Sulawesi-Halmahera birding trip report Aug. 2016  - John van der Woude -
From 26 July to 16 August 2016 Nollie and I were on the tour to the Indonesian islands Sulawesi (Celebes) and Halmahera. This is the transition zone between the avifaunas of southeast Asia and Australia/New Guinea. This transitional area is called Wallacea, the red area in the map below. Wallacea, named after scientist Wallace, is divided in two parts along the Weber Line (the blue line below), marking the clearest distinction between the avifaunas of Asia and Australia/New Guinea.
The so-called Wallace Line (see maps below) was the first demarcation of this transitional area, and was first placed in 1859 (and by most still placed) between Borneo and Sulawesi. However, in later life Wallace shifted the line to the sea between Sulawesi and Halmahera, in accordance with the line which the German-Dutch scientist Weber (1852-1937) placed between Sulawesi and Halmahera indeed. Both for fauna and plants the old Wallace Line appeared not the most significant biogeographic boundary. Hence, the Weber Line (the "new Wallace Line") is now the better line in this transition zone between Asia and Australia, see the maps below and above. Alas, there will remain confusion about the often-mentioned Wallace Line (old and new).
Anyway, I found the avifaunistic difference between Sulawesi and Halmahera remarkable (if only for the bird-of-paradise of the above photo I took on Halmahera), so I was glad that the two islands were combined in our "Wallacea tour".
Tour leader was Laurens Steijn and local guides were Monal and Anis on Sulawesi, and on Halmahera Danny and other guides from the Weda resort. Internal flights in this trip were from Makassar to Palu, Palu (via Makassar) to Manado, Manado to Ternate (for the speedboat to Halmahera) and Tobelo to Manado. Ground transport was in bus and 4WD cars on Sulawesi, and in 4WD cars on Halmahera. Accommodation was in hotels and pensions on Sulawesi, and in the Weda resort on Halmahera. See the map below for the birding sites we visited. These are nearly all forest sites. July/August (our summer) is normally not a period in which we would go to the tropics, but for this destination it seems the best time. We had good weather and the birds were active. I saw 77 Sulawesi endemics (the group 5 more) and 29 Halmahera endemics (the group 3 more).
Below are photos of the birding sites. A species list is at the bottom of this page. Bird photos are on a separate page.

