Birding trip Northern Scandinavia 28 May - 9 June 2003
John van der Woude
Photos of Varanger peninsula


Our cabin at Skipagura campsite, right between the Tana river and the Varanger fjord.


View across the Tana river at the parking place below the rock face near Sandness.


Same spot as above, view to the North.


Same spot as above, the rock face.


Long-tailed Skua, along the road to Båtsfjord/Berlevåg.


The road to Båtsfjiord/Berlevåg.


Long-tailed Duck pair waiting till the ice melts in their little lake.


The lake at the fork in the roads to Berlevåg and Båtsfjord.


Arctic Skua ay the border of Varanger fjord.


Red-necked Phalarope in the small lake behind the church of Nesseby (Varanger).




King Eider near Nesseby, Varanger. First-summer males between females/juveniles.


Tundra Bean Goose near coastline of Varanger fjord.


Steller's Eider male and female, at Vadsö (Varanger).






Steller's Eider males, at Vadsö (Varanger).


Purple Sandpipers (Varanger).


Bay at Varangerfjord, hills at South side of fjord at background.




White-tailed Eagles at Varanger fjord coast.


The little boat that brings you to the bird island near Vardö. Next 8 photos are from this island.


Brunnich's Guillemots, the specialty here.


Guillemots (spectacled and normal forms) above, Brunnich's Guillemot front left.






Puffins below Kittiwake colony.


Several of the alcids of the bird island just feed immediately off the island.


Black Guillemots.




Trembling hand when photographing the star bird of Varanger peninsula: Gyr Falcon.


Final view across the Tana valley, before departure to Finland.