Trip report China Sichuan 26 May - 9 June 2011
Species list Nollie and John  -  see also report

Names and sequence according to IOC

* = lifer (seen)
(..) = heard only (h)
d... = number of days observed
dddddd = 6 or more days

First or best seen at:
Wo = Wolong valley
Wu = Wuyipeng mt. lower half
Bl = Balang pass
JZ = Juizhaigou valley tracks
Ru = Ruoergai plateau grasslands
Bx = Baxi valley slopes
Pi = Pingwu forest park
Wa = Wawu road (forest)
Wt = Wawu top forest
Hr = Hongya river bridge
Ch = Chengdu a.s.
>Wa etc. = towards Wawu.

(N) = seen by Nollie only, (J) = seen by John only
-N = not a lifer for Nollie (seen before)

Note: as we mainly went for lifers, we occasionally skipped possible trip ticks which would take a long time.

Pingwu temple

           Severtzov's Grouse *     Bx     d   Tetrastes sewerzowi        Chinese Grouse (~Hazelhen), in bushy side valley
               Snow Partridge *     Bl     d   Lerwa lerwa                on crest of mountain ridge
 (Verreaux's Monal-Partridge)       Bl h    d   Tetraophasis obscurus      Chestnut-throated Partridge
           (Tibetan Snowcock)       Bl h    d   Tetraogallus tibetanus     before pass in snowy side valley
   (Chinese Bamboo Partridge)    Ch>Wah   d   Bambusicola thoracicus     at a ruined river bed with some remaining gardens
               Blood Pheasant *     Bx     d   Ithaginis cruentus         close views in half open woodland
        (Temminck's Tragopan)       Wu h    d   Tragopan temminckii        heard Wuyipeng far above us
                Chinese Monal *     Bl     d   Lophophorus lhuysii        within 5 minutes after arrival, on grassland slope
         White Eared Pheasant *     Bl     d   Crossoptilon crossoptilon  same slope as Monal, group of c. 5
          Blue Eared Pheasant *     Bx     d   Crossoptilon auritum       4 on small arable fields opposite valley side
              Common Pheasant      JZ>Ru  ddddd Phasianus colchicus        the dark form (no collar): suehchanensis
            (Golden Pheasant)      Wo h     dd  Chrysolophus pictus        sev heard Wolong and Wuyipeng trails
      Lady Amherst's Pheasant *     Wa    ddd  Chrysolophus amherstiae    3 males on road
                Greylag Goose        Ru     d   Anser anser  
             Bar-headed Goose        Ru     d   Anser indicus  
               Ruddy Shelduck        Ru    dddd Tadorna ferruginea  
                      Mallard       >JZ    ddd  Anas platyrhynchos  
             Common Merganser      JZ>Ru    dd  Mergus merganser  
                 Little Grebe        Wo     dd  Tachybaptus ruficollis  
    Black-crowned Night Heron      Wo>Ch   dddd Nycticorax nycticorax  
           Chinese Pond Heron      Ch>Wo   dddd Ardeola bacchus            in rice fields etc.