The Sulawesi endemics observed on three or more days are:
Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle, Spot-tailed Sparrowhawk, Sulawesi (Slender-billed) Cuckoo-Dove, White-faced
 Cuckoo-Dove (Sulawesi Black Pigeon), Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon, Western Superb Fruit-Dove, White-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon, Bay Coucal, Sulawesi (Yellow-billed) Malkoha, Sulawesi Brush Cuckoo, Black-billed Koel, Sulawesi Scops Owl, Sulawesi (Purple-winged) Roller, Green-backed Kingfisher, Knobbed Hornbill, Sulawesi (Dwarf) Hornbill, Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpecker, Ashy Woodpecker, Sulawesi (Great) Hanging Parrot, Minahasa (Yellow-breasted) Racket-tail, Sulawesi Sahul Pitta, White-rumped Cuckooshrike, Sulawesi (White-rumped) Triller, Sulphur-vented/bellied Whistler, Sulawesi Spangled Drongo, Sulawesi (Rusty-bellied) Fantail, Pale-blue Monarch, Sulawesi (Slender-billed) Crow, Malia, Sulawesi Leaf Warbler, Sulawesi Grasshopper (Chestnut-backed Bush) Warbler, Sulawesi Babbler, Black-crowned White-eye, Short-crested (Sulawesi) Myna, Flame-browed Myna (Fiery-browed Starling), Grosbeak Starling, Yellow-sided Flowerpecker, Grey-sided Flowerpecker.
The Halmahera endemics observed on three or more days are:
Moluccan (Halmahera) Goshawk, Sultan's (Slender-billed) Cuckoo-Dove, Blue-capped Fruit Dove, Grey-headed Fruit Dove, Cinnamon-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Goliath Coucal, Blue-and-white Kingfisher, Sombre Kingfisher, Umbrella (White) Cockatoo, Moluccan Hanging Parrot, Violet-necked Lory, Ivory-breasted Pitta, Halmahera (White-streaked) Friarbird, Halmahera Cicadabird (Cuckooshrike), Rufous-bellied Triller, Halmahera (Dusky-brown) Oriole, Halmahera Spangled Drongo, Long-billed Crow, Halmahera Paradise-crow, Halmahera Golden Bulbul,  Halmahera (Cream-throated) White-eye.
Schedule, with species observed only on one or two days: ('drive' = always with some birding) (See map below.)
27/7 Arrival of group. Fish ponds near Makassar.
Pale-headed Munia, Malaysian Plover.
28/7 Morning Karaenta Forest near Makassar. Afternoon birding near Palu after flight.
Black-ringed White-eye, Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher.
Palu: Red-backed Buttonquail.  
29/7 Drive Palu to Lore Lindu NP. Afternoon Lore Lindu NP.
Sulawesi Honey Buzzard. LL: Satanic Nightjar, Black Eagle, Meyer's Lorikeet (from Citrine L).  
30/7 Lore Lindu NP. Afternoon more open areas.
Mountain Cicadabird (Sulawesi Pygmy Cuckooshrike), Lesser (Dark-eared) Myza, Blue-backed Parrot, Lesser Fish-Eagle, Ivory-backed Woodswallow, Gould's Bronze Cuckoo, Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle, Sulawesi Heleia (Streak-headed Darkeye).
31/7 same.
Cinnabar Boobook, Hoevell's Warbling-Flycatcher (Blue-fronted Blue Flycatcher), Sulawesi Thrush, Red-eared Fruit-Dove, Sulawesi Jungle (Blue) Flycatcher, Caerulean Cuckooshrike, Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker, Maroon-backed Whistler, Sulawesi Myzomela, Speckled Boobook.
1/8  Morning Lore Lindu. Afternoon near Palu.
LL: Piping Crow (found by Nollie), Hylocitrea (found by guide Hersen), Great Shortwing heard closeby.
2/8  Travel day to Manado (2 flights). Late afternoon birding hotel garden Manado.
Buff-banded Rail, Nankeen Night-Heron, Java Sparrow.
3/8  Drive to Tangkoko. Afternoon mangroves (rain).
Pink-necked Green-Pigeon, Great-billed Kingfisher.
4/8  Tangkoko
Ornate Lorikeet, Tabon Scrubfowl (Phillipine Megapode), Lilac Kingfisher, Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher, Ochre-bellied Boobook, Sulawesi Nightjar.
5/8  Tangkoko. Afternoon mangroves again.
White-necked Myna, Red-backed Thrush, Great-billed Heron, Ruddy Kingfisher, Channel-billed Cuckoo.
6/8  Drive to Tomohon area incl Gunung Mahawu.
Pied Cuckooshrike, Isabelline Bush-hen, Dusky Moorhen, Scaly-breasted Kingfisher.
7/8  Maleo site etc.
8/8  Bogani Nani Wartabone NP
Grey-headed Fish-Eagle, Oriental Hobby. Wandering Whsitling-Duck, Sunda Teal.
9/8  Gunung Ambang and Gunung Mahawu.
Matinan Warbling-Flycatcher (Blue Fl), Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle. Purple-bearded Bee-eater only heard.
10/8 Travel to Halmahera. Drive to Weda resort.
Beach Kingfisher, Metallic Pigeon, Moluccan Starling, Snowy-browed Flycatcher.
11/8 Forest near Weda resort and further away.
Wallace's Standardwing, Nicobar Pigeon, Moustached Treeswift, Ivory-breasted Pitta, Drab Whistler, Wallacean Cicadabird (Common C), Moluccan Cuckooshrike, Moluccan Whistler, Wallacean Monarch, Molluccan Owlet-Nightjar.
12/8 same.
Chattering Lory, Halmahera Flowerpecker, Dusky Myzomela, Gilolo (Rufous) Fantail, North Moluccan Leaf-Warbler (Island LW), Great Cuckoo-Dove, Moluccan King Parrot, Moluccan Scops Owl.
13/8 same.
Moluccan Monarch (Slaty Flyc.), Dusky Scrubfowl, Shining Monarch (Flyc.), Scarlet-breasted Fruit-Dove, Pacific Baza, Gurney's Eagle.
14/8 Drive to north Halmahera. Late afternoon and evening birding at megapode site.
Azure Kingfisher, Greater Sand Plover, Moluccan Scrubfowl.
15/8 Flights back home.

