Birding trip report Kenya 28 Jan - 15 Feb 2009 John van der Woude -

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Species list

This list is mostly according to Clements 6th ed. but with several English names taken from Frank & Gill when these were more according to the names in our field guides (principally Sinclair & Ryan - Birds of Africa south of the Sahara; partly also Stevenson & Fanshawe - Birds of East Afrcia).
All species were seen (no heard-only's).
* = lifer; nearly all remarks (some of which are just for personal use) are for the lifers.
Sites: (one site is mentioned: the first or the best, and often the only; X = at more than one or two sites, or common, pan-African, etc.)
TH = Thika Ponds (rural area with lakes)
MK = Mount Kenya forest zone near Castle Forest lodge
SA = Samburu national park (NP) (dry savanna)
NA = Lake Nakuru NP (saline lake and bordering woodland)
BA = Lake Baringo area (dry bush, cliff, lake side)
KK = Kakamega forest (tropical rainforest; the westernmost part of the Central African rainforest zone)
LV = Lake Victoria near Kisumu (papyrus stands, lake border)
MM = Masai Mara NP (grassy plateau, riverine woodland)
Nai = Naivasha Country Club
Kin = Kinangop plateau
SA> etc. means: between SA and next destination.

Struthio camelus                              Ostrich  X
Struthio molybdophanes                 Somali Ostrich  SA  first bird in Samburu NP, group of 7
Tachybaptus ruficollis                   Little Grebe  X
Podiceps nigricollis               Black-necked Grebe  BA
Pelecanus onocrotalus             Great White Pelican  X
Phalacrocorax lucidus        White-breasted Cormorant  X
Phalacrocorax africanus         Long-tailed Cormorant  X
Ardea cinerea                              Gray Heron  X
Ardea melanocephala                Black-headed Heron  X
Ardea goliath                           Goliath Heron  MM
Ardea purpurea                           Purple Heron  LV
Ardea alba                                Great Egret  X
Egretta garzetta                         Little Egret  X
Ardeola ralloides                       Squacco Heron  BA
Bubulcus ibis                            Cattle Egret  X
Butorides striata                  Green-backed Heron  X
Nycticorax nycticorax       Black-crowned Night-Heron  SO>
Scopus umbretta                              Hamerkop  X
Mycteria ibis                     Yellow-billed Stork  X
Ciconia nigra                             Black Stork  X
Ciconia abdimii                         Abdim's Stork* MM  4 on the grassy plateau driving north out of Masai Mara West
Ciconia episcopus                 Woolly-necked Stork  SA
Ciconia ciconia                           White Stork  X
Ephippiorhynchus senegale         Saddle-billed Stork  MM  once MM, once SA
Leptoptilos crumeniferus                Marabou Stork  X
Threskiornis aethiopicus                  Sacred Ibis  X
Bostrychia hagedash                       Hadada Ibis  X
Platalea alba                       African Spoonbill  X
Phoenicopterus roseus                Greater Flamingo  X
Phoenicopterus minor                  Lesser Flamingo  X   dancing group at Lake Bogoria
Dendrocygna bicolor            Fulvous Whistling-Duck  TH>
Dendrocygna viduata        White-faced Whistling-Duck  X
Alopochen aegyptiaca                   Egyptian Goose  X
Plectropterus gambensis             Spur-winged Goose  X
Anas sparsa                        African Black Duck  SO> at a small lake where we hoped to find "Mackinder" Eagle-Owl
Anas capensis                               Cape Teal  X
Anas undulata                      Yellow-billed Duck  X
Anas erythrorhyncha                   Red-billed Duck  MK
Anas hottentota                        Hottentot Teal  TH>
Pernis apivorus                European Honey-buzzard  X    twice close views
Elanus caeruleus                Black-shouldered Kite  TH
Milvus migrans                             Black Kite  X
Haliaeetus vocifer                 African Fish-Eagle  X
Necrosyrtes monachus                   Hooded Vulture  X
Gyps africanus                   White-backed Vulture  X
Gyps rueppellii                    Rueppell's Griffon* SA  a few at Samburu NP
Circaetus pectoralis        Black-chested Snake Eagle  SA
Circaetus cinereus                  Brown Snake-Eagle  SA
Circaetus cinerascens      Western Banded Snake Eagle* MM  seen well in treetop first day in park
Terathopius ecaudatus                        Bateleur  X
Circus aeruginosus              Western Marsh-Harrier  X
Circus macrourus                       Pallid Harrier  SA
Circus pygargus                     Montagu's Harrier  X
Polyboroides typus               African Harrier-Hawk  MK
Melierax metabates              Dark Chanting-Goshawk  MM
Melierax poliopterus         Eastern Chanting-Goshawk* X   sev.
