
Western Reef-Egret------------ one closeby along Casino Cycle Track marshy spot
Grey Heron------------ Abuko 1 , Pirang 1
Black-headed Heron------------ dozens Abuko evening roost flight; Abuko Croc.pond sev. in flight
Purple Heron------------ Pirang a few
Great Egret------------ some, esp. Pirang
Intermediate Egret------------ sev. Pirang, e.g. on dikes
Cattle Egret------------ sev. throughout in pastures
Squacco Heron------------ Abuko Croc.pond two; one Kotu bridge
Striated Heron------------ Abuko just before Croc.pond
Black-crowned Night-Heron------------ Abuko Croc. pond sev.
Hamerkop------------ Abuko Croc.pond and some elsewhere (Casino Cycle Track)
Greater Flamingo------------ Pirang 4 ad. plus 2 young in upper right-hand corner
Eurasian Spoonbill------------ Pirang a few
African Spoonbill------------ Pirang sev., esp. in large group of egrets etc.
Pink-backed Pelican------------ sev. Pirang
Yellow-billed Stork------------ Pirang a few
Woolly-necked Stork------------ Pirang one on small dike between shrimp ponds, in distance
Woodchat Shrike------------ male Bush Track in same tree as Vieillot's Barbet
Yellow-billed Shrike------------ sev. open places a.g. along road to Bijilo park entrance
Piapiac------------ group at drip system Senegambia hotel garden; few elsewhere
Pied Crow------------ small groups of 2 or 3 on sev, places e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
African Golden-Oriole------------ Brufut (female), Marakissa male close view in small tree
Fork-tailed Drongo------------ Kotu ponds first one; later few elsewhere
Red-breasted/Black-headed Paradise-Flycatcher------------ Abuko several, some with white on wing! (video)
Northern Puffback------------ Abuko one in large acacia in savanna part near cross trail; more at Marakissa 
Black-crowned Tchagra------------ Brufut sev. heard, finally seen one hidden in top of small tree
Common (Yellow-crowned) Gonolek------------ easy in Senegambia hotel garden; elsewhere only heard
Grey-headed Bushshrike------------ near Marakissa river camp one in big tree (other side of road)
White(-crested) Helmetshrike------------ Marakissa close view in small tree at trail (video)
Senegal Batis------------ Brufut female close view in small tree while we searched a calling tinkerbird
Brown-throated Wattle-eye------------ male Abuko dense tall forest part close view right at trail
African Thrush------------  in garden Senegambia hotel, and often elsewhere on shady places
Northern Black-Flycatcher------------ singles at sev. placese.g. Senegambia hotel garden near small pond
Common Nightingale------------- one singing at Brufut
Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat------------ a few in the elevated part of Bijilo park, on forest floor
White-crowned Robin-Chat------------ a few in garden Senegambia hotel
Whinchat------------ one on small stake Brufut
Purple Glossy-Starling------------ Brufut in tall tree along road
Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling------------ e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Long-tailed Glossy-Starling------------ e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Yellow-billed Oxpecker------------ two at border of small rice fields near Pirang town
Barn Swallow------------ Pirang next to Red-chested Swallow on twigs
Red-chested Swallow------------ a group at Brufut; some at Pirang
Wire-tailed Swallow------------ Kotu ponds several; Pirang one group
Mosque Swallow------------  few passing overhead at Pirang while waiting for the cranes
Red-rumped Swallow------------ Pirang in group of other swallows at Marshy pond
Fanti Sawwing------------ Abuko Croc. pond one or two circling around; only once later (Marakissa?)
Garden (Common) Bulbul------------ singles at many places, e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Little Greenbul------------ Abuko one shortly after entrance in shady tree
Yellow-throated Greenbul------------ agitated group inside forest Abuko
Singing Cisticola------------ close view in grass Brufut, with song
Siffling Cisticola------------ Brufut well seen
Zitting Cisticola------------ Brufut in grass; also Pirang at marsh left side
Tawny-flanked Prinia------------ calling in many places; first seen at weedy patch before entrance Bijilo park
Oriole Warbler------------ sev. heard and some seen Bijilo park esp. lower part
Grey-backed Camaroptera------------ Bijilo close views
Olivaceous Warbler------------ Pirang rice fields in tree together with Bonelli's Warbler
Melodious Warbler------------ one seen singing Brufut near Nightingale
Senegal (Green-backed) Eremomela------------ close view in sun in low tree Brufut
Northern Crombec------------ two in small tree Bijilo ornith. trail; Brufut one too
Bonelli's Warbler------------ Brufut: best view ever (light conditions), inside tree
Blackcap Babbler------------ noisy group in Senegambia hotel garden
Brown Babbler------------ two quarreling with bulbuls at Senegambia hotel garden; few elsewhere
Subalpine Warbler------------ sev. singing and some seen e.g. Brufut
Crested Lark------------ sev. on dikes Pirang
Collared Sunbird------------ one adult (Bush Track?)
Variable Sunbird------------ male in small tree along Casino Cycle Track
Splendid Sunbird------------ a few, e.g. female Bijilo park, male Casino Cycle Track near nightjar spot
Beautiful Sunbird------------ many places, often well visible; first at Senegambia hotel garden
House Sparrow------------ a few at Kololi
Grey-headed Sparrow------------ sev. places, fist in bush along Casino Cycle Track
Yellow Wagtail------------ Pirang a few
White-billed Buffalo-Weaver------------ small group in tree at Casino Cycle Track (side track to nightjar spot)
Black-necked Weaver------------ many wooded places; first Bijilo park a few low in dense trees
Village Weaver------------ many places e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Orange (Northern Red) Bishop------------ Brufut and Bush Track male in transition plumage; sev. female types
Red-billed Firefinch------------ undergrowth Bijilo park Red Trail
Red-cheeked Cordonbleu------------ small groups and singles e.g. weedy patch before entrance Bijilo park
Lavender Waxbill------------ groups in bushes e.g. at small pond Senegambia hotel garden
African Silverbill------------ group in high grass along Casino Cycle Track
Bronze Munia (Mannikin)------------ small groups sev. places, e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Village Indigobird------------ female types in dry bush along Casino Cycle Track
Pin-tailed Whydah------------ male with short tail Brufut exposed in tree
Yellow-fronted Canary------------ Brufut in small tree in open savanna (video)