         Eastern Cattle Egret      Ch>JZ ddddd Bubulcus coromandus        with yak cattle
                   Grey Heron      Wa>JZ    d   Ardea cinerea  
                 Little Egret      Ch>JZ ddddd Egretta garzetta  
            Cinereous Vulture        Ru     dd  Aegypius monachus  
             Black-eared Kite *     Ru    dddd Milvus lineatus            when split from Black Kite (not in IOC yet)
              Bearded Vulture        Bl    ddd  Gypaetus barbatus          Lammergeier,  several, closeby sometimes
            Himalayan Vulture        Ru   ddddd Gyps himalayensis          small and large groups
          Chinese Sparrowhawk *    >Wa     dd  Accipiter soloensis        chasing prey closeby & on wire, near Ya'an; also Wawu
         Eurasian Sparrowhawk        Wo     dd  Accipiter nisus  
           Grey-faced Buzzard        Wa     d   Butastur indicus           lower part Wawu, last morning
            Himalayan Buzzard *     Bx    ddd  Buteo refectus             several in forest of Baxi road
               Upland Buzzard        Bl    dddd Buteo hemilasius           sev. along road from Ruoergai to Yellow River
                 Golden Eagle        Bl    ddd  Aquila chrysaetos          above ridge crests
               Eurasian Hobby        Ru     d   Falco subbuteo             1 on small electr. pole, see photo
                 Saker Falcon        Ru     d   Falco cherrug              sev. before and around Flower Lake
             Peregrine Falcon     Wo>Ch    d   Falco peregrinus  
               Common Moorhen        JZ     d   Gallinula chloropus  
           Black-necked Crane *     Ru    ddd  Grus nigricollis           sev. small family groups (2-3) on grasslands Tib. plateau
          Grey-headed Lapwing     Wa>Ch    d   Vanellus cinereus          just before Chengdu, from the highway
           Long-billed Plover *   Hr, Ch   d   Charadrius placidus        in river bed Huangya & at river park Chengdu
              Common Redshank        Ru    ddd  Tringa totanus  
          Oriental Pratincole        Hr     d   Glareola maldivarum        above river Huangya
            Brown-headed Gull        Ru    ddd  Chroicocephalus brunniceph aon the grassy plains
                Pallas's Gull      JZ>Ru    d   Ichthyaetus ichthyaetus    Greater Black-headed Gull, near Ruoergai town
               Whiskered Tern        Ru     dd  Chlidonias hybrida  
                  Snow Pigeon *     Wo     dd  Columba leuconota          higher on slopes, in flight & rest
         Speckled Wood Pigeon *     Wu     dd  Columba hodgsonii          in open part of Wuyipeng slope
         Oriental Turtle Dove        Ru    ddddd Streptopelia orientalis  
              Red Turtle Dove        Wo    ddd  Streptopelia tranquebarica  
                 Spotted Dove        Wo     dd  Stigmatopelia chinensis  
    Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon        Wa    ddd  Treron sphenurus           a few flying halfway Wawu road, etc.
                   Asian Koel       >Wa   ddddd Eudynamys scolopaceus      sev. heard, one seen flying
            Large Hawk-Cuckoo *   Ch>Pi  dddddd Hierococcyx sparverioides  often heard,  seen along road to Pingwu and at Wawu
        Hodgson's Hawk-Cuckoo *   Wa(N)   ddd  Hierococcyx nisicolor      sev. heard near top Wawu road, briefly seen 1 morning
                Lesser Cuckoo *    >Wa   dddddd Cuculus poliocephalus      many heard, twice seen while calling, hence tickable
             Himalayan Cuckoo *     Wt   dddddd Cuculus saturatus          Oriental Cuckoo (Du. Boskoekoek), many heard, seen Wt
                Common Cuckoo        Ru   dddddd Cuculus canorus            remarkably common in very open terrain on Tib. plateau
                   Little Owl        Ru     d   Athene noctua              a few on wires along the road to Yellow River
           Himalayan Swiftlet        Wo    ddd  Aerodramus brevirostris    together with the needletails
    White-throated Needletail *     Wo    ddd  Hirundapus caudacutus      seen well below and above, big!
            Fork-tailed Swift        Wo   ddddd Apus pacificus             Pacific Swift (Du. Sib. Gierzwaluw)
                  House Swift        Wo     d   Apus nipalensis            also together with the needletails
      Black-capped Kingfisher     Wo>Ch    dd  Halcyon pileata  
              Eurasian Hoopoe        Wo     d   Upupa epops  
     Great Spotted Woodpecker        Bx     dd  Dendrocopos major  
(Eur. Three-toed Woodpecker)      Wt h    d   Picoides tridactylus       its specific drumming is unmistakable
             Black Woodpecker        Bx     d   Dryocopus martius          a pair seen and heard, in coniferous forest
       Grey-headed Woodpecker       >Wa     dd  Picus canus                a few heard, one seen by N only
            Swinhoe's Minivet     Wo>Ch    d   Pericrocotus cantonensis   at small arable field with gardens at quake victims camp
          Long-tailed Minivet        Wo    ddd  Pericrocotus ethologus  
