South India & Sri Lanka 10 Feb. - 2 March 2010
Birding trip report  John van der Woude  -

1. text report with maps and species list (this page)
2. photos of birding sites South India
3. photos of birding sites Sri Lanka
4. for photos of cultural highlights in South India (Mysore, Belur, Halebid), click

On this well-guided private trip we saw all 27 endemics of the Western Ghats of South India and all 33 endemics of Sri Lanka. In South India we were guided by Jijo Mathew of Kalypso ( with Prasad as driver, and in Sri Lanka we were guided and driven by Sunil de Awis of Baur's (; note 2012: at present Sunil is free lance, contact him at sunil.dealwis at or sunil.de152 at Obviously, as we saw all endemcics, I can recommend both guides. Jijo is an energetic and lively man, who not only helped us to find the Western Ghats endemics, but also practically all the semi-endemics shared by South India and Sri Lanka. So in Sri Lanka we could fully concentrate on the endemics of that island, and Sunil is a master in finding them. Gladly, both Prasad in India and Sunil in Sri Lanka were careful drivers. In general, the accommodation was very reasonable and the food very nice. Mostly, beer was available too. We had no health problems, and there were practically no leeches. We had brillliant weather all the time.
We flew with Emirates airlines from Düsseldorf (Amsterdam was not yet possible then) to Dubai, where we took a three-day stopover to find some lifers in the desert and on the coast (see report). From Dubai we flew directly to Kochi/Cochin where the Western Ghats endemics tour normally (and ideally) starts. This trip ended near Mysore, and in stead of driving back to Kochi we drove on, along some stunning cultural highlights of India, towards Bangalore. From Bangalore we had a Sri Lankan Airlines flight to Colombo, where the Sri Lanka endemics tour starts and ends. From Colombo we flew back to Düsseldorf via Dubai, with Emirates again. The four-leg Emirates flight was 750 euro pp, and the one-leg Sri Lankan flight 80 euro pp.
Both tours had roughly the same structure (see also the regional maps below): first a few days in the moist tropical lowlands (India: Thattekad; Sri Lanka: Kitulgala), then the moist hill region (India: Munnar; Sri Lanka: Sinharadja), then via a drier-climate zone (India: Chinnar reserve; Sri Lanka: Tissa) to the mountains (India: Ooty; Sri Lanka: Nuwara Elyia). The dry zone has only a few endemics (India: 2; Sri Lanka: 1), and in India we stayed there very shortly, but in Sri Lanka we chose to stay there longer in order to see coastal birds and the wildlife of the beautiful Yala national park. For a detailed description of the standard endemics tours, see the websites of Kalypso and Baurs.
More details of how we fared at the different birding sites are given in the photo sections (South India, Sri Lanka). For the species list, see below.


Our flights for this combined trip. 1, 2, 4 and 5 with Emirates, 3 with Sri Lankan Airways.

Western Ghats endemics trip plus a few 'culture days' (10 - 19 Feb. 2010):
1. airport of Kochi/Cochin
2. Thattekad - moist tropical lowlands

3. Munnar - moist hill region

4. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary - dry climate zone
5. Ooty - highlands
6. Mudumalai NP (briefly, roadside; end of endemics trip)
7. Mysore - Maharadja palace
8. Sravanabelgola - Jain statue
9. Belur and Halebid - Hoysala temples
10. airport of Bangalore

Sri Lanka endemics trip (20 Feb - 1 March 2010):
1. Colombo airport
2. Kitulgala - moist tropical lowlands

3. Sinharadja - moist hill region

4. Tissa + Yala & Bundala national parks - dry climate zone
5. Nuwara Eliya highlands (+ Horton Plains NP)
6. Kandy

Species list (all species seen; names according to IOC)

sIn = South India    sIn = Western Ghats endemic
SL = Sri Lanka   
SL = Sri Lanka endemic

