Madagascar birding trip 19 Nov - 5 Dec 2010
report by John van der Woude  -
Species list
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end = endemic;  (end) = endemic breeder but migrates partly to Africa; 
* =  other lifer
(h)= heard only
EN = endangered,  VU = vulnerable, NT = near-threatened; 

Per = Perinet area (Andasibe-Mantadia NP)
Ran = Ranomafana NP
Zom = Zombitse NP
Ifa = Ifaty + spiny forest

in column 'other':
Ant = near Antananarivo
Isa = well before, in and after Isalo NP (i.e., the grassy plains)
Tul = just inland from Tulear
NsV = Nosy Ve island (Ana = Anakao opposite the island)
SWc  = the southwest coast between Nosy Ve and Ifaty
sev = several sites, mainly along the road
>Per = along the road to Perinet
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                                   Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa  other
     (introd) Helmeted Guineafowl                          Isa  Numida meleagris
             Madagascar Partridge                          Isa  Margaroperdix madagascariensis end
                  Harlequin Quail                          Isa  Coturnix delegorguei           *
       White-faced Whistling Duck                          Ant  Dendrocygna viduata
           Fulvous Whistling Duck                          Ant  Dendrocygna bicolor
             (EN)   Meller's Duck  Per                          Anas melleri                   end
                  Red-billed Teal                          sev  Anas erythrorhyncha
                   Hottentot Teal                    Ifa        Anas hottentota
                     Little Grebe                    Ifa        Tachybaptus ruficollis
          (VU)   Madagascar Grebe  Per                          Tachybaptus pelzelnii          end
                 Greater Flamingo                    Ifa        Phoenicopterus roseus
            Red-tailed Tropicbird                          NsV  Phaethon rubricauda            *
           (NT)   Madagascar Ibis  Per                          Lophotibis cristata            end
        Black-crowned Night Heron                          Ant  Nycticorax nycticorax
                   Striated Heron                          sev  Butorides striata
                    Squacco Heron                          sev  Ardeola ralloides
       (EN)   Malagasy Pond Heron                          Ant  Ardeola idae                   end
             Western Cattle Egret                          sev  Bubulcus ibis
                       Grey Heron                          sev  Ardea cinerea
              Western Great Egret                          sev  Ardea alba
                      Black Heron                          sev  Egretta ardesiaca
                  Dimorphic Egret                          sev  Egretta dimorpha               *
                         Hamerkop                          sev  Scopus umbretta
           Madagascar Cuckoo-Hawk        Ran   Zom              Aviceda madagascariensis       end
               Yellow-billed Kite                          sev  Milvus aegyptius
          (VU)   Malagasy Harrier                          Isa  Circus macrosceles             end
          Madagascar Harrier-Hawk        Ran         Ifa        Polyboroides radiatus          end
            Frances's Sparrowhawk  Per                          Accipiter francesiae           end
           (NT)   Henst's Goshawk       Ran(h)                  Accipiter henstii              end
               Madagascar Buzzard  Per   Ran                    Buteo brachypterus             end
                 Malagasy Kestrel  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa   sev  Falco newtoni                  end
                     Sooty Falcon                          Ant  Falco concolor                 *
              (VU)   Brown Mesite        Ran                    Mesitornis unicolor            end
          (VU)   Subdesert Mesite                    Ifa        Monias benschi                 end
             Madagascar Flufftail  Per   Ran                    Sarothrura insularis           end
             Madagascar Wood Rail Per(N)Ran(h)                  Canirallus kioloides           end
           (VU)   Madagascar Rail  Per                          Rallus madagascariensis        end
              White-throated Rail  Per                          Dryolimnas cuvieri             end
                   Common Moorhen                          Ant  Gallinula chloropus
                 Red-knobbed Coot                    Ifa        Fulica cristata
           Madagascar Buttonquail                          Isa  Turnix nigricollis             end
                      Crab-plover                          SWc  Dromas ardeola
               Black-winged Stilt                          SWc  Himantopus himantopus
                      Grey Plover                          SWc  Pluvialis squatarola
             Common Ringed Plover                          SWc  Charadrius hiaticula
         (VU)   Madagascar Plover                    Ifa        Charadrius thoracicus          end
                Kittlitz's Plover                          SWc  Charadrius pecuarius
              Three-banded Plover                               Charadrius tricollaris
             White-fronted Plover                          SWc  Charadrius marginatus
              Greater Sand Plover                          SWc  Charadrius leschenaultii
            Greater Painted Snipe                          SWc  Rostratula benghalensis
          (NT)   Madagascar Snipe                          >Ran Gallinago macrodactyla         end
                         Whimbrel                          SWc  Numenius phaeopus
                  Eurasian Curlew                          SWc  Numenius arquata
