Birds of the southern taiga of western Siberia - song and habitat around Tomsk   

Saxicola torquata maura 
-  Stonechat - Черноголовый чекан - Roodborsttapuit  -  Song

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Recorded on the 29th of May 2005 in the south of Tomsk (dry valley grassland; at 5624N, 8457E). Background species: Sylvia communis, Carduelis carduelis, Acanthis cannadina, Motacilla flava.  

Arrives before the grass on the meadows appears. Returns to Tomsk and its outskirts in the second half of May.

Breeds in open areas with poor or low vegetation, uncultivated damp grassland, water meadows and bushy floodplains. Common, in some places abundant. Distributed over the whole region.

Sings from mid-May until early July.