Accipiter minullus                 Little Sparrowhawk  SA
Buteo augur                             Augur Buzzard  X
Aquila rapax                              Tawny Eagle  X
Aquila nipa7lensis                        Steppe Eagle  X
Aquila verreauxii                    Verreaux's Eagle  BA
Aquila spilogaster                 African Hawk-Eagle  SA
Aquila pennata                           Booted Eagle  TH>
Polemaetus bellicosus                   Martial Eagle  X
Lophaetus occipitalis              Long-crested Eagle  X
Stephanoaetus coronatus                 Crowned Eagle  MK
Sagittarius serpentarius               Secretary-bird  X
Polihierax semitorquatus                 Pygmy Falcon  X
Falco naumanni                         Lesser Kestrel  X
Falco tinnunculus                    Eurasian Kestrel  X
Falco rupicoloides                    Greater Kestrel  MM
Falco subbuteo                         Eurasian Hobby  LV
Falco biarmicus                         Lanner Falcon  X
Francolinus coqui                     Coqui Francolin* MM  2 at 12 m on the way out of Masai Mara
Francolinus sephaena                Crested Francolin  X
Francolinus leucoscepus        Yellow-necked Spurfowl  SA
Francolinus afer                  Red-necked Spurfowl* MM  at gate of park, closeby between grass
Numida meleagris                  Helmeted Guineafowl  X
Acryllium vulturinum             Vulturine Guineafowl* SA  sev groups, often closeby
Balearica regulorum                Gray Crowned-Crane  X   sev pairs SA, MM
Sarothrura pulchra            White-spotted Flufftail* KK  KK finally seen below compound, male at brook between low undergr
Amaurornis flavirostra                    Black Crake  BA
Porphyrio porphyrio                   Purple Swamphen  Lim
Fulica cristata                      Red-knobbed Coot  X
Ardeotis kori                            Kori Bustard  SA
Eupodotis senegalensis          White-bellied Bustard  >SA
Eupodotis gindiana               Buff-crested Bustard* SA  a few along road, photo
Lissotis melanogaster           Black-bellied Bustard  MM
Actophilornis africanus                African Jacana  X
Himantopus himantopus              Black-winged Stilt  X
Burhinus vermiculatus                Water Thick-knee  LV
Burhinus capensis                  Spotted Thick-knee  BA
Rhinoptilus cinctus              Three-banded Courser* BA  at 7 m, near nest(?), with Francis
Vanellus crassirostris              Long-toed Lapwing* TH> 7 at a small pool along the road
Vanellus armatus                    Blacksmith Plover  X
Vanellus spinosus                  Spur-winged Plover  X
Vanellus melanopterus            Black-winged Lapwing* SO  first with broken leg at 5 m, later 2 more
Vanellus coronatus                    Crowned Lapwing  X
Vanellus senegallus                   Wattled Lapwing  X
Charadrius hiaticula             Common Ringed Plover  X
Charadrius pecuarius                Kittlitz's Plover  NA
Charadrius tricollaris            Three-banded Plover  X
Gallinago nigripennis                   African Snipe  X
Actitis hypoleucos                   Common Sandpiper  X
Tringa ochropus                       Green Sandpiper  MM
Tringa nebularia                    Common Greenshank  X
Tringa stagnatilis                    Marsh Sandpiper  NA
Tringa glareola                        Wood Sandpiper  X
Calidris minuta                          Little Stint  NA
Philomachus pugnax                               Ruff  X
Larus cirrocephalus                  Gray-headed Gull  X
Gelochelidon nilotica                Gull-billed Tern  TH
Chlidonias hybrida                     Whiskered Tern  NA
Pterocles decoratus            Black-faced Sandgrouse* SA  sev groups in park, on tracks, photo
Columba guinea                        Speckled Pigeon  X
Columba arquatrix                African Olive Pigeon* MK  two closeby flying along, end of day
Columba delegorguei       Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon* MK  in flight across the main forest track
Columba larvata                            Lemon Dove  X
Streptopelia semitorquata               Red-eyed Dove  X
Streptopelia capicola                Ring-necked Dove  X
Turtur chalcospilos         Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove  SA
Turtur afer                    Blue-spotted Wood-Dove  KK
Oena capensis                            Namaqua Dove  X
Treron calvus                    African Green-Pigeon  KK
Agapornis fischeri                 Fischer's Lovebird* X   Thika Ponds and Lake Victoria
Poicephalus gulielmi               Red-fronted Parrot* MK  far but in scope,+Q7213 from grounds of lodge
Poicephalus meyeri                     Meyer's Parrot  MM
Poicephalus rufiventris            Red-bellied Parrot* SA  pair on top of acacia (=Afr. Orange-bellied P)