         Short-billed Minivet        Bx     dd  Pericrocotus brevirostris  in coniferous forest along the road
                 Tiger Shrike     Wo>Ch    d   Lanius tigrinus  
                 Brown Shrike      Wo>Ch   dddd Lanius cristatus  
           Long-tailed Shrike      Ch>Wo   ddd  Lanius schach  
           Grey-backed Shrike        Wo   dddddd Lanius tephronotus         very common
           Black-naped Oriole      Pi>Ch    dd  Oriolus chinensis          short woodland hill stroll as a break during the driving
                 Black Drongo        Bx    ddd  Dicrurus macrocercus  
              Spangled Drongo       >Wa     dd  Dicrurus bracteatus  
                  Sichuan Jay *     Bx     d   Perisoreus internigrans    5 birds at 20 m in coniferous trees high in Baxi valley
                 Eurasian Jay       >Wa     dd  Garrulus glandarius  
          Azure-winged Magpie *     Ru    ddd  Cyanopica cyanus           (Iberian now split), small groups at bushes, settlements
       Red-billed Blue Magpie        Wo   dddddd Urocissa erythrorhyncha  
              Eurasian Magpie      Wo>JZ    dd  Pica pica  
            Red-billed Chough        Ru    dddd Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax  
                Alpine Chough        Bl     d   Pyrrhocorax graculus  
              Daurian Jackdaw *     Ru    dddd Coloeus dauuricus          along the roads near Ruoergai
                 Carrion Crow        Wo   dddddd Corvus corone  
                Collared Crow *   Pi>JZ    dd  Corvus torquatus           at small river along the road
            Large-billed Crow    Wo>Ch    dd  Corvus macrorhynchos  
               Northern Raven        Ru     d   Corvus corax  
Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher       >JZ   ddddd Culicicapa ceylonensis  
                  Sichuan Tit *   Bl, Bx  dddd Poecile weigoldicus        when split from Willow>Songar Tit, see photo
             White-browed Tit *     Bx     d   Poecile superciliosus      at erosion gully when entering Baxi valley
            Rufous-vented Tit *     Bx    dddd Periparus rubidiventris    commonest tit in coniferous forests, also Wawu
                     Coal Tit        Wt     dd  Periparus ater  
           Yellow-bellied Tit *   JZ>Pi   ddd  Periparus venustulus       at one of the short stops along the river E of JZ
             Grey Crested Tit *     Bx     d+  Lophophanes dichrous       in tit group in coniferous forest higher up in Baxi valley
                    Great Tit        Bx    ddd  Parus major  
             Green-backed Tit        Pi   dddddd Parus monticolus  
                 Groundpecker *     Ru    ddd  Parus humilis              common on drier soil of Tibetan plateau
                 Tibetan Lark *     Ru     dd  Melanocorypha maxima       in moist grassland near Flower Lake, singing & displaying
             Oriental Skylark      JZ>Ru   ddd  Alauda gulgula  
                  Horned Lark      JZ>Ru   ddd  Eremophila alpestris       many on drier areas of Tibetan Plateau
           Collared Finchbill *     Ch   dddddd Spizixos semitorques       many along the road, often together with other bulbuls
        Brown-breasted Bulbul        Wo    dddd Pycnonotus xanthorrhous  
          Light-vented Bulbul *     Ch   ddddd Pycnonotus sinensis        our first lifer (as predicted by Sid), near airport
                 Black Bulbul       >Wa     dd  Hypsipetes leucocephalus   here all with whitish hood
                  Pale (Sand) Martin  *     >Ch     dd  Riparia diluta (R. riparia not possible in breeding season)
                 Barn Swallow       >Ch    ddd  Hirundo rustica  
         Eurasian Crag Martin        Wo     dd  Ptyonoprogne rupestris  
           Asian House Martin        Wo   dddddd Delichon dasypus  
           Red-rumped Swallow       >Ch   ddddd Cecropis daurica           commoner than Barn Swallow
   Brown-flanked Bush Warbler      JZ>Pi  dddddd Cettia fortipes            singing many bushy places; first at road to Monkey park
Chestnut-crowned Bush Warbler *     Wt     d   Cettia major               in bamboo understorey of Top forest Wawu; lifer for Sid
        Aberrant Bush Warbler        Wt     dd  Cettia flavolivacea        many calling in bamboo thickets Wawu Top
  Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler *     Bx   ddddd Cettia acanthizoides       funny song, 1st taped out on bushy slope of side valley
         Rufous-faced Warbler *    >JZ    dddd Abroscopus albogularis     1st seen in tall bamboo across stream along road
       Black-throated Bushtit        Ch     dd  Aegithalos concinnus       roof terrace of Holly Hostel Chengdu, and river park
     White-browed Tit-warbler *     Bl     dd  Leptopoecile sophiae       on the other side of the pass in low shrubs left of road
          Crested Tit-warbler *     Bx     d   Leptopoecile elegans       near the pass in fir forest, in large flock of tits etc.