                Common Greenshank                          SWc  Tringa nebularia
                  Terek Sandpiper                          SWc  Xenus cinereus
                 Common Sandpiper                          SWc  Actitis hypoleucos
                  Ruddy Turnstone                          SWc  Arenaria interpres
                       Sanderling                          SWc  Calidris alba
                 Curlew Sandpiper                          SWc  Calidris ferruginea
     (VU)   Madagascar Pratincole                          >Per Glareola ocularis              end
                       Sooty Gull                          NsV  Ichthyaetus hemprichii
                       Swift Tern                          NsV  Thalasseus bergii
              Lesser Crested Tern                          NsV  Thalasseus bengalensis
                  Saunders's Tern                          SWc  Sternula saundersi             *
                     Roseate Tern                          NsV  Sterna dougallii               *
            Madagascar Sandgrouse                          Tul  Pterocles personatus           end
             Malagasy Turtle Dove  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Nesoenas picturata             end
                     Namaqua Dove              Zom   Ifa        Oena capensis
           Madagascar Blue Pigeon  Per   Ran                    Alectroenas madagascariensis   end
             Grey-headed Lovebird                    Ifa   Tul  Agapornis canus                end
              Greater Vasa Parrot  Per               Ifa        Coracopsis vasa                end
               Lesser Vasa Parrot  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Coracopsis nigra               end
                  Malagasy Coucal  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Centropus toulou               end
                     Crested Coua              Zom   Ifa        Coua cristata                  end
           (NT)   Verreaux's Coua              Zom              Coua verreauxi                 end
                        Blue Coua  Per   Ran                    Coua caerulea                  end
   Red-capped (Green-capped) Coua                    Ifa        Coua ruficeps (olivaceiceps)   end
                 Red-fronted Coua  Per   Ran                    Coua reynaudii                 end
                  Coquerel's Coua              Zom              Coua coquereli                 end
                     Running Coua                    Ifa        Coua cursor                    end
                       Giant Coua              Zom              Coua gigas                     end
                Red-breasted Coua  Per                          Coua serriana                  end
       Madagascar (Lesser) Cuckoo  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Cuculus rochii                 (end)
             Rainforest Scops Owl  Per                          Otus rutilus                   end
            White-browed Hawk-Owl              Zom              Ninox superciliaris            end
       Madagascar(Long-eared) Owl  Per                          Asio madagascariensis          end
              Madagascar Nightjar  Per               Ifa        Caprimulgus madagascariensis   end
                Collared Nightjar  Per                          Caprimulgus enarratus          end
               African Palm Swift  Per   Ran               sev  Cypsiurus parvus
                     Alpine Swift                          Isa  Tachymarptis melba
             Malagasy Black Swift  Per   Ran   Zom         Ant  Apus balstoni                  end
                     Little Swift                          Ant  Apus affinis
                    Cuckoo Roller  Per   Ran   Zom              Leptosomus discolor            end
              Broad-billed Roller  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Eurystomus glaucurus
(VU)   Short-legged Ground Roller  Per                          Brachypteracias leptosomus     end
       (VU)   Scaly Ground Roller  Per                          Geobiastes squamiger           end
         Pitta-like Ground Roller  Per   Ran                    Atelornis pittoides            end
(NT)  Rufous-headed Ground Roller Per(h) Ran                    Atelornis crossleyi            end
 (VU)   Long-tailed Ground Roller                    Ifa        Uratelornis chimaera           end
      Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher  Per                          Ispidina madagascariensis      end
              Malagasy Kingfisher  Per   Ran               Ant  Alcedo vintsioides             end
                  Olive Bee-eater  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa   sev  Merops superciliosus           *
                Madagascar Hoopoe                    Ifa        Upupa marginata                end
                     Velvet Asity  Per   Ran                    Philepitta castanea            end
             Common Sunbird-Asity  Per                          Neodrepanis coruscans          end
(VU) Yellow-bellied Sunbird-Asity        Ran                    Neodrepanis hypoxantha         end
                 Red-tailed Vanga  Per   Ran                    Calicalicus madagascariensis   end
      (VU)   Red-shouldered Vanga                          Tul  Calicalicus rufocarpalis       end
                Hook-billed Vanga  Per                          Vanga curvirostris             end
               Lafresnaye's Vanga                          Tul  Xenopirostris xenopirostris    end
            (NT)   Pollen's Vanga        Ran                    Xenopirostris polleni          end