Corythaeola cristata                Great Blue Turaco* KK  group above us in canopy at compound border at 18:45
Tauraco schalowi                     Schalow's Turaco* MM  on Kitchwa Tembo camp forest grounds, above us in tree, tape
Tauraco hartlaubi                   Hartlaub's Turaco* MK  fine views along main forest track
Musophaga rossae                         Ross' Turaco* MM  at lodge, good response to tape
Corythaixoides leucogaste  White-bellied Go-away-bird  X
Clamator jacobinus                     Jacobin Cuckoo  BA
Cuculus solitarius                 Red-chested Cuckoo  X
Chrysococcyx cupreus           African Emerald Cuckoo  MK
Chrysococcyx caprius                   Dideric Cuckoo  BA
Centropus superciliosus           White-browed Coucal  X
Bubo cinerascens                    Grayish Eagle-Owl  BA
Bubo lacteus                     Verreaux's Eagle-Owl  SA
Glaucidium perlatum               Pearl-spotted Owlet  SA  two in front of our room
Caprimulgus clarus            Slender-tailed Nightjar* BA  4 at day roost near cactusses, thanks to Francis
Cypsiurus parvus                   African Palm-Swift  X
Apus apus                                Common Swift  X
Apus affinis                             Little Swift  X
Colius striatus                    Speckled Mousebird  X
Colius leucocephalus           White-headed Mousebird* SA  closeby
Urocolius macrourus              Blue-naped Mousebird* SA  closeby
Apaloderma narina                       Narina Trogon  MM
Apaloderma vittatum                 Bar-tailed Trogon* KK  one seen well after a long search long side trail
Alcedo cristata                  Malachite Kingfisher  LV
Ispidina picta               African Pygmy-Kingfisher  BA
Halcyon leucocephala           Gray-headed Kingfisher* X   sev SA and further, first next to room of SA, in local spotlight
Halcyon senegalensis              Woodland Kingfisher  MM
Megaceryle maximus                   Giant Kingfisher  X
Ceryle rudis                          Pied Kingfisher  X
Merops muelleri                 Blue-headed Bee-eater* KK  near research station, in fine branches at 20 m
Merops pusillus                      Little Bee-eater  SA
Merops oreobates           Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater* MK  the first bird (of sev) near the lodge, also sev at KK
Merops revoilii                      Somali Bee-eater* SA  in small bush, distant photo+Q6971
Merops albicollis            White-throated Bee-eater* X   many in Samburu NP, along roads
Coracias caudatus               Lilac-breasted Roller  X
Upupa africana                         African Hoopoe  X
Phoeniculus purpureus                Green Woodhoopoe  BA
Rhinopomastus minor          Abyssinian Scimitar-bill* SA  foraging in acacia, no white in wing (cabanisi)
Tockus erythrorhynchus            Red-billed Hornbill  X
Tockus flavirostris      Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbil*SA  at 6 m in front of bush
Tockus jacksoni                    Jackson's Hornbill* BA  sev, first was female: even more char. than male
Tockus deckeni              Von der Decken's Hornbill* SA  some pairs, photo
Tockus alboterminatus                Crowned Hornbill  MM
Tockus hemprichii                 Hemprich's Hornbill* BA  two in scope at base of cliff, after long search
Tockus nasutus                  African Gray Hornbill  X
Ceratogymna brevis           Silvery-cheeked Hornbill* MK  sev. along the forest track up from Castle Lodge
Ceratogymna subcylindricaBlack-and-white-casqued Hornb*KK  first bird on grounds in early morning, flying over, later more
Bucorvus leadbeateri         Southern Ground-Hornbill  MM
Trachyphonus purpuratus          Yellow-billed Barbet* KK  seen well in the sun
Trachyphonus erythrocepha       Red-and-yellow Barbet  X
Trachyphonus darnaudii              D'Arnaud's Barbet* X   sev SA, BA; BA: at feeder stone slab
Trachyphonus usambiro                 Usambiro Barbet* MM
Gymnobucco bonapartei            Gray-throated Barbet* KK  seen from our veranda at 10 m
Pogoniulus bilineatus        Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird  MK
Pogoniulus pusillus            Red-fronted Tinkerbird  MM
Buccanodon duchaillui           Yellow-spotted Barbet* KK  sev, high in trees & flight
Tricholaema flavifunctata     Streaky-throated Barbet* KK  (split fr Hairy-br; race ansorgei) singing at 30 m
Tricholaema diademata              Red-fronted Barbet* BA  at base of cliff, also at Thika Ponds
Tricholaema lacrymosa             Spot-flanked Barbet* MM  on stony slope, in small bush, head + flank
Tricholaema melanocephala       Black-throated Barbet* X   first at SA closeby at eye level in bush, photo