                Dusky Warbler      JZ>Ru    d   Phylloscopus fuscatus      a patch of scrub at a section of disused road
          Alpine Leaf Warbler *     Bl    ddd  Phylloscopus occisinensis  (split fom Tickell's), always above the tree line
        Buff-throated Warbler *     JZ     dd  Phylloscopus subaffinis    at quarry track W of JZ
      Yellow-streaked Warbler *   JZ>Ru   dddd Phylloscopus armandii      first in low bushes on snowy pass from JZ to Ruoergai
          Buff-barred Warbler        Wo   dddddd Phylloscopus pulcher       often flitting around, showing white outer tail
           Gansu Leaf Warbler *     Bx     d   Phylloscopus kansuensis    in upper part of Chinese Grouse side valley, call&closeby
         Chinese Leaf Warbler *     Wo    dddd Phylloscopus yunnanensis   first on Wuyipeng trail
          Hume's Leaf Warbler        Wo    ddd  Phylloscopus humei         first on Wuyipeng trail
             Greenish Warbler        Wo   dddddd Phylloscopus trochiloides  many heard & seen often while looking at other warblers
    Large-billed Leaf Warbler        Wo   dddddd Phylloscopus magnirostris  often heard, a few times seen well & singing (Wawu)
      Eastern Crowned Warbler        Pi     d   Phylloscopus coronatus     Pingwu forest park
       Claudia's Leaf Warbler *     Wu    ddd  Phylloscopus claudiae      alternate wing flicking & song Wuyipeng trail
            Emei Leaf Warbler *     Wa    ddd  Phylloscopus emeiensis     Wawu road, upper part
         Kloss's Leaf Warbler *     Wu     d   Phylloscopus ogilviegranti simultaneous wing flicking, middle part of lower Wu trail
         Sichuan Leaf Warbler *     Bx     d   Phylloscopus forresti      conif forest (at Black Wp pair), singing and responding
            Bianchi's Warbler *     Wu   ddddd Seicercus valentini        many seen & heard
            Martens's Warbler *     Wa     d   Seicercus omeiensis        while crawling in bamboo for Golden Pbill, Wawu rd upper
         Spotted Bush Warbler *     Bx    ddd  Bradypterus thoracicus     second time quarry track, right at stream, at dusk, song!
           Brown Bush Warbler *     Wt     d   Bradypterus luteoventris   open bamboo area, song and (briefly,J) seen
          Russet Bush Warbler *     Wa    dddd Bradypterus mandelli       well seen & heard in lower Wawu park, in bend of road
            (Striated Prinia)    Pi>Wa h   d   Prinia crinigera  
                 Plain Prinia        Hr     d   Prinia inornata            in scope from bridge at Huangya
Black-streakd ScimitarBabbler *     JZ    ddd  Pomatorhinus gravivox      at dump near JZ, making rounds around us
Streak-breasted ScimitarBabbl *     Wu     d   Pomatorhinus ruficollis    seen near long opening in slope forest
(Scaly-breasted Wren-Babbler)       Wa h    d   Pnoepyga albiventer  
           Pygmy Wren-Babbler        Wa     dd  Pnoepyga pusilla           surprisingly easily seen after playback along road
                Chinese Babax *     Wa    ddd  Babax lanceolatus          only seen well on the last occasion, group near road
         Plain Laughingthrush *   JZ>Ru   dddd Garrulax davidi            at shrine on snowy pass
 Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush *   Bx(N)    d   Garrulax sukatschewi       in bottom of Baxi valley, heard long time
      (Barred Laughingthrush)       Wo h    dd  Garrulax lunulatus  
         Giant Laughingthrush *     Bx    ddd  Garrulax maximus           see photo, easily seen feeding on grass of side valley
       Spotted Laughingthrush        Wa    ddd  Garrulax ocellatus         popped up when we just checked the sound, see photo
         Buffy Laughingthrush *     Wa     dd  Garrulax berthemyi         (split fr Rusty), group seen well (belly, eyepatch) &call
               Chinese Hwamei *    >Wa    ddd  Garrulax canorus           showing very well along stream of forktails
  White-browed Laughingthrush *     Ch   ddddd Garrulax sannio            easiest seen on last day in river park
      Elliot's Laughingthrush *    >JZ   dddddd Garrulax elliotii          commonest laugher but only seen well after a few days
   Black-faced Laughingthrush *    >JZ    ddd  Garrulax affinis           along 'pipeline trail'
    Red-winged Laughingthrush *     Wa    ddd  Garrulax formosus          heard and finally seen Wawu upper part of road
          Emei Shan Liocichla *     Wa    dddd Liocichla omeiensis        singing loud, brief views (N better)
         Red-billed Leiothrix       >Wa     dd  Leiothrix lutea            side track walk
