Birds of the southern taiga of western Siberia - song and habitat around Tomsk

Loxia leucoptera 
-  Two-barred Crossbill Белокрылый клест - Witbandkruisbek   -   Song

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Recording is from a (stressed) caged bird, the 14th of April 2005, at 5628N, 8456E. Background species: Pica pica, Turdus pilaris, Parus major, Fringilla coelebs.

Occurs in our latitude all the year round, resident-nomadic species.

Breeds in conifers, including smallish clumps, and in mixed forests. The most widely distributed crossbill in the region, but everywhere less common than Loxia curvirostra.

Sings from February until the summer. Its call can be heard all the year round.