Lybius leucocephalus              White-headed Barbet* Naivin large acacia at righthand border of country club grounds
Lybius bidentatus               Double-toothed Barbet* KK  one foraging between leaves
Indicator minor                     Lesser Honeyguide* BA  high in tree, immediate response to tape
Indicator indicator                Greater Honeyguide  SA
Jynx ruficollis                 Rufous-necked Wryneck* MM  two on small dead tree near lodge+R6633
Campethera nubica                   Nubian Woodpecker* SA  first at small dead branches in lodge garden
Campethera caroli              Brown-eared Woodpecker* KK(N)
Dendropicos fuscescens            Cardinal Woodpecker  X
Dendropicos xantholophus    Yellow-crested Woodpecker* KK  foraging high in bare treetop on last morning
Dendropicos goertae           African Grey Woodpecker  MM> at lunch stop, with barred tail (also at Naivasha)
Smithornis capensis                 African Broadbill  KK
Mirafra cantillans                   Singing Bushlark* SO  flying and on bush
Mirafra africana                    Rufous-naped Lark  X
Mirafra rufocinnamomea                   Flappet Lark* MM  foraging next to car on stony slope, tape response, later display flights
Calendulauda poecilostern          Pink-breasted Lark* SA  first closeby on top of bush, singing
Calendulauda alopex                         Foxy Lark* SA  intercedens singing from bush top
Eremopterix leucopareia        Fischer's Sparrow-Lark* SA  group of c. 50 at only 10 m, on ground
Calandrella cinerea                   Red-capped Lark  X
Psalidoprocne albiceps           White-headed Sawwing* KK  sev, best = group resting in tree near reception
Psalidoprocne pristoptera               Black Sawwing* X   esp. MK, many
Riparia riparia                          Bank Swallow  NA
Riparia cincta                          Banded Martin  MM
Hirundo smithii                   Wire-tailed Swallow  X
Ptyonoprogne fuligula                     Rock Martin  X
Delichon urbicum                         House Martin  X
Cecropis abyssinica            Lesser Striped-Swallow  X
Cecropis senegalensis                  Mosque Swallow  X
Cecropis daurica                   Red-rumped Swallow  X
Anthus leucophrys                  Plain-backed Pipit  MM
Anthus cervinus                    Red-throated Pipit  SA
Anthus trivialis                           Tree Pipit  >SA
Tmetothylacus tenellus                   Golden Pipit* SA  one pair along entrance road, photos
Hemimacronyx sharpei                Sharpe's Longclaw* Kin last lifer on the trip, special area (photo); endangered species
Macronyx croceus             Yellow-throated Longclaw  MM
Motacilla aguimp                 African Pied Wagtail  X
Motacilla flava                        Yellow Wagtail  X
Motacilla cinerea                        Gray Wagtail  MK
Motacilla clara                      Mountain Wagtail* MK  pair at small dam along main track down
Campephaga petiti               Petit's Cuckoo-shrike* KK  pair high in tree
Campephaga flava                  Black Cuckoo-shrike* KK  pair at 20 m from veranda of room cottage
Campephaga quiscalina    Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike*MK  pair along main track down, in bare tree
Pycnonotus tricolor                Dark-capped Bulbul  X
Andropadus kakamegae                Kakamega Greenbul* KK  sev, first from road
Andropadus gracilis              Little Grey Greenbul* KK  at 30 m, behind research station
Andropadus ansorgei                Ansorge's Greenbul* KK  group high, with rattling sound, last morning
Andropadus curvirostris                Plain Greenbul* KK  in tangles just after walking back along the road
Andropadus gracilirostris     Slender-billed Greenbul* MK  along main track, very high in tree in sunlight
Andropadus latirostris      Yellow-whiskered Greenbul* X   sev MK and KK
Andropadus nigriceps        Eastern Mountain-Greenbul* MK  two low along main track, in full sunlight
Chlorocichla laetissima               Joyful Greenbul* KK  group calling all the time, at 15 m in dense trees
Phyllastrephus placidus               Placid Greenbul* MK  closeby in small tree, also sev groups KK; split from Cabanis G
Phyllastrephus strepitans           Northern Brownbul* BA  near ground at base of cliff
Phyllastrephus hypochlori         Toro Olive-Greenbul* KK  seen & heard
Bleda syndactylus              Red-tailed Bristlebill* KK  on trail, seen well
Neocossyphus poensis          White-tailed Ant-Thrush* KK(N)
Monticola saxatilis         Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush  BA
Turdus olivaceus                         Olive Thrush  MK
Turdus pelios                          African Thrush  X
Turdus tephronotus           African Bare-eyed Thrush* SA  on ground near river valley, photo