     Golden-breasted Fulvetta *     Wu     dd  Alcippe chrysotis          at 1 m around us while walking back Wu trail
             Chinese Fulvetta *     Bx     d   Alcippe striaticollis      up in small tree in side valley with prickly oak
          Spectacled Fulvetta *     JZ     d   Alcippe ruficapilla        at dump of JZ
         Grey-hooded Fulvetta *     Wt     dd  Alcippe cinereiceps        in bushes of top forest, a few
               Dusky Fulvetta *    >Wa     d   Alcippe brunnea            at steep uphill track open woodland
        White-collared Yuhina *    JZ>   ddddd Yuhina diademata           several, often well exposed
             Great Parrotbill *     Wt    ddd  Conostoma oemodium         sev seen well in top forest, one sunbathing (photo)
             Brown Parrotbill *   Wt(J)    d   Paradoxornis unicolor      over trail in open bamboo area: all warm brown & heard
   Vinous-throated Parrotbill *   Wo>Ch   ddd  Paradoxornis webbianus     along river, late afternoon; also rd to Monkey park
     Ashy-throated Parrotbill *     Wa     d   Paradoxornis alphonsianus  at steep uphill track open woodland, several
       Grey-hooded Parrotbill *     Wt     d   Paradoxornis zappeyi       crossed trail after open bamboo area
           Fulvous Parrotbill *     Wt     d   Paradoxornis fulvifrons    common, cute, quick in low bamboo, some at 1 m!
            Golden Parrotbill *     Wa     d   Paradoxornis verreauxi     during crawl in bamboo side gully upper Wawu road
   Chestnut-flanked White-eye        Pi     d   Zosterops erythropleurus   forest park Pingwu town
           Japanese White-eye        Pi     dd  Zosterops japonicus        forest park Pingwu town
                  Winter Wren        Bx     dd  Troglodytes troglodytes    a few heard, one seen
     Chestnut-vented Nuthatch        Wt     d   Sitta nagaensis  
        Przevalski's Nuthatch *     Bx     dd  Sitta przewalskii          split from White-cheeked N.; in mixed forest near stream
                  Wallcreeper        Bx     d   Tichodroma muraria         along road
        Hodgson's Treecreeper *     Bx     dd  Certhia hodgsoni           in the fir trees at eye level, song; see photo
          Sichuan Treecreeper *     Wt     d   Certhia tianquanensis      many heard and several seen in the fir trees
                 Crested Myna *     Ch    dddd Acridotheres cristatellus  common at habitations
          Red-billed Starling *     Hr     dd  Spodiopsar sericeus        Silky Starling; best seen from bridge, flying across river
       White-cheeked Starling * -N  Hr     dd  Spodiopsar cineraceus      characteristic pattern from above in flight, from bridge
             Daurian Starling *     Ru     d   Agropsar sturninus         Purple-backed Starling, nesting at pole in town; lifer f Sid
        Blue Whistling Thrush        Wo   dddddd Myophonus caeruleus        many seen at road during search for LA pheasant
         (Long-tailed Thrush)       Wo h    d   Zoothera dixoni  
             Common Blackbird        Pi    ddd  Turdus merula              few seen, is subsp. mandarinus: Chinese Blackbird
              Chestnut Thrush *     Wo   dddddd Turdus rubrocanus          often (and first) seen on wire near woodland
             Kessler's Thrush *     Bl    ddd  Turdus kessleri            small groups above tree line
               Chinese Thrush *   JZ>Pi    d   Turdus mupinensis          Chinese Song Thrush, singing in fir top near pass
          Siberian Rubythroat      Ru>JZ    d   Luscinia calliope          in bushy terrain between road and river, territorial
                   Firethroat *     Wu     d   Luscinia pectardens        at 1 m above us in tree while we sat on the  trail
            Indian Blue Robin        Wu    dddd Luscinia brunnea           same trail as Firethroat but lower on slope
           Himalayan Bluetail *     Bx    ddd  Tarsiger rufilatus         split fr Red-fl Bluetail; same spot as Prz Nuthatch
            Golden Bush Robin        Wt     dd  Tarsiger chrysaeus         seen on trail between bamboo undergrowth, fem, male
        Oriental Magpie-Robin       >JZ    dddd Copsychus saularis         not common, e.g. at temple of Pingwu
               Black Redstart      JZ>Ru   dddd Phoenicurus ochruros       more often near rocks than on buildings
           Hodgson's Redstart *     Bx    ddd  Phoenicurus hodgsoni       first a female JZ>Ru (photo), male along Baxi road
      White-throated Redstart *     JZ    dddd Phoenicurus schisticeps    quarry track, later also on wires etc.
