Southwest Australia birding trip report 8-30 September 2010
John van der Woude   -
Photos of birds & flowers
See also: introduction & maps, photos of birding sites, and the species list.

Australian Ringneck, a common bird. There are four subspecies and we got two of them, nominate and semitorquatus.

Splendid Fairy-wren male in Wungong Gorge, Perth. Seen a few times on this trip, and always a real joy.

Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses near Rottnest Island, during the pelagic.

Orchid in Dryandra Woodland. Possibly Cowslip orchid (Caladenia flava).

Rufous Treecreeper male in Dryandra Woodland. We saw and heard a few dozen of this specialty here.

Australian Owlet-Nightjar in its hole at Stirling Range Retreat.

Western (Rufous) Fieldwren at the base of Stirling Range NP.

Stirling Range NP.

Scarlet Robin in Porongorup NP.

Australian Pelican at Lower Kalgan bridge near Albany.

Brush Bronzewing photographed while waiting for Noisy Scrubbird to dart across the road at Cheynes Beach.

Another Splendid Fairy-wren, at Cheynes Beach. Moult or juvenile?

New Holland Honeyeater, a common bird in the Southwest.

Banksia in the national park behind Cheynes Beach (Waychinicup NP).

One of the many floral wonders of Fitzgerald River NP. Probably Long-leaved Cone Bush (Petophile prostata).

A monitor lizard in Fitzgerald River NP.

Fitzgerald River NP. Probably Eucalyptus flowers.

At the Fitzgerald River bridge in the South Coast Highway.

Wildflower show in Ravensthorpe, every year in September. 750 flowering plant and tree species are exposed, with common and scientific name. All gathered in the surroundings, by volunteers.

Sacred Kingfisher in Lake Monjungup reserve West of Esperance. Remarkably blue-and-white here (at least, compared to the plate in our field guide).

A spider orchid at Pink lake of Esperance. Caladenia spec. (probably Splendid White Spider Orchid or White Spider Orchid).

In the semi-desert c. 80 km north of Leinster.

Mulga Parrot male at The Granites near Mt. Magnet.

Along the Geraldton-Mt.Magnet road.

Along the Geraldton-Mt.Magnet road. Galah at the remains of a railway station.

Kalbarri NP.

Kalbarri NP.

Emu along main road through Kalbarri NP.

Indarra Springs nature reserve.

Indarra Springs nature reserve.

Kangaroo Paw along Geraldton-Mt. Magnet road.

Banded and Black-winged Stilts at Lake Indoon near West coast well south of Geraldton.

Silver Gull immature and adult.

Welcome Swallows.

(Short-billed) Black-Cockatoos in Yanchep NP north of Perth. The difference between Short-billed and Long-billed B-C is virtually only the bill but they often hide the bill a bit in their feathers! Not here though.

Koala in Yanchep NP. Not wild but still a cute animal.

Banded Lapwing in Perth.
See also: introduction & maps, photos of birding sites, and the species list.