Nollie and I arrived a day earlier in Makassar so we took the opportunity to visit Fort Rotterdam from VOC times.

After arrival of the group we visited fish ponds near Makassar, good for waders and terns and other birds of open areas.

In the Karaenta Forest near Makassar. Anticlockwise: Angélique, Mieke, Nollie, Wim, Monal, Frans, Elly, Pieter, Laurens. In this forest we were especially keen to see Black-ringed White-eye (only occurs on South Sulawesi) and the recently discovered Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher. We saw both.

Now in Lore Lindu national park Good birding from the quiet road.

The always good-humoured Monal (right) giving instructions during a coffee break. Sitting from left to right: Wimmel, Angelique, Agnes, Mieke, Nollie.

Typical countryside house in the Lore Lindu area.

A fruiting tree in Lore Lindu NP with Knobbed Hornbill, a Sulawesi endemic.

Lore Lindu is a massive forest area.

We also birded some open fields nearby. Photo Agnes Coenen.

Churches are a common sight on Sulawesi.

The Mama Sendy guesthouse of our stay in the Lore Lindu area.

Our hotel at the border of Manado in the northeast tip of Sulawesi. Nice birds in the gardens.

Our first views of the Tangkoko area. Gunung (mountain) Tangkoko in the background.

Tangkoko is famous for its kingfishers, both the forest species and the ones in the mangroves. We are heading here for the latter. From left to right: John, Nollie, Pieter, Laurens and the boatsman. Photo Agnes Coenen.

Mangroves near Tangkoko.

The largest of the many kingfisher species of Tangkoko is in this mangrove. Great-billed Kingfisher, a Sulawesi endemic.

Forest on the slopes of Gunung Tangkoko.

Foothill forest of Gunung Tangkoko. Scoped from the small road (photo below; Monal front right after Wim). Lookouts like this are good for spotting pigeons.

A second visit to the mangroves. First boat: guide Anis (left), Wim, Mieke. Second boat: Agnes, Angelique, Wimmel, Monal and their boatsman.

More scoping over the Tangkoko foothill forest. Our local bus driver (left) will warn us for traffic but gladly there is hardly traffic on this road.

Typical street-side view in northern Sulawesi. Drying seeds, probably mostly cloves (kruidnagel). It was cloves which made the Dutch in VOC times coming here.

Maleo, a megapode endemic to Sulawesi. They bury their eggs in the sand which is heated by geothermal activity. We were priviliged to see them so close from a hide. Okay, after a long wait (they are very shy), but absolutely worthwhile.

Agnes and Laurens' turn to be brought to the other river bank, for our visit to the Bogani Nani Wartabone national park.

Along the road back to Kotamobagu town.

Gunung Ambang area east of Kotamobagu.

Near Tomohon, where we had our succesful search for Scaly-breasted Kingfisher at Gunung Mahawu. Our last day on Sulawesi. We flew from Manado to Ternate, the volcanic island in front of Halmahera.

Scaly-breasted Kingfisher, one of the highlights of the trip. Not garantueed, and it would be a pity to miss this beautiful but elusive forest kingfisher after seeing so many other kingfisher species.

Departure by speedboat from Ternate to Sofifi on Halmahera.

Now on Halmahera, near the Weda resort.

The porch of our private bungalow at Weda resort. Not bad!

Soon we found the star bird of the trip, the Wallace's Standardwing Bird-of-Paradise. More pics are in the bird photo page.

Birding the forests near the Weda resort.

View from the Weda resort.

Traditional hunter.

At the start of a small trail into the dense forest. But also birding along these sand roads near Weda resort was very rewarding.

On our way back from Weda to Sofifi and beyond we witnessed a local celebration of the National Day (three days in advance, on Sunday).

View on Ternate vulcano from Halmahera while driving north to the Moluccan megapode site.

Crossing, in the evening, the lagoon to the broad sandbar where the megapodes lay their eggs.