             Daurian Redstart * -N  Pi    dddd Phoenicurus auroreus       on temple roof in Pingwu town
        Blue-fronted Redstart    Bl, JZ>R ddd  Phoenicurus frontalis      near the pass of Balang; open end of quarry track
       White-bellied Redstart *     Wt     d   Hodgsonius phaenicuroides  Wawu (Sid's stake-out)
     Plumbeous Water Redstart        Wo   dddddd Rhyacornis fuliginosa      common in streams
        White-capped Redstart        Wo   dddddd Chaimarrornis leucocephalu sWhite-capped Water Redstart
                     Grandala *     Bl     dd  Grandala coelicolor        first at Balang (photo), group during snow >Ruoergai
              Little Forktail       >Wa     d   Enicurus scouleri          3-4 pairs in beautiful forest stream before Wawu
        Slaty-backed Forktail       >Wa     d   Enicurus schistaceus       a few in same stream as Little Forktail
           Siberian Stonechat      JZ>Ru    dd  Saxicola maurus            along the road, not many
               Grey Bush Chat       >Wa     d   Saxicola ferreus           once only
             Blue Rock Thrush       >JZ     dd  Monticola solitarius       sev. during ascent of mountain area from Chengdu basin
        Dark-sided Flycatcher *   JZ>Pi    dd  Muscicapa sibirica         seen well in woodland Monkey park rd
    Brown-breasted Flycatcher        Pi     d   Muscicapa muttui           forest park Pingwu town
       Ferruginous Flycatcher      JZ>Pi    dd  Muscicapa ferruginea       trail from S-bend in road, near stream
     Yellow-rumped Flycatcher *     Pi     d   Ficedula zanthopygia       in trees across stream near old houses
      Slaty-backed Flycatcher *   JZ>Ru  ddddd Ficedula hodgsonii         open spot at end of quarry track
   Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher        Wt     dd  Ficedula strophiata        in fir trees, reddish gorget seen
          Verditer Flycatcher        Wa     dd  Eumyias thalassinus        along road & along cable lift
      Chinese Blue Flycatcher *    >Wa     d   Cyornis glaucicomans       split fr Blue-throated Flyc.; loud singing dark plantation L
                 Brown Dipper      JZ>Pi    dd  Cinclus pallasii           at streams, twice
         Mrs. Gould's Sunbird        Wo    ddd  Aethopyga gouldiae         seen a few only
               Russet Sparrow      Wo>JZ    dd  Passer rutilans            at habitations
        Eurasian Tree Sparrow        Wo   dddddd Passer montanus            often, but not many
                 Rock Sparrow      JZ>Ru   ddd  Petronia petronia          along roads, few; paler than in Spain; yellow spot 1x seen
            Tibetan Snowfinch *    >Ru     dd  Montifringilla adamsi      in fresh snow (!) along road up to Tibetan plateau
       White-rumped Snowfinch *     Ru     dd  Onychostruthus taczanowski ithe common snowfinch in the grassy plains
      Rufous-necked Snowfinch *     Ru     d   Pyrgilauda ruficollis      a pair flew up and down past us to nest, Flower Lake rd
           White-rumped Munia      Wo>JZ    d   Lonchura striata  
              Alpine Accentor        Bl     d   Prunella collaris          on bare ground in Balang pass, see photo
     Rufous-breasted Accentor        Bl     d   Prunella strophiata        on stony slope while searching for snowcock
       Maroon-backed Accentor *   JZ>Ru    dd  Prunella immaculata        on quarry track; also upper Baxi road below us
               Forest Wagtail        Pi     d   Dendronanthus indicus      at bottom of Pingwu town forest park
              Citrine Wagtail        Ru     dd  Motacilla citreola         best along road to Yellow River, on poles in wet grassland
                 Grey Wagtail        Wo   dddddd Motacilla cinerea          often along roads in wooded areas with streams
