Birding trip Northern Scandinavia 28 May - 9 June 2003
John van der Woude,  -  see report
Photos of Sweden and Finland
Trail in Gammelstadsviken Naturreservat near Luleå, North Sweden.


View from observation tower in the heart of the reserve.


River East of Gällivare.


Hawk Owl (in daylight) near Soppero, Swedish Lapland.


Our cabin at Karesuando, Swedish lapland, at the Finnish border.


Ruff at Karesuando.


Typical subglacial river sand ridge (ås, esker), near Karesuando.


Bluethroat st same ridge.
Luosto forest, North Finland.


View from Valtavaara ridge, Kuusamo area, North Finland.


Three-toed Woodpecker seen from parking place at Valtavaara ridge.


Little Bunting just South of Kuusamo town.




Marsh at East flank of Valtavaara ridge.


View back from observation tower at Antinperä marsh East of Ruka. Hazelhen in birch woods at the front right and left.


Antinperä marsh.


Black Grouse at Ahvenjärvi marsh West of our Atimo cotttage (recommended!) c. 20 km NW of Valatavaara ridge.


House Martin gathering mud at Käylä (near Oulanka NP).


Famous orchids at Oulanka national park.


Rapids in Oulanka NP. A Grey Wagtail pair was here, a rarity in Finland.


View across Sukerijärven forest reserve near our Atimo cottage.


Hirvisuo bog along road from Kuusamo to Oulu.


Liminka bay near the bird centre.


Hawk Owl at night. One of the four owl species during our midnight drive East of Parhalahti (c. 90 km S of Oulu).


Map of Parhalahti village and surroundings, showing the pastures and arable fields enclosed in the forests (latter are white).


Our cottage at Pyhäjoki campsite, c. 5 km S of Parhalahti.