For all lifers also the birding site is given (last column). This is always the first site where we saw it, and for most species also the only site, and for the endemics practically always the classical site to see it.
South India:
Tha = Thattekad
Mun = Munnar
Chi = Chinnar & other dry areas
Oot = Ooty
Sri Lanka:
Kit = Kitulgala
Sin = Sinharadja
Tis = Tissa
NaE = Nuwara Eliya
LC = of least concern
NT = near-threatened
VU = vulnerable
EN = endangered
LC Painted Bush Quail sIn Mun Perdicula erythrorhyncha
LC Red Spurfowl sIn Tha Galloperdix spadicea
LC Sri Lanka Spurfowl SL Sin Galloperdix bicalcarata
LC Grey Junglefowl sIn Tha Gallus sonneratii
LC Sri Lanka Junglefowl SL Kit Gallus lafayetii
LC Indian Peafowl sIn SL Pavo cristatus
LC Lesser Whistling Duck sIn SL Dendrocygna javanica
LC Ruddy Shelduck SL Tadorna ferruginea
LC Cotton Pygmy Goose sIn SL Nettapus coromandelianus
LC Indian Spot-billed Duck sIn Anas poecilorhyncha
LC Northern Shoveler sIn Anas clypeata
LC Garganey SL Anas querquedula
LC Little Grebe sIn SL Tachybaptus ruficollis
NT Painted Stork SL Mycteria leucocephala
LC Asian Openbill SL Anastomus oscitans
LC Woolly-necked Stork sIn SL Ciconia episcopus
NT Black-headed Ibis sIn SL Threskiornis melanocephalus
LC Red-naped Ibis sIn Pseudibis papillosa
LC Eurasian Spoonbill SL Platalea leucorodia
LC Yellow Bittern SL Ixobrychus sinensis
LC Black Bittern SL Tis Dupetor flavicollis
LC Black-crowned Night Heron SL Nycticorax nycticorax
LC Indian Pond Heron sIn SL Ardeola grayii
LC Western Cattle Egret sIn SL Bubulcus ibis
LC Grey Heron sIn SL Ardea cinerea
LC Purple Heron sIn SL Ardea purpurea
LC Western Great Egret sIn Ardea alba
LC Intermediate Egret sIn SL Egretta intermedia
LC Little Egret sIn SL Egretta garzetta
LC Western Reef Heron sIn Egretta gularis
NT Spot-billed Pelican sIn SL Pelecanus philippensis
LC Little Cormorant sIn SL Microcarbo niger
LC Indian Cormorant sIn Phalacrocorax fuscicollis
NT Oriental Darter sIn SL Anhinga melanogaster
LC Black Baza sIn Aviceda leuphotes
LC Crested Honey Buzzard sIn SL Pernis ptilorhynchus
LC Black-winged Kite SL Elanus caeruleus
LC Black Kite sIn Milvus migrans
LC Brahminy Kite sIn SL Haliastur indus
LC White-bellied Sea Eagle SL Haliaeetus leucogaster
NT Grey-headed Fish Eagle SL Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus
LC Crested Serpent Eagle sIn SL Spilornis cheela
LC Western Marsh Harrier sIn Circus aeruginosus
NT Pallid Harrier sIn Circus macrourus
LC Montagu's Harrier sIn Circus pygargus
LC Crested Goshawk sIn Accipiter trivirgatus
LC Shikra sIn SL Accipiter badius
LC Besra sIn SL Accipiter virgatus
LC Eurasian Sparrowhawk sIn Accipiter nisus
Steppe Buzzard sIn Buteo vulpinus
LC Black Eagle sIn SL Ictinaetus malayensis
LC Bonelli's Eagle sIn Aquila fasciata
LC Booted Eagle SL Hieraaetus pennatus
LC Rufous-bellied Eagle sIn Chi Lophotriorchis kienerii
LC Crested Hawk-Eagle SL Nisaetus cirrhatus
Legge's Hawk-Eagle sIn Mun Nisaetus kelaarti
LC Common Kestrel sIn Falco tinnunculus
LC White-breasted Waterhen SL Amaurornis phoenicurus
LC Purple Swamphen sIn SL Porphyrio porphyrio
LC Common Moorhen sIn SL Gallinula chloropus
LC Eurasian Coot sIn Fulica atra
LC Barred Buttonquail SL Turnix suscitator