                White Wagtail        Wo   dddddd Motacilla alba             the marked subsp. alboides (but not usually split)
           Olive-backed Pipit        Bl     dd  Anthus hodgsoni            in upper part pass, grassy areas
                   Rosy Pipit        Bl     dd  Anthus roseatus            in upper part pass, grassy areas
                  Water Pipit      JZ>Ru    d   Anthus spinoletta          dozens at end of quarry track W of JZ
                Tibetan Serin *     JZ     dd  Serinus thibetanus         Tibetan Siskin, flock at start of quarry track W of JZ
       Grey-capped Greenfinch * -N  Wo     dd  Carduelis sinica           Oriental G.; on wire near quake victims camp
              Eurasian Siskin      JZ>Ru    d   Carduelis spinus           one seen well, female, quarry track
                        Twite      JZ>Ru    dd  Carduelis flavirostris     in arable fields, a few
         Plain Mountain Finch        Bl     d   Leucosticte nemoricola     many on grass Balang
      Brandt's Mountain Finch *     Bl     d   Leucosticte brandti        few on grass Balang
        Long-tailed Rosefinch *     JZ     d   Uragus sibiricus           mating pair at river bend beside tunnel W of JZ
             Common Rosefinch      JZ>Ru   dddd Carpodacus erythrinus      sev. heard, a few seen
  Chinese Beautiful Rosefinch *   JZ>Ru   ddd  Carpodacus davidianus      in snowy pass, but not very beautiful!
       Stresemann's Rosefinch *   JZ>Ru    d   Carpodacus eos             Pink-rumped R., near shrine of snowy pass
          Vinaceous Rosefinch *   JZ>Pi    d   Carpodacus vinaceus        trail at S-bend in road, bushy spot near stream
Chinese White-browed Rosefinch *     Bl    dddd Carpodacus dubius          first rosefinch, typical song, see photo & comment
        Red-fronted Rosefinch *     Bl     d   Carpodacus puniceus        on bare ground at pass, see photo
        Grey-headed Bullfinch *     JZ    dddd Pyrrhula erythaca          sev. along quarry track W of JZ, and sev. elsewhere
             Chinese Grosbeak *     Ch     d   Eophona migratoria         Yellow-billed G.; Chengdu river park, female in bare tree
            Collared Grosbeak        Bl     d   Mycerobas affinis          in bushes at Monal site
        White-winged Grosbeak *     Bx     d   Mycerobas carnipes         along Baxi road, in conif. forest
                Slaty Bunting *     Wa     d   Emberiza siemsseni         in open forest at base of Wawu park
          Godlewski's Bunting *     JZ   dddddd Emberiza godlewskii        many along the road, see photo in snow
      Yellow-throated Bunting *     Pi     dd  Emberiza elegans           Elegant B; Pingwu forest park, and >Wa uphill track
          Black-faced Bunting        JZ     d   Emberiza spodocephala      (Du. Maskergors), singing at river side JZ valley
Total 116 lifers (shared total). Nollie: 112 lifers, John: 114 lifers. 
Total: 258 species observed (Sid 261). 
Sid had three more species: Himalayan Rubythroat heard (which we preferred not to search for at that moment, it was not a lifer), White-browed Shrike-Babbler (heard), and he saw Darjeeling Woodpecker in Wt tickable (just not tickable for us, we only saw the back) 


Himalayan Marmot * Ru dddd Marmota himalayana common between the picas, and other open areas 
Pallas's Cat * Ru d Felis manul probably 'the best bird of the trip' 
Tibetan Fox * Ru d Vulpes ferrilata three adults in a grassy plain 
Red Fox Ru d Vulpes vulpes 
Mountain Hare * Ru d Lepus timidus Plateau 
Pica * Ru dd Ochotona cursoniae abundant on the drier plateau grasslands 
Siberian Roedeer * Bx d Capreolus pygargus see photo 
Chinese Serow * Bx d Capricornus milneedwardsii see photo 
Swinhoe's Striped Squirrel * Wt dd Tamiops swinhoei on trail in coniferous forest