Alethe poliocephala              Brown-chested Alethe* KK  sev, on trails mostly
Cisticola woosnami                 Trilling Cisticola* MM  at border of camp, in treetop, sound checked
Cisticola chubbi                    Chubb's Cisticola* KK  sev along road, singing
Cisticola hunteri                  Hunter's Cisticola  MK
Cisticola chiniana                 Rattling Cisticola  X
Cisticola galactotes                Winding Cisticola* LV  well seen from bridge, plus sound check
Cisticola carruthersi           Carruthers' Cisticola* LV  on papyrus, low, during walk downstr fr bridge
Cisticola robustus                    Stout Cisticola* KK  in open field KK in scrub; later more in MM
Cisticola brunnescens        Pectoral-patch Cisticola* NA  first: 2 at 7 m, plus sound check
Prinia somalica                           Pale Prinia* SA  group of 7 seen closeby & more later, also BA
Prinia bairdii                          Banded Prinia* KK  seen very well in smal clearing, later too
Schistolais leucopogon           White-chinned Prinia* KK  two along road
Apalis pulchra                  Black-collared Apalis* KK  foraging below our veranda at 2 m
Apalis jacksoni                 Black-throated Apalis* MK  along main track
Apalis flavida                 Yellow-breasted Apalis  BA
Apalis cinerea                            Gray Apalis* MK  sev in low bushes along track, with song
Urorhipis rufifrons               Red-fronted Warbler* SA  along entrance road, seen well & behaviour
Eminia lepida                     Gray-capped Warbler* KK  seen well near river in weeds
Camaroptera brevicaudata      Grey-backed Camaroptera  X
Camaroptera chloronota        Olive-green Camaroptera* KK  singing above us
Calamonastes simplex                Gray Wren-Warbler* SA  1 just outside park gate when leaving
Bradypterus cinnamomeus      Cinnamon Bracken-Warbler* MK  sev singing low along main track, one seen well
Bathmocercus rufus         Black-faced Rufous-Warbler* KK  pair Q5602at 6 m in undergrowth
Acrocephalus rufescens          Greater Swamp-Warbler* LV  in papyrus swamp, like Gr RW but greyish brown above and weak supercil
Hippolais pallida                  Olivaceous Warbler  BA  sev below cliff
Hippolais olivetorum               Olive-tree Warbler* BA  1 cm smaller than accomp N Brownbul, no tail mov, strikingly light grey
Hippolais icterina                   Icterine Warbler  BA
Chloropeta natalensis      Dark-capped Yellow Warbler* TH> in small wetland along road, in sedge, seen well
Phyllolais pulchella             Buff-bellied Warbler* BA  two in open acacia top on campsite next to lodge
Eremomela flavicrissalis      Yellow-vented Eremomela* SA  in small bush, climbing up to top
Eremomela turneri                  Turner's Eremomela* KK  seen very well near river in late afternoon, possibly 4; endangered species
Sylvietta leucophrys             White-browed Crombec* KK  one from road
Sylvietta brachyura                  Northern Crombec  BA
Sylvietta whytii                    Red-faced Crombec* MM  seen well in small tree next to camp gift R9337shop
Hylia prasina                             Green Hylia* KK  seen well along road
Phylloscopus budongoensis         Uganda Wood-Warbler* KK  behind research station, 15 m high
Phylloscopus umbrovirens       Brown Woodland-Warbler* MK  along main track
Phylloscopus trochilus                 Willow Warbler  X
Sylvia atricapilla                           Blackcap  KK
Sylvia borin                           Garden Warbler  KK
Sylvia nisoria                         Barred Warbler  MM
Empidornis semipartitus                    Silverbird* BA  two at entrance of Bogoria, feeding on ground from tree
Bradornis pallidus                    Pale Flycatcher  MM
Bradornis microrhynchus       African Gray Flycatcher* X   sev. sites, not common
Melaenornis fischeri      White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher  X
Melaenornis edolioides      Northern Black-Flycatcher  KK
Muscicapa striata                  Spotted Flycatcher  SA
Muscicapa aquatica                   Swamp Flycatcher* LV  during walk downstr fr bridge, scope, on branch next to papyrus, later more
Muscicapa adusta             African Dusky Flycatcher  X
Pogonocichla stellata             White-starred Robin  MK
Sheppardia aequatorialis            Equatorial Akalat* KK  very well seen at 8 m between leaves, last morning; white belly
Cossypha caffra                       Cape Robin-Chat  MM>
Cossypha polioptera            Gray-winged Robin-Chat* KK  on trail below us, last morning, border of compound
Cossypha heuglini             White-browed Robin-Chat  MM>
Cossypha niveicapilla        Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat  KK
