Birding trip report Gabon (Gamba area) 14-29 Sep. 2009

John van der Woude

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Summary of waypoints around Gamba, for details see maps below.
For GPS waypoints see bottom of page.
Note: location of roads is very sketchy on all maps.
For scale, only use the above map.

GPS waypoints NW of Gamba
440: just NW of Engen petrol station
441: at 11.8 km from Engen station along main road to Sette Cama, go right
442: territorial Forbes' Plover
443: end of this road, new plantation?
444: start of sandy side road North, not visited
447: start of Totou lake road, into tall forest
448: shallow lagoon between sea and Matsiegui lake
449: left car here for walk to 448
450: start of track to 449/448
451: start of laterite side road South from main road to Sette Cama
452: start of another road into forest North
461: half open savannah near end(?) of road that starts at 452

GPS waypoints SE of Gamba
425: Yenzi compound (home)
426: entrance of Yenzi compound
427: airport entrance
428: start of 'mangrove road' opposite airport, to beach
429: start of road to Vera plains, Tondou, Bibonga, Bouda etc.
430: left fork for road into degraded woodland E of Yenzi lake
431: side road left, nice woodland
Note: between 430 to 432 a chain may be present (none during our visit); ask key at village right
432: important fork: left to comm.tower & Tondou, right to Bibonga & Bouda
437: P along asphalt road to Colas etc., good habitat & start of long track North
438: on 4th or so plain between forest blocks (as seen from 437)

439: along asphalt road to Colas etc., Cassin's and Black Spinetail
462: good spot along asphalt road to Colas
445: leave Bouda road here for Bibonga forest
433: entrance of Bibonga forest (track)
436: interesting forest gap along Bouda road
434: 'secret valley' at border of Bouda forest, good viewpoint for raptors
435: leave road to Bouda here for 434
446: entrance to 'Mark's forest' (Sabine Spinetail here)

GPS waypoints for Tondou forest on Vera plains East of Gamba/Yenzi
453: fork: left to comm.tower, right to small settlements; keep right
454: keep right
455: keep left
456: collapsed end of old road to Tondou, just before ridge, park here
457: on old Tondou road, not yet in the forest itself
458: start of Tondou forest (old road)
459: N end of Tondou forest
460: good track coming from forest West; this is alternative route to Tondou forest, via:
463: keep right (comm.tower is left)
469: keep right
468: keep right
467: entrance to plantation forest, park here and walk easy track to 460 and continue on track
466: keep right
465: take indistinct track right
464: back on old laterite road to Vera

Waypoints in WGS84

W 425    S0246'21,51" E01002'16,71"
W 426    S0246'59,90" E01002'14,60"
W 427    S0247'12,36" E01002'43,80"
W 428    S0247'20,07" E01003'02,36"
W 429    S0247'54,65" E01003'53,44"
W 430    S0247'45,62" E01004'00,80"
W 431    S0246'11,63" E01003'37,16"
W 432    S0246'59,67" E01006'20,83"
W 433    S0246'54,94" E01010'13,98"
W 434    S0248'09,18" E01013'35,21"
W 435    S0248'40,64" E01013'26,93"
W 436    S0247'46,79" E01011'23,74"
W 437    S0249'17,10" E01005'10,63"
W 438    S0248'31,25" E01005'34,87"
W 439    S0250'32,63" E01006'42,15"
W 440    S0243'35,66" E00959'15,08"
W 441    S0240'28,12" E00954'46,14"
W 442    S0238'31,56" E00954'07,54"
W 443    S0236'55,11" E00954'39,21"
W 444    S0239'14,29" E00954'30,05"
W 445    S0247'44,84" E01010'11,88"
W 446    S0248'43,42" E01007'31,01"
W 447    S0242'48,85" E00959'20,89"
W 448    S0243'04,88" E00956'31,35"
W 449    S0243'19,02" E00956'36,60"
W 450    S0243'10,92" E00957'27,03"
W 451    S0242'35,12" E00957'47,44"
W 452    S0242'57,50" E00958'15,56"
W 453    S0246'33,25" E01007'18,11"
W 454    S0246'30,30" E01007'25,31"
W 455    S0246'27,06" E01007'33,60"
W 456    S0245'53,39" E01007'58,99"
W 457    S0245'09,94" E01008'24,35"
W 458    S0244'38,17" E01008'31,74"
W 459    S0243'48,25" E01009'05,19"
W 460    S0245'03,32" E01008'19,37"
W 461    S0241'44,52" E01000'07,84"
W 462    S0250'59,70" E01007'16,23"
W 463    S0245'47,45" E01007'21,82"
W 464    S0244'39,72" E01008'29,21"
W 465    S0244'40,59" E01008'24,62"
W 466    S0244'43,20" E01008'21,91"
W 467    S0245'24,60" E01007'38,87"
W 468    S0245'30,72" E01007'23,80"
W 469    S0245'37,48" E01007'19,65"
W 470    S0245'48,76" E01007'21,97"
W 471    S0246'33,49" E01007'18,01"