Moluccan Scrubfowl, another megapode of this trip. Look at the enormous feet needed to make holes in the sand for laying their eggs. In contrast to the Maleo it is probably not geothermal activity which hatches the eggs, but the heating of the black vulcanic beach sand by the sun.
Species list
This list is taken from the list of the whole group, updated in the evenings.
I have adjusted the taxonomy and bird names as much as possible to the new field guide Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago, which appeared after our trip. Often the old name is before the '/' and the new name behind it. Note the many recent splits.

not = not seen by John and Nollie
= not seen by John
notN = not seen by Nollie
(Note: several of these were heard only ones for the group and often us.)

#days = the number of days the species was observed, by the group.

H = present on Halmahera but not on Sulawesi.
I = introduced

* = lifer
Se = Sulawesi endemic
He = Halmahera endemic

                  Wandering Whistling Duck    2       Dendrocygna arcuata
                                Sunda Teal    1       Anas gibberifrons
                                     Maleo    1       Macrocephalon maleo* Se
               Moluccan Megapode/Scrubfowl H  1       Eulipoa wallacei* He
       Philippine Megapode/Tabon Scrubfowl    1       Megapodius cumingii*
                  Dusky Megapode/Scrubfowl H  4       Megapodius freycinet*
                  King/Blue-breasted Quail    1 notN  Excalfactoria chinensis
                            Yellow Bittern    1       Ixobrychus sinensis
                          Cinnamon Bittern    3       Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
                 Black-crowned Night Heron    1       Nycticorax nycticorax
                Nankeen/Rufous Night Heron    2       Nycticorax caledonicus
                            Striated Heron    5       Butorides striata
                          Javan Pond Heron    8       Ardeola speciosa
                      Eastern Cattle Egret   10       Bubulcus coromandus
                        Great-billed Heron    1       Ardea sumatrana*
                              Purple Heron    9       Ardea purpurea
                        Intermediate Egret    3       Egretta intermedia
                              Little Egret    6       Egretta garzetta nigriceps
                  Pacific Reef Heron/Egret    2       Egretta sacra
                        Lesser Frigatebird    1       Fregata ariel*
                            Eastern Osprey    3       Pandion cristatus
             Barred/Sulawesi Honey Buzzard    2       Pernis celebensis* Se
                              Pacific Baza    1       Aviceda subcristata
                    Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle    3 notN  Spilornis rufipectus* Se
                       Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle    2       Nisaetus lanceolatus* Se
               Rufous-bellied (Hawk-)Eagle    3       Lophotriorchis kienerii
                               Black Eagle    2       Ictinaetus malaiensis
                            Gurney's Eagle H  1       Aquila gurneyi*
                   Variable/Varied Goshawk H  3       Accipiter hiogaster*
                Moluccan/Halmahera Goshawk H  3  not  Accipiter henicogrammus He
                   Spot-tailed Sparrowhawk    3       Accipiter trinotatus* Se
                           Spotted Harrier    3       Circus assimilis
                                Black Kite    4       Milvus migrans
                             Brahminy Kite   10       Haliastur indus
              White-bellied Sea/Fish Eagle    3       Haliaeetus leucogaster
                         Lesser Fish Eagle    1       Haliaeetus humilis
                    Grey-headed Fish Eagle    1  not  Haliaeetus ichthyaetus
                               Barred Rail    9       Gallirallus torquatus
                          Buff-banded Rail    2       Gallirallus philippensis
                       Isabelline Bush-hen    2       Amaurornis isabellina* Se
                      Pale-vented Bush-hen    1  not  Amaurornis moluccana
                        White-browed Crake    1       Porzana cinerea*
                           Purple Swamphen    1       Porphyrio porphyrio
                             Dusky Moorhen    1       Gallinula tenebrosa
                    Red-backed Buttonquail    1       Turnix maculosus*
                        Barred Buttonquail    1       Turnix suscitator
