Curacao birding sites, additions/updates based on visit Jan. 2006
Additional to report from the nineties
John van der Woude, Holland, 
Late January 2006 we made another visit to our relatives on Curacao, and this time I took some more GPS-measurements plus photos of interesting birding sites. We also found (were led to) three new sites: 
Hofi Pastor,
Muizenberg dam, and 
Caracas Bay Peninsula.
Below, the photos give an impression of the sites (old and new), in the same order as the GPS-waypoints given at the bottom.

Other birdy spots not mentioned here nor in our previous report, are at:
Jan Thiel lagoon (both along a trail from the East and at the sea outlet south)
Bullenbaai road (east of fork to Vaersenbaai)
Santa Martha bay (herons, but rather overgrown now)

This winter, the island was very green and wet compared to all our previous visits. So, the Muizenberg dam, where we saw the rare Lesser Scaup, may be dry in most other years.
Our other rarity was Ovenbird, at the base of the Christoffel mountain, just 50 m down from the car park.
Also, we were pleased by the presence of two Barn Swallows at the coast of Christoffel NP.

Hofi Pastor just W of Barber village: moist forest reserve with old trees. Caribbean Elaenia, Common Emerald.

Brook in Hofi Pastor.

San Juan estate near Playa Largo. Grey Kingbird (and waders to the left).

Muizenberg dam along the North edge of Willemstad, temporarily filled. Lesser Scaup (Jan. 2006), Grey Kingbird, Tricolored Heron.

St. Joris bay (NE of Willemstad): mangrove rim and frigatebird roost island.

St. Joris bay along trail East of car park. Many Yellow Warbler subsp. rufopileata.

St. Joris bay along trail East of car park. Some waders seen here during migration time (March).

Troupial and Bare-eyed Pigeon, near feeder of Christoffel NP reception (restaurant).

Christoffel NP, higher part. White-tailed Hawk.

Christoffel NP, view on Christoffel 'mountain' (300 m high).

Christoffel NP northern (coastal) part. Two Barn Swallow here in Jan. 2006.

Feeder at Jaanchi's restaurant in Westpunt. Bananaquits.

St. Willibrordus salt pans. Waders, Flamingo's.

View from Beekenburg fortress on Caracas Bay Peninsula. Quiet roads, many Yellow Warbler. Entrance Afl. 5,75.

GPS waypoints (in WGS84)
GPS 299 N12░17'25.74" W069░04'24.94" entrance to Hofi Pastor

GPS 300 N12░14'08.12" W069░05'54.10" San Juan: Playa Largo
GPS 301 N12░14'43.38" W069░06'07.44" San Juan: to Playa Largo
GPS 302 N12░14'51.94" W069░06'01.75" San Juan: to Playa Largo
GPS 303 N12░15'11.50" W069░05'56.07" San Juan: to Playa Largo
GPS 304 N12░15'38.71" W069░05'23.43" San Juan: to Playa Largo from main road

GPS 305 N12░08'36.82" W068░58'06.73" Willemstad water purif. plant: trail
GPS 306 N12░08'38.06" W068░58'00.67" Willemstad water purif. plant
GPS 307 N12░08'30.68" W068░57'36.70" to Willemstad water purif. plant from main road

GPS XXX N12░09'28.70" W068░55'11.18" Muizenberg dam viewpoint (taken from Google Earth)

GPS 312 N12░09'41.03" W068░59'50.71" entrance Malpais/Lago DisparsÚ
GPS 313 N12░10'06.37" W068░59'51.05" Lago DisparsÚ

GPS 316 N12░08'00.23" W068░50'42.50" to St. Joris bay from main road
GPS 317 N12░07'41.19" W068░49'47.38" to St. Joris bay (dirt road now)
GPS 318 N12░07'36.49" W068░49'34.73" P at St. Joris bay
GPS 319 N12░07'14.67" W068░49'38.52" end of trail east from P St. Joris bay

GPS 320 N12░06'17.95" W068░53'33.00" supermarket Vreugdenhil

GPS 321 N12░21'02.05" W069░06'23.92" Christoffel NP reception
GPS 322 N12░21'24.01" W069░08'04.69" Christoffel NP good P for vieGPS+ higher alt. veget.
GPS 323 N12░20'40.59" W069░07'11.44" Christoffel NP P of trail up the 'mountain'. Ovenbird Jan. 2006 down P.

GPS 324 N12░22'15.15" W069░09'03.08" Jaanchi restaurant Westpunt: feeders

GPS 325 N12░13'47.30" W069░03'36.58" entrance to Flamingo cottage park

GPS 326 N12░12'48.94" W069░03'13.35" St. Willibrordus salt pans: good viewpoint

GPS 327 N12░04'31.97" W068░51'43.70" entrance to Caracas Bay Peninsula