              Sickle-billed Vanga                    Ifa   Tul  Falculea palliata              end
               White-headed Vanga  Per   Ran                    Artamella viridis              end
                  Chabert's Vanga  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Leptopterus chabert            end
                       Blue Vanga        Ran                    Cyanolanius madagascarinus     end
                     Rufous Vanga              Zom              Schetba rufa                   end
                      Tylas Vanga  Per   Ran                    Tylas eduardi                  end
                   Nuthatch Vanga  Per                          Hypositta corallirostris       end
                    Dark Newtonia        Ran                    Newtonia amphichroa            end
                  Common Newtonia  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Newtonia brunneicauda          end
              Archbold's Newtonia                    Ifa        Newtonia archboldi             end
       (VU)   Red-tailed Newtonia       Ran?(J)                 Newtonia fanovanae             end
                Ward's Flycatcher  Per   Ran                    Pseudobias wardi               end
                 Crossley's Vanga  Per                          Mystacornis crossleyi          end
          Madagascar Cuckooshrike  Per   Ran                    Coracina cinerea               end
                   Crested Drongo  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Dicrurus forficatus            end
     Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher  Per   Ran                    Terpsiphone mutata             end
                        Pied Crow                          sev  Corvus albus
                  Madagascar Lark                          Isa  Mirafra hova                   end
                  Malagasy Bulbul  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Hypsipetes madagascariensis    end
                 Mascarene Martin  Per   Ran               Ant  Phedina borbonica              end
            Brown-throated Martin  Per   Ran                    Riparia paludicola
                     Barn Swallow                          SWc  Hirundo rustica
           Malagasy Brush Warbler  Per   Ran               Ant  Nesillas typica                end
          Subdesert Brush Warbler                    Ifa   Tul  Nesillas lantzii               end
         Madagascar Swamp Warbler  Per               Ifa        Acrocephalus newtoni           end
                     Grey Emutail        Ran                    Amphilais seebohmi             end
                    Brown Emutail  Per                          Dromaeocercus brunneus         end
          White-throated Oxylabes  Per  Ran(h)                  Oxylabes madagascariensis      end
 Long-billed Bernieria (Greenbul)  Per   Ran   Zom              Bernieria madagascariensis     end
                  Cryptic Warbler  Per   Ran                    Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi end
         (NT)   Wedge-tailed Jery  Per                          Hartertula flavoviridis        end
                       Thamnornis                    Ifa        Thamnornis chloropetoides      end
               Spectacled Tetraka  Per   Ran                    Xanthomixis zosterops          end
          (VU)   Appert's Tetraka              Zom              Xanthomixis apperti            end
       (NT)  Grey-crowned Tetraka        Ran                    Xanthomixis cinereiceps        end
     (NT)   Madagascar Yellowbrow        Ran                    Crossleyia xanthophrys         end
                   Rand's Warbler  Per   Ran                    Randia pseudozosterops         end
                      Common Jery  Per   Ran         Ifa        Neomixis tenella               end
                       Green Jery  Per   Ran                    Neomixis viridis               end
             Stripe-throated Jery  Per   Ran                    Neomixis striatigula           end
             Madagascar Cisticola        Ran         Ifa   Isa  Cisticola cherina              end
               Malagasy White-eye  Per   Ran   Zom              Zosterops maderaspatanus       end
            (introd.) Common Myna  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa   sev  Acridotheres tristis
              Madagascar Starling  Per   Ran   Zom              Hartlaubius auratus            end
          Madagascar Magpie-Robin  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa        Copsychus albospecularis       end
             Madagascar Stonechat  Per   Ran                    Saxicola sibilla               end
             Littoral Rock Thrush                          Ana  Monticola imerina              end
               Forest Rock Thrush        Ran                    Monticola sharpei              end
           (Benson's Rock Thrush)                          Isa  lumped with sharpei
                Souimanga Sunbird  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa   sev  Cinnyris souimanga             end
           Malagasy Green Sunbird  Per   Ran                    Cinnyris notatus               end
                Nelicourvi Weaver  Per   Ran                    Ploceus nelicourvi             end
                  Sakalava Weaver              Zom   Ifa        Ploceus sakalava               end
                         Red Fody  Per   Ran   Zom   Ifa   sev  Foudia madagascariensis        end
                      Forest Fody  Per                          Foudia omissa                  end
              Madagascar Mannikin  Per   Ran   Zom              Lemuresthes nana               end
               Madagascar Wagtail  Per   Ran               sev  Motacilla flaviventris         end