                        White-headed Stilt    1       Himantopus leucocephalus
                      Little Ringed Plover    1       Charadrius dubius
                          Malaysian Plover    1       Charadrius peronii*
                       Greater Sand Plover    1       Charadrius leschenaultii
                         Common Greenshank    1       Tringa nebularia
                            Wood Sandpiper    3       Tringa glareola
                       Grey-tailed Tattler    1  not  Tringa brevipes
                          Common Sandpiper    5       Actitis hypoleucos
                               Little Tern    1       Sternula albifrons
                              Bridled Tern    1  not  Onychoprion anaethetus
                          Black-naped Tern    1  not  Sterna sumatrana
                               Common Tern    1  not  Sterna hirundo
                            Whiskered Tern    1       Chlidonias hybrida
                           Metallic Pigeon    2 notJ  Columba vitiensis
                  Red Turtle/Collared Dove I  3       Streptopelia tranquebarica
                              Spotted Dove I 10       Spilopelia chinensis
         (Slender-billed/Brown Cuckoo-Dove   11       Macropygia amboinensis split:)
                      Sulawesi Cuckoo-Dove    7       Macropygia albicapilla* Se
                      Sultan's Cuckoo-Dove H  4       Macropygia doreya*
                         Great Cuckoo-Dove H  2       Reinwardtoena reinwardti*
                   White-faced Cuckoo-Dove    4       Turacoena manadensis* Se (Sul. Black Pigeon)
                 Common/Asian Emerald Dove    5       Chalcophaps indica
                  Stephan's (Emerald) Dove    1  not  Chalcophaps stephani
                                Zebra Dove I  2       Geopelia striata
                            Nicobar Pigeon    2       Caloenas nicobarica*
                  Pink-necked Green Pigeon    2       Treron vernans
                 Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon    4       Treron griseicauda* Se
               Scarlet-breasted Fruit Dove H  1       Ptilinopus bernsteinii* He
                      Red-eared Fruit Dove    1       Ptilinopus fischeri* Se
  Oberholser's (Maroon-chinned) Fruit Dove    1  not  Ptilinopus epius Se
                 Western Superb Fruit Dove    6       Ptilinopus temminckii* Se
                    Blue-capped Fruit Dove H  3       Ptilinopus monacha* He
                    Grey-headed Fruit Dove H  5       Ptilinopus hyogastrus* He
                    Black-naped Fruit Dove    3       Ptilinopus melanospilus*
          Cinnamon-bellied Imperial Pigeon H  3       Ducula basilica* He
       Spectacled/Moluccan Imperial Pigeon H  4       Ducula perspicillata*
             White-bellied Imperial Pigeon    8       Ducula forsteni* Se
                     Green Imperial Pigeon    7       Ducula aenea
                      Pied Imperial Pigeon    5       Ducula bicolor*
             Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon    3       Ducula luctuosa* Se
                            Goliath Coucal H  4       Centropus goliath* He
                                Bay Coucal    4       Centropus celebensis* Se
                             Lesser Coucal    9       Centropus bengalensis
            Yellow-billed/Sulawesi Malkoha    6       Rhamphococcyx calyorhynchus* Se
                         Black-billed Koel    8       Eudynamys melanorhynchus* Se
                     Channel-billed Cuckoo    1       Scythrops novaehollandiae
                      Goulds Bronze Cuckoo    1       Chrysococcyx russatus*, a form of Little BC
                      Little Bronze Cuckoo    1       Chrysococcyx minutillus*
                          Plaintive Cuckoo    1  not  Cacomantis merulinus
                   Australian Brush Cuckoo    4 notN  Cacomantis variolosus
                     Sulawesi Brush Cuckoo    9       Cacomantis virescens* Se from Rusty-breasted C
                       Sulawesi Masked Owl    1  not  Tyto rosenbergii Se
                        Sulawesi Scops Owl    6       Otus manadensis* Se (we: heard only)
                        Moluccan Scops Owl H  2       Otus magicus* He (we: heard only)
                          Moluccan Boobook H  1       Ninox squamipila*
                     Ochre-bellied Boobook    1       Ninox ochracea* Se
                          Cinnabar Boobook    1       Ninox ios* Se
                          Speckled Boobook    2       Ninox punctulata* Se
