Some more recordings from Explorer's Inn

in birding trip report S Peru 1999, John van der Woude  - 
[These sounds are also on]

Friends of us went here two years later (mid September 2001) and made fine
tape recordings with their new anti-noise equipment, suppressing wind noise
and contact noise.

I have taken the following cuts from their tape, all transformed into mp3*.
All birds were actually seen by them, except the pygmy-owl which I picked up
during the digitizing.

Rufous-sided Crake (257 kB) - a long recording of a family party at Laguna
Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner (43 kB) - call
Bluish-slate Antshrike (55 kB) - calls
Black-faced Antbird (125 kB)
Chestnut-tailed Antbird (68 kB)
Warbling Antbird (134 kB)
White-browed Antbird (89 kB)
Black-faced Antthrush (83 kB)
Dwarf Tyrant-Manakin (134 kB)
Ringed Antpipit (101 kB)
Dull-capped (White-eyed) Attila (138 kB) - with lower end note
Dull-capped (White-eyed) Attila (122 kB) - without lower end note
Screaming Piha (89 kB) - a fine example of how the explosive sound is
preceded by the short lower notes (novices to the amazonian rainforest often
think there are two species involved)
Hauxwell's Thrush (148 kB) - with Amazonian Pygmy-Owl twice at the
background (owl identified by comparison to Sjoerd Mayer's CD-ROM Birds of
Bolivia 2.0, see
Thrush (172 kB) - presumably also Hauxwell's Thrush - compare with Sjoerd
Mayer's recording nr. 2
Violaceous Jay (75 kB)
Parrots (108 kB) - a true cacophony

See also my own recordings at perusounds.html.