LC Eurasian Stone-curlew SL Burhinus oedicnemus
LC Great Stone-curlew SL Esacus recurvirostris
LC Black-winged Stilt SL Himantopus himantopus
LC Yellow-wattled Lapwing sIn SL Vanellus malabaricus
LC Red-wattled Lapwing SL Vanellus indicus
LC Pacific Golden Plover SL Pluvialis fulva
LC Grey Plover SL Pluvialis squatarola
LC Little Ringed Plover SL Charadrius dubius
LC Kentish Plover SL Charadrius alexandrinus
LC Lesser Sand Plover SL Charadrius mongolus
LC Greater Sand Plover SL Charadrius leschenaultii
LC Greater Painted Snipe sIn Rostratula benghalensis
LC Pheasant-tailed Jacana sIn SL Hydrophasianus chirurgus
LC Bronze-winged Jacana sIn Metopidius indicus
NT Black-tailed Godwit SL Limosa limosa
LC Eurasian Curlew SL Numenius arquata
LC Common Redshank SL Tringa totanus
LC Marsh Sandpiper SL Tringa stagnatilis
LC Common Greenshank SL Tringa nebularia
LC Green Sandpiper sIn SL Tringa ochropus
LC Wood Sandpiper sIn SL Tringa glareola
LC Common Sandpiper sIn SL Actitis hypoleucos
LC Ruddy Turnstone SL Arenaria interpres
LC Little Stint SL Calidris minuta
LC Curlew Sandpiper SL Calidris ferruginea
LC Red-necked Phalarope SL Phalaropus lobatus
LC Small Pratincole SL Glareola lactea
LC Brown-headed Gull SL Chroicocephalus brunnicepha
LC Gull-billed Tern SL Gelochelidon nilotica
LC Caspian Tern SL Hydroprogne caspia
LC Lesser Crested Tern SL Thalasseus bengalensis
LC Little Tern SL Sternula albifrons
LC River Tern sIn Sterna aurantia
LC Whiskered Tern sIn SL Chlidonias hybrida
LC Common Pigeon sIn SL Columba livia
VU Nilgiri Wood Pigeon sIn Mun Columba elphinstonii
VU Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon SL NaE Columba torringtoniae
LC Spotted Dove sIn SL Stigmatopelia chinensis
LC Laughing Dove sIn Stigmatopelia senegalensis
LC Common Emerald Dove sIn SL Chalcophaps indica
LC Orange-breasted Green Pigeon SL Tis Treron bicinctus
LC Sri Lanka Green Pigeon SL Kit Treron pompadora
Grey-fronted Green Pigeon sIn Tha Treron affinis
LC Yellow-footed Green Pigeon sIn Treron phoenicopterus
LC Green Imperial Pigeon sIn SL Ducula aenea
LC Vernal Hanging Parrot sIn Loriculus vernalis
LC Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot SL Kit Loriculus beryllinus
LC Alexandrine Parakeet SL Psittacula eupatria
LC Rose-ringed Parakeet sIn SL Psittacula krameri
LC Plum-headed Parakeet sIn Psittacula cyanocephala
LC Blue-winged Parakeet sIn Tha  Psittacula columboides (1)
LC Layard's Parakeet SL Kit Psittacula calthropae
VU Green-billed Coucal SL Kit Centropus chlororhynchos
LC Greater Coucal sIn SL Centropus sinensis
LC Sirkeer Malkoha SL Taccocua leschenaultii
VU Red-faced Malkoha SL Sin Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephal
LC Blue-faced Malkoha sIn SL Chi Phaenicophaeus viridirostri
LC Asian Koel sIn SL Eudynamys scolopaceus
LC Grey-bellied Cuckoo sIn SL Chi Cacomantis passerinus
LC Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo sIn Surniculus lugubris
LC Common Hawk-Cuckoo sIn Tha Hierococcyx varius
Sri Lanka Bay Owl sIn Tha Phodilus assimilis
EN Serendib Scops Owl SL Kit Otus thilohoffmanni
LC Indian Scops Owl sIn Tha Otus bakkamoena
LC Brown Fish Owl sIn Ketupa zeylonensis
LC Mottled Wood Owl sIn Tha Strix ocellata