                          Satanic Nightjar    1       Eurostopodus diabolicus* Se
                      Great Eared Nightjar    3       Lyncornis macrotis
                     Large-tailed Nightjar    5       Caprimulgus macrurus
                         Sulawesi Nightjar    2       Caprimulgus celebensis* Se
                          Savanna Nightjar    2       Caprimulgus affinis
                   Moluccan Owlet-nightjar H  2       Aegotheles crinifrons* He
                      Moustached Treeswift H  2       Hemiprocne mystacea*
                     Grey-rumped Treeswift    8       Hemiprocne longipennis
                           Glossy Swiftlet   19       Collocalia esculenta
                         Sulawesi Swiftlet    8       Aerodramus sororum*
                          Uniform Swiftlet    6       Aerodramus vanikorensis (some Halmahera Sw?)
                             Pacific Swift    2       Apus pacificus
                               House Swift    2       Apus nipalensis
             Purple-winged/Sulawesi Roller    7       Coracias temminckii* Se
                       Oriental Dollarbird            Eurystomus orientalis
                Common Paradise Kingfisher H  3       Tanysiptera galatea*
                 Blue-and-white Kingfisher H  4       Todiramphus diops* He
                         Sombre Kingfisher H  5       Todiramphus funebris* He
                   Green-backed Kingfisher    4       Actenoides monachus* Se
               Scaly(-breasted) Kingfisher    1       Actenoides princeps* Se
                 Sulawesi Lilac Kingfisher    2       Cittura cyanotis* Se
                   Great-billed Kingfisher    2       Pelargopsis melanorhyncha* Se
                          Ruddy Kingfisher    1       Halcyon coromanda
                       Collared Kingfisher   14       Todiramphus chloris
                          Beach Kingfisher H  4       Todiramphus saurophagus*
                         Sacred Kingfisher    5       Todiramphus sanctus
                     Blue-eared Kingfisher    1  not  Alcedo meninting
                         Common Kingfisher    3       Alcedo atthis hispidoides
                          Azure Kingfisher H  1       Ceyx azureus
                 Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher    2       Ceyx fallax* Se
                  Purple-bearded Bee-eater    1  not  Meropogon forsteni Se
                     Blue-tailed Bee-eater    6       Merops philippinus
                         Rainbow Bee-eater    1       Merops ornatus
                          Knobbed Hornbill    8       Rhyticeros cassidix* Se 
                 Sulawesi (Dwarf) Hornbill    4       Rhabdotorrhinus exarhatus* Se
                          Blyth's Hornbill H  5       Rhyticeros plicatus*
                 Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpecker    5       Dendrocopos temminckii* Se
                           Ashy Woodpecker    7       Mulleripicus fulvus* Se
                Spotted/Indonesian Kestrel   11       Falco moluccensis*
                            Oriental Hobby    1  not  Falco severus
                          Peregrine Falcon    1       Falco peregrinus ernesti
                   White/Umbrella Cockatoo H  5       Cacatua alba* He
             Great/Sulawesi Hanging Parrot   10       Loriculus stigmatus* Se
                   Moluccan Hanging Parrot H  3       Loriculus amabilis* He
                        Violet-necked Lory H  4       Eos squamata* He
                           Chattering Lory H  2       Lorius garrulus* He
                           Ornate Lorikeet    2       Trichoglossus ornatus* Se
                          Meyer's Lorikeet    2       Trichoglossus flavoviridis* Se (fr  Citrine)
                      Red-flanked Lorikeet H  5       Charmosyna placentis*
      Yellow-breasted/Minahasa Racket-tail    3       Prioniturus flavicans* Se (only north Sulawesi)
                Golden-mantled Racket-tail    1  not  Prioniturus platurus Se 
                       Great-billed Parrot    3       Tanygnathus megalorynchos*
                        Blue-backed Parrot    2       Tanygnathus sumatranus*
                        Red-cheeked Parrot H  5       Geoffroyus geoffroyi*
                          Eclectus Parrot (H) 5       Eclectus roratus*
                      Moluccan King Parrot H  1       Alisterus amboinensis He
                      Sulawesi Sahul Pitta    3       Erythropitta (erythrogaster) celebensis * Se
