Birds of the southern taiga of western Siberia - song and habitat around Tomsk

Gallinago megala 
-  Swinhoe's Snipe - Лесной дупель  - Siberische Snip   -   Song

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Recorded on the 16th of May 2005 near Kolarovo village (15 km to the south of Tomsk) (mixed woodland; at 5621N, 8456E). Background species: Parus major, Ficedula hypoleuca.   

Arrives after the thaw of snow but before foliage expansion. In Tomsk and its suburbs appears in the first third of May.

Inhabits moist woodland (deciduous or mixed), interspersed with glades, and waterlogged forests. Present in the whole region. Common in the south, rare in the north.

Circular display flights can be seen from the time of the bird's arrival until mid-summer.