LC Jungle Owlet sIn Glaucidium radiatum
NT Chestnut-backed Owlet SL Kit Glaucidium castanonotum
LC Brown Hawk-Owl sIn Ninox scutulata
LC Sri Lanka Frogmouth sIn SL Tha Batrachostomus moniliger
LC Great Eared Nightjar sIn Eurostopodus macrotis
LC Jerdon's Nightjar sIn Tha Caprimulgus atripennis
LC Indian Nightjar SL Tis Caprimulgus asiaticus
LC Crested Treeswift SL Hemiprocne coronata
LC Indian Swiftlet sIn SL Tha Aerodramus unicolor
LC White-rumped Spinetail sIn Zoonavena sylvatica
LC Brown-backed Needletail sIn SL Hirundapus giganteus
LC Asian Palm Swift sIn SL Cypsiurus balasiensis
LC Alpine Swift sIn SL Tachymarptis melba
LC Little Swift sIn SL Apus affinis
LC Malabar Trogon sIn SL Tha Harpactes fasciatus
LC Indian Roller sIn SL Coracias benghalensis
LC Oriental Dollarbird sIn Eurystomus orientalis
LC Stork-billed Kingfisher sIn SL Pelargopsis capensis
LC White-throated Kingfisher sIn SL Halcyon smyrnensis
LC Common Kingfisher sIn SL Alcedo atthis
LC Pied Kingfisher sIn SL Ceryle rudis
LC Green Bee-eater sIn SL Merops orientalis
LC Blue-tailed Bee-eater sIn SL Merops philippinus
LC Chestnut-headed Bee-eater sIn SL Merops leschenaulti
LC Eurasian Hoopoe SL Upupa epops
LC Malabar Grey Hornbill sIn Tha Ocyceros griseus
LC Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill SL Kit Ocyceros gingalensis
LC Indian Grey Hornbill sIn Ocyceros birostris
NT Malabar Pied Hornbill SL Tis Anthracoceros coronatus
LC Brown-headed Barbet sIn SL Megalaima zeylanica
LC White-cheeked Barbet sIn Tha Megalaima viridis
LC Yellow-fronted Barbet SL Kit Megalaima flavifrons
LC Crimson-fronted Barbet SL Kit  Megalaima rubricapillus (2)
Malabar Barbet sIn Mun Megalaima malabarica
LC Coppersmith Barbet sIn SL Megalaima haemacephala
LC Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker sIn SL Tha Dendrocopos nanus
LC Yellow-crowned Woodpecker SL Dendrocopos mahrattensis
LC Lesser Yellownape sIn Picus chlorolophus
LC Lesser Goldenback sIn Dinopium benghalense
LC Greater Goldenback sIn Chrysocolaptes lucidus
Crimson-backed Goldenback SL Kit Chrysocolaptes stricklandi (3)
LC Heart-spotted Woodpecker sIn Hemicircus canente
LC Indian Pitta sIn SL Tha Pitta brachyura
Malabar Woodshrike sIn Tha Tephrodornis sylvicola
Sri Lanka Woodshrike SL Tis Tephrodornis affinis
LC Ashy Woodswallow sIn SL Artamus fuscus
LC Common Iora sIn SL Aegithina tiphia
LC Large Cuckooshrike sIn Coracina macei
LC Black-headed Cuckooshrike sIn SL Tis Coracina melanoptera
LC Small Minivet sIn SL Pericrocotus cinnamomeus
LC Orange Minivet sIn SL Pericrocotus flammeus
LC Brown Shrike sIn SL Lanius cristatus
LC Long-tailed Shrike sIn Lanius schach
Indian Golden Oriole sIn Tha Oriolus kundoo
LC Black-naped Oriole sIn Oriolus chinensis
LC Black-hooded Oriole sIn SL Oriolus xanthornus
LC Black Drongo sIn SL Dicrurus macrocercus
LC Ashy Drongo sIn Dicrurus leucophaeus
LC White-bellied Drongo sIn SL Dicrurus caerulescens
LC Bronzed Drongo sIn Dicrurus aeneus
LC Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo sIn Dicrurus remifer
Sri Lanka Drongo SL sev Dicrurus lophorinus
LC White-throated Fantail sIn Rhipidura albicollis
LC White-browed Fantail SL Rhipidura aureola
LC Black-naped Monarch sIn SL Hypothymis azurea