             Sultan's Sahul/Moluccan Pitta    1  not  Erythropitta (erythrogaster) rufiventris
                      Ivory-breasted Pitta H  4       Pitta maxima* He
                         Sulawesi Myzomela    1       Myzomela chloroptera* Se
                    Dark-eared/Lesser Myza    2       Myza celebensis* Se
                            Dusky Myzomela H  1       Myzomela obscura*
        White-streaked/Halmahera Friarbird H  3       Melitograis gilolensis* He
        Golden-bellied Gerygone (Flyeater)    8       Gerygone sulphurea
                White-breasted Woodswallow   15       Artamus leucorynchus
                  Ivory-backed Woodswallow    2       Artamus monachus* Se
                    Caerulean Cuckooshrike    2       Coracina temminckii* Se
                         Pied Cuckooshrike    2       Coracina bicolor* Se
                 White-rumped Cuckooshrike    3       Coracina leucopygia* Se
    Pygmy Cuckooshrike/Mountain Cicadabird    2       Lalage abbotti* Se
                     Moluccan Cuckooshrike H  2       Coracina atriceps* He
                White-bellied Cuckooshrike H  4       Coracina papuensis
         Halmahera Cuckooshrike/Cicadabird H  3       Lalage parvula* He
                      Wallacean Cicadabird    2       Lalage amboinensis* - from Common Cicadabird
             White-rumped/Sulawesi Triller    6       Lalage leucopygialis* Se
        White-shouldered/Lesueur's Triller    3       Lalage sueurii*
                    Rufous-bellied Triller H  4       Lalage aurea* He
                    Maroon-backed Whistler    1       Coracornis raveni* Se
           Sulphur-bellied/vented Whistler    5       Pachycephala sulfuriventer* Se
                         Moluccan Whistler H  2       Pachycephala mentalis mentalis* from Golden Wh
                             Drab Whistler    2       Pachycephala griseonota*
              Dusky-brown/Halmahera Oriole H  3       Oriolus phaeochromus* He
                        Black-naped Oriole    8       Oriolus chinensis
                White-eyed Spangled Drongo    8       Dicrurus leucops* Se
                  Sulawesi Spangled Drongo    3       Dicrurus montanus* Se 
                 Halmahera Spangled Drongo H  3       Dicrurus atrocaeruleus* He
                    Willie Wagtail/Fantail H  5       Rhipidura leucophrys
                          Sulawesi Fantail    4       Rhipidura teysmanni* Se - from Rusty-bellied F
                            Gilolo Fantail H  1       Rhipidura torrida* He - from Rufous Fantail
                         Pale-blue Monarch    5       Hypothymis puella* Se
                         Wallacean Monarch H  2       Symposiachrus trivirgatus* - from Spectacled M
                       White-naped Monarch H  1  not  Carterornis pileatus He
       Moluccan (Slaty) Flycatcher/Monarch H  1       Myiagra galeata*
                Shining Flycatcher/Monarch H  1       Myiagra alecto*
                                Hylocitrea    1       Hylocitrea bonensis* Se
                 Citrine Canary-flycatcher    7       Culicicapa helianthea*
                             Sulawesi Crow    8       Corvus enca* Se - from Slender-billed Crow
                               Piping Crow    1       Corvus typicus* Se
                          Long-billed Crow H  4       Corvus validus* He
                   Halmahera Paradise-crow H  3       Lycocorax pyrrhopterus* He
                    Wallace's Standardwing H  2       Semioptera wallacii* He
                       Sooty-headed Bulbul I 14       Pycnonotus aurigaster
                      Yellow-vented Bulbul I  1       Pycnonotus goiavier
                   Halmahera Golden Bulbul H  4       Hypsipetes chloris* He - from Northern GB
                                     Malia    4       Malia grata* Se
                              Barn Swallow    5       Hirundo rustica
                           Pacific Swallow   17       Hirundo tahitica
            Mountain Tailorbird/Leaftoiler    3       Phyllergates cuculatus
               North Moluccan Leaf Warbler H  1       Seicercus waterstradti* He - from Island LW
                     Sulawesi Leaf Warbler    5       Seicercus nesophilus* Se
                 Australasian Reed Warbler    2       Acrocephalus australis celebensis (Clamorous)
              Sulawesi Grasshopper Warbler    4       Locustella castanea* Se (from Chestnut-b BushW)
                         Zitting Cisticola    3       Cisticola juncidis
                   Golden-headed