The above are our own observations (Nollie & John). 
See also the day-by-day spreadsheet for the whole group.
Nollie saw all of these, I missed Short-legged Ground Roller and only heard Madagascar Wood Rail.

Additional endemics seen by one/two others of the group: Henst's Goshawk, Madagascar Green Pigeon.

Red-tailed Newtonia: a possible sighting by Wietze Janse and me. He saw the red tail, 
and we both saw the plain plumage with the remarkable blackish eye, and no white throat 
(which excludes the only similar species, female Red-tailed Vanga).

                Brown Mouse Lemur  Per   Ran                    Microcebus rufus
              Greater Dwarf Lemur  Per                          Cheirogaleus major
          Furry-eared Dwarf Lemur  Per                          Cheirogaleus crossleyi
          Zombitse Sportive Lemur              Zom              Lepilemur hubbardi
         Petter's? Sportive Lemur                    Ifa*       Lepilemur petteri 
        Eastern Grey Bamboo Lemur  Per                          Hapalemur griseus
              Golden Bamboo Lemur        Ran                    Hapalemur aureus
             Greater Bamboo Lemur        Ran                    Hapalemur simus
                Red-bellied Lemur        Ran                    Eulemur rubiventer
               Common Brown Lemur  Per                          Eulemur fulvus
          Red-fronted Brown Lemur        Ran                    Eulemur rufus
     Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur  Per                          Varecia variegata
  Eastern Woolly Lemur (E. Avahi)  Per                          Avahi laniger
                  Diademed Sifaka  Per                          Propithecus diadema
           Milne-Edwards's Sifaka        Ran                    Propithecus edwardsi
                Verreaux's Sifaka              Zom              Propithecus verreauxi
                            Indri  Per                          Indri indri
 * precise taxonomy of this sportive lemur not clear yet

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