LC Asian Paradise Flycatcher sIn SL Terpsiphone paradisi
VU Sri Lanka Blue Magpie SL Sin Urocissa ornata
LC Rufous Treepie sIn Dendrocitta vagabunda
LC White-bellied Treepie sIn Tha Dendrocitta leucogastra
LC House Crow sIn SL Corvus splendens
Indian Jungle Crow sIn SL Tha Corvus culminatus
LC Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher sIn Culicicapa ceylonensis
LC Great Tit sIn SL Parus major
Indian Black-lored Tit sIn Mun Parus aplonotus
LC Jerdon's Bush Lark sIn SL Chi Mirafra affinis
LC Malabar Lark sIn Mysore Galerida malabarica
LC Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark sIn SL Eremopterix griseus
LC Grey-headed Bulbul sIn Mun Pycnonotus priocephalus
LC Black-capped Bulbul SL Kit Pycnonotus melanicterus
Black-crested Bulbul sIn Pycnonotus flaviventris
Flame-throated Bulbul sIn Tha Pycnonotus gularis
LC Red-whiskered Bulbul sIn Pycnonotus jocosus
LC Red-vented Bulbul sIn Pycnonotus cafer
VU Yellow-throated Bulbul sIn Chi Pycnonotus xantholaemus
NT Yellow-eared Bulbul SL NaE Pycnonotus penicillatus
LC White-browed Bulbul sIn Tha Pycnonotus luteolus
LC Yellow-browed Bulbul sIn SL Tha Acritillas indica
Square-tailed Bulbul sIn SL Mun  Hypsipetes ganeesa (4)
LC Barn Swallow sIn SL Hirundo rustica
LC Hill Swallow sIn SL Mun Hirundo domicola
LC Dusky Crag Martin sIn Ptyonoprogne concolor
LC Red-rumped Swallow sIn Cecropis daurica
Sri Lanka Swallow SL sev Cecropis hyperythra
LC Tickell's Leaf Warbler sIn Phylloscopus affinis
Green Warbler SL NaE Phylloscopus nitidus
LC Greenish Warbler sIn Phylloscopus trochiloides
LC Large-billed Leaf Warbler sIn Tha Phylloscopus magnirostris
NT Tytler's Leaf Warbler sIn Mun Phylloscopus tytleri
LC Clamorous Reed Warbler SL Acrocephalus stentoreus
LC Blyth's Reed Warbler sIn SL Acrocephalus dumetorum
LC Thick-billed Warbler sIn Tha Iduna aedon
LC Booted Warbler sIn Iduna caligata
VU Broad-tailed Grassbird sIn Mun Schoenicola platyurus
NT Sri Lanka Bush Warbler SL NaE Elaphrornis palliseri
LC Zitting Cisticola SL Cisticola juncidis
LC Grey-breasted Prinia sIn Prinia hodgsonii
LC Ashy Prinia sIn SL Prinia socialis
LC Plain Prinia sIn SL Prinia inornata
LC Common Tailorbird sIn SL Orthotomus sutorius
LC Brown-capped Babbler SL Kit Pellorneum fuscocapillus
LC Indian Scimitar Babbler sIn Mun Pomatorhinus horsfieldii
Sri Lanka Scimitar Babbler SL Sin Pomatorhinus melanurus
LC Dark-fronted Babbler sIn SL Tha Rhopocichla atriceps
LC Rufous Babbler sIn Tha Turdoides subrufa
LC Jungle Babbler sIn Turdoides striata
NT Orange-billed Babbler SL Kit Turdoides rufescens
LC Yellow-billed Babbler sIn SL Tha Turdoides affinis
VU Ashy-headed Laughingthrush SL Sin Garrulax cinereifrons
LC Wynaad Laughingthrush sIn Tha Garrulax delesserti
EN Black-chinned Laughingthrush sIn Oot  Garrulax cachinnans (5)
NT Kerala Laughingthrush sIn Mun Garrulax fairbanki
LC Lesser Whitethroat sIn Sylvia curruca
LC Oriental White-eye sIn SL Zosterops palpebrosus
LC Sri Lanka White-eye SL NaE Zosterops ceylonensis
LC Asian Fairy-bluebird sIn Irena puella
LC Velvet-fronted Nuthatch sIn SL Sitta frontalis
NT Sri Lanka Hill Myna SL Sin Gracula ptilogenys
LC Common Hill Myna SL Gracula religiosa
Southern Hill Myna sIn Tha Gracula indica