Cichladusa guttata             Spotted Morning-Thrush* BA  in lodge garden, singing from low log
Cercotrichas leucophrys      White-browed Scrub Robin  SA
Saxicola rubetra                             Whinchat  MM
Saxicola torquatus                  African Stonechat  X
Oenanthe oenanthe                   Northern Wheatear  X
Oenanthe pleschanka                     Pied Wheatear  SA
Oenanthe pileata                      Capped Wheatear  MM
Oenanthe isabellina               Isabelline Wheatear  SO
Cercomela scotocerca                Brown-tailed Chat* BA  one pair on the rocks at base of cliff
Myrmecocichla aethiops         Northern Anteater-Chat  SO
Myrmecocichla nigra                        Sooty Chat* MM  first along road to park, near holes; later some more in park
Thamnolaea cinnamomeivent          Mocking Cliff-Chat  NA
Platysteira cyanea          Brown-throated Wattle-eye  KK  KK: male and juv rather high in tree
Platysteira castanea              Chestnut Wattle-eye* KK  male and fem, high in tree
Platysteira jamesoni             Jameson's Wattle-eye* KK  early morning 2nd day
Batis molitor                          Chinspot Batis  SA>
Batis perkeo                              Pygmy Batis* SA  pair closeby, male at 7 m: very small & no white above eye
Elminia longicauda            African Blue-Flycatcher* KK  sev, always fanning the tail, colour best vis when near ground
Elminia nigromitrata         Dusky Crested-Flycatcher* KK  near ground in dense undergrowth
Terpsiphone viridis       African Paradise-Flycatcher  BA
Illadopsis albipectus       Scaly-breasted Illadopsis* KK  walking between undergrowth, pale legs
Illadopsis pyrrhoptera            Mountain Illadopsis* KK  singing very nearby & seen shortly
Kakamega poliothorax          Gray-chested Illadopsis* KK  at 6 m on ground early morning 2nd day
Pseudoalcippe abyssinica         African Hill Babbler* MK  along main track, in dense 'ficus' at eye level
Turdoides rubiginosa                 Rufous Chatterer* SA  group on ground in lodge garden
Turdoides hypoleuca             Northern Pied-Babbler* Nairfirst bird of the trip, at hotel Nairobi
Turdoides plebejus                      Brown Babbler  BA
Turdoides jardineii              Arrow-marked Babbler  NA
Melaniparus albiventris             White-bellied Tit* MK  along main track
Melaniparus funereus                        Dusky Tit* KK  at research station, on thick branch
Melaniparus thruppi                        Acacia Tit* BA  at entrance of L Bogoria park, in tree
Anthoscopus musculus      Mouse-colored Penduline-Tit* BA  4 in one tree, early morning with Francis
Anthreptes orientalis     Kenya Violet-backed Sunbird* X   common, first in SA, busybird
Anthreptes rectirostris          Grey-chinned Sunbird* KK  very high in tree
Hedydipna collaris                   Collared Sunbird  X
Cyanomitra verticalis            Green-headed Sunbird* KK  a few times, seen well in sun
Chalcomitra rubescens          Green-throated Sunbird* KK  male seen very well in sun on flowers
Chalcomitra senegalensis      Scarlet-chested Sunbird  X
Chalcomitra hunteri                  Hunter's Sunbird* SA  black throat seen well & very red & dry habitat
Nectarinia tacazze                    Tacazze Sunbird  MK
Nectarinia kilimensis                  Bronze Sunbird* X   sev. sites, striking bird
Nectarinia famosa                   Malachite Sunbird  BA
Drepanorhynchus reichenow       Golden-winged Sunbird* >SA at picnic site behind shop
Cinnyris reichenowi      Northern Double-collared Sunb*X   MK: seen well at eye level closeby, after sev Eastern, also KK
Cinnyris mediocris       Eastern Double-collared Sunbi*MK  sev along main track
Cinnyris pulchellus                 Beautiful Sunbird* SA  3 singing in tree top at lodge, 7 a.m.
Cinnyris erythrocercus            Red-chested Sunbird* LV  male nicely in the sun near bridge
Zosterops senegalensis       African Yellow White-eye* KK  above us on branch
Zosterops kikuyuensis                Kikuyu White-eye  MK
Zosterops abyssinicus            Abyssinian White-eye  BA  at base of cliff
Oriolus brachyrhynchus    Western Black-headed Oriole* KK  with food on thin branch
Oriolus larvatus         African/Eastern Black-headed OMK
Oriolus percivali                     Mountain Oriole* MK  along main track, a+Q9227 pair, in scope
Lanius isabellinus                  Isabelline Shrike* SA  sev in park
Lanius excubitoroides              Gray-backed Fiscal* X   sev, first at L Bogoria, nicely turning around
Lanius dorsalis                          Taita Fiscal  SA  sev across SA park, fewer later
Lanius mackinnoni                  Mackinnon's Shrike* KK  on compound of lodge, after white shoulder became visible!
Lanius collaris                         Common Fiscal  X
Eurocephalus rueppelli   Northern White-crowned Shrike X
Nilaus afer                                    Brubru  X
Dryoscopus cubla                Black-backed Puffback  MK
Dryoscopus angolensis            Pink-footed Puffback* KK  sev, first was female behind research station
Tchagra senegalus               Black-crowned Tchagra  MM
Tchagra jamesi                 Three-streaked Tchagra* SA  closeby in small bush, head and wing seen well
Laniarius luehderi               Luehder's Bushshrike* KK  clambering in vines, twice
Laniarius aethiopicus                 Tropical Boubou  X
Laniarius erythrogaster          Black-headed Gonolek* LV  best seen in small tree behind our room of Kiboko Bay Resort
Laniarius funebris               Slate-colored Boubou* X   esp. at SA, sev, in low bushes
Rhodophoneus cruentus         Rosy-patched Bushshrike* SA  sev closeby along roads in park, in small bushes
Telophorus bocagei                Bocage's Bushshrike* KK  one high in tree along road
Telophorus sulfureopectus  Orange-breasted Bushshrike  SA
Telophorus nigrifrons        Black-fronted Bushshrike  MK
Malaconotus blanchoti          Gray-headed Bushshrike  SA
Prionops poliolophus        Gray-crested Helmetshrike* NA  3 in open acacia bush, grey crest seen well
Dicrurus ludwigii                Square-tailed Drongo  KK
Dicrurus adsimilis                 Fork-tailed Drongo  X
Corvus capensis                             Cape Crow  X
Corvus albus                                Pied Crow  X
Corvus rhipidurus                    Fan-tailed Raven  X
Creatophora cinerea                  Wattled Starling  SA
Lamprotornis chalybaeus  Greater Blue-eared Glossy-StarX
Lamprotornis purpuroptera  Rueppell's Glossy-Starling* BA  best seen at feeder of lodge, next to restaurant
Lamprotornis superbus                 Superb Starling  X
Lamprotornis hildebrandti      Hildebrandt's Starling* MM  next to the Coqui Francolins on way out of MM
Onychognathus walleri               Waller's Starling* MK  in top of dead tree at grounds of lodge
Onychognathus salvadorii     Bristle-crowned Starling* SA  group flew along, red in wings, tapering tail; later also in BA
Poeoptera stuhlmanni             Stuhlmann's Starling* KK  small group in bare branches near reception
Pholia femoralis                    Abbott's Starling* MK  two males and a fem in scope main forest track (photo); vulnerable species
Buphagus erythrorhynchus          Red-billed Oxpecker  SA
Buphagus africanus             Yellow-billed Oxpecker  MM
Passer domesticus                       House Sparrow  X
Passer rufocinctus               Kenya Rufous Sparrow* SA  at picnic site behind shop
Passer griseus           Northern Grey-headed Sparrow  KK
Passer gongonensis              Parrot-billed Sparrow* SA  sev closeby
Passer suahelicus                     Swahili Sparrow* MM  one seen well at border of compound in treetop, calling
Passer eminibey                      Chestnut Sparrow* SA  male at 5 m in top of bush
Petronia pyrgita              Yellow-spotted Petronia* BA  2 foraging on ground
Bubalornis albirostris    White-billed Buffalo-Weaver  BA
Sporopipes frontalis           Speckle-fronted Weaver* MM  small groups in roadside near and in park
Plocepasser mahali        White-browed Sparrow-Weaver  X
Plocepasser donaldsoni   Donaldson-Smith's Sparrow-Wea*SA  a few colonies across park
Pseudonigrita cabanisi     Black-capped Social-Weaver* SA  sev colonies
Malimbus rubricollis               Red-headed Malimbe* KK  male, like small woodpecker on thich bare branch, high
Ploceus baglafecht                  Baglafecht Weaver* X   sev
Ploceus luteolus                        Little Weaver* SA  first = 3 non-br/fem, very small indeed
Ploceus pelzelni                Slender-billed Weaver* LV  char. female (!) seen from bridge
Ploceus nigricollis               Black-necked Weaver  KK
Ploceus ocularis                    Spectacled Weaver  MK
Ploceus melanogaster              Black-billed Weaver* KK  two along road when entering the area
Ploceus taeniopterus           Northern Masked-Weaver* BA  colony in tree in lake, both male and fem clearly seen
Ploceus intermedius              Lesser Masked-Weaver  SA
Ploceus vitellinus            Vitelline Masked-Weaver  BA
Ploceus spekei                         Speke's Weaver* X   first in small village 2 m from car, colony+Q8535
Ploceus nigerrimus            Vieillot's Black Weaver* KK  in tree of compound (black+eye)
Ploceus melanocephalus            Black-headed Weaver* LV  male with yellow neck (melanocephalus) from bridge
Ploceus jacksoni                 Golden-backed Weaver* BA  3 at 3 m during tea break at lodge, resting in small tree
Ploceus bicolor                    Dark-backed Weaver  KK  low inside forest (=Forest Weaver)
Ploceus insignis                  Brown-capped Weaver* MK  along main track, a pair, 'the mountain-tanager of this forest'
Quelea quelea                       Red-billed Quelea  TH>
Euplectes capensis                      Yellow Bishop  TH>
Euplectes albonotatus          White-winged Widowbird* TH> male in flight along road
Euplectes macroura        Yellow-shouldered Widowbird* MM  on bush top just after entering park
Euplectes axillaris              Fan-tailed Widowbird  LV
Euplectes progne                Long-tailed Widowbird  SO
Euplectes jacksoni                Jackson's Widowbird* MM  group of 4 male and 10 fem in grassy plain
Nigrita canicapillus              Gray-headed Nigrita* X   MK and KK sev
Nigrita fusconotus             White-breasted Nigrita* KK  on bare branch in top of tree
Coccopygia quartinia           Yellow-bellied Waxbill* MK  along main track, a small group
Estrilda astrild                       Common Waxbill  MM
Estrilda nonnula                Black-crowned Waxbill* KK  two along road
Estrilda atricapilla             Black-headed Waxbill* MK  along main track, two ad. male, low
Spermophaga ruficapilla              Western Bluebill* KK  at ponds below grounds
Uraeginthus bengalus           Red-cheeked Cordonbleu  LV  group on ground near our room of Kiboko Bay Resort, also Nakuru NP
Uraeginthus cyanocephalus      Blue-capped Cordonbleu* BA  2 males on ground, with nest material
Granatina ianthinogaster             Purple Grenadier* X   sev
Pytilia melba                    Green-winged Pytilia  X
Lagonosticta senegala            Red-billed Firefinch  X
Amadina fasciata                           Cut-throat* X   2 or 3 times, with cut throat finally too
Ortygospiza fuscocrissa            African Quailfinch  MM
Spermestes bicolor           Black-and-white Mannikin* KK  group of 10 on grass near our room, race poensis
Lonchura nigriceps                Red-backed Mannikin  MK
Vidua macroura                      Pin-tailed Whydah  X
Vidua fischeri                    Straw-tailed Whydah* MM  1 on the grassy plateau while driving north out of Masai Mara West
Vidua chalybeata                   Village Indigobird  TH>
Serinus frontalis                      Western Citril* X   sev
Serinus reichenowi              Reichenow’s Seedeater* SO  sev, only now seen well
Serinus mozambicus              Yellow-fronted Canary  MM
Serinus dorsostriatus            White-bellied Canary* SA  sev pairs/indiv, first in acacia top near Pygmy Falcon
Serinus sulphuratus                  Brimstone Canary  LV
Serinus striolatus                  Streaky Seedeater  MK
Serinus burtoni                Thick-billed Seedeater* MK  along main track, in scope, foraging
Emberiza tahapisi           Cinnamon-breasted Bunting  MM

Total 455 species, of which 203 were lifers (John: 453/201). (N) = Nollie only.
Species we saw on our more general Kenya trip in 1984 (including some more areas near Nairobi) but not on this trip: 
African Openbill 
Jackson's Francolin 
Crested Guineafowl 
Small Buttonquail 
Pied Avocet 
Little Tern
African Mourning Dove 
Striped Kingfisher 
Red-and-yellow Barbet 
Common Scimitar-bill 
Bearded Woodpecker 
Brown-throated (Plain) Martin 
Moorland Chat(!) 
Long-tailed Fiscal 
Golden-breasted Starling 
Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver 
White-headed Buffalo-Weaver 
Fire-fronted Bishop
Mammals 2009:
Black-and-white Colobus MK, KK
African Elephant
African Buffalo
White Rhinoceros NA
Common Zebra
Grevy's Zebra SA
Olive Baboon
Black-faced Vervet Monkey
Blue Monkey KK
Sykes Monkey MK
Red-tailed Monkey KK
Cheetah MM
Lion SA, MM
Spotted Hyena
Black-backed Jackal
Banded Mongoode
Slender/Black-tipped Mongoose BA
Rock Hyrax
Masai Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe SA
Grant's Gazelle
Thomson's Gazelle
Gerenuk SA
Common Waterbuck
African Hare

Crocodile, 'grass snake' (photo), agame lizard, small lizards, 'Papilio butterflies', etc.

See also: text, photos of birding sites, birds, mammals.