LC Jungle Myna sIn Acridotheres fuscus
LC Common Myna sIn SL Acridotheres tristis
Malabar Starling sIn Tha Sturnia blythii
LC Brahminy Starling sIn Sturnia pagodarum
VU White-faced Starling SL Sin Sturnornis albofrontatus
LC Rosy Starling SL Pastor roseus
EN Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush SL NaE Myophonus blighi
LC Malabar Whistling Thrush sIn Mun Myophonus horsfieldii
LC Pied Thrush SL NaE Zoothera wardii
LC Orange-headed Thrush sIn Zoothera citrina
NT Spot-winged Thrush SL Kit Zoothera spiloptera
Nilgiri Thrush sIn Oot Zoothera neilgherriensis
NT Sri Lanka Thrush SL Sin  Zoothera imbricata (6)
Indian Blackbird sIn SL Mun Turdus simillimus
LC Indian Blue Robin sIn Mun Luscinia brunnea
LC Oriental Magpie-Robin sIn SL Copsychus saularis
LC White-rumped Shama SL Copsychus malabaricus
LC Indian Robin sIn SL Saxicoloides fulicatus
VU Nilgiri Blue Robin sIn Oot Myiomela major
White-bellied Blue Robin sIn Mun Myiomela albiventris
LC Pied Bush Chat sIn SL Saxicola caprata
LC Blue Rock Thrush sIn Monticola solitarius
LC Blue-capped Rock Thrush sIn Mun Monticola cinclorhynchus
LC Asian Brown Flycatcher sIn Muscicapa dauurica
LC Brown-breasted Flycatcher sIn SL Tha Muscicapa muttui
LC Rusty-tailed Flycatcher sIn Tha Muscicapa ruficauda
VU Kashmir Flycatcher SL NaE Ficedula subrubra
NT Black-and-orange Flycatcher sIn Mun Ficedula nigrorufa
NT Dull-blue Flycatcher SL NaE Eumyias sordidus
NT Nilgiri Flycatcher sIn Mun Eumyias albicaudatus
LC White-bellied Blue Flycatcher sIn Tha Cyornis pallipes
LC Tickell's Blue Flycatcher SL Cyornis tickelliae
LC Blue-throated Blue Flycatcher sIn Cyornis rubeculoides
LC Greater Green Leafbird sIn Chloropsis sonnerati
LC Jerdon's Leafbird sIn Tha Chloropsis jerdoni
LC Golden-fronted Leafbird SL Chloropsis aurifrons
NT Legge's Flowerpecker SL Kit Dicaeum vincens
LC Pale-billed Flowerpecker SL Dicaeum erythrorhynchos
LC Nilgiri Flowerpecker sIn Tha Dicaeum concolor
LC Purple-rumped Sunbird sIn SL Tha Leptocoma zeylonica
LC Crimson-backed Sunbird sIn Tha  Leptocoma minima (7)
LC Purple Sunbird sIn SL Cinnyris asiaticus
LC Loten's Sunbird SL Kit Cinnyris lotenius
LC Little Spiderhunter sIn Arachnothera longirostra
LC House Sparrow sIn SL Passer domesticus
LC Yellow-throated Sparrow sIn Gymnoris xanthocollis
LC Streaked Weaver SL Tis Ploceus manyar
LC Baya Weaver SL Ploceus philippinus
LC Red Avadavat sIn Amandava amandava
LC Indian Silverbill sIn Euodice malabarica
LC White-rumped Munia SL Lonchura striata
LC Scaly-breasted Munia SL Lonchura punctulata
LC Black-throated Munia SL NaE Lonchura kelaarti
LC Tricolored Munia SL Kit Lonchura malacca
LC Forest Wagtail SL Dendronanthus indicus
LC Western Yellow Wagtail SL Motacilla flava
LC Grey Wagtail sIn SL Motacilla cinerea
LC White-browed Wagtail sIn Motacilla maderaspatensis
LC Richard's Pipit SL Anthus richardi
LC Paddyfield Pipit sIn SL Anthus rufulus
NT Nilgiri Pipit sIn Mun Anthus nilghiriensis
LC Common Rosefinch sIn Carpodacus erythrinus
Alternative names:
(1) Malabar Parakeet
(2) Small Barbet
(3) Crimson-backed Flameback
(4) Black Bulbul (split)
(5) Nilgiri Laughingthrush
(6) Ceylon Scaly Thrush
(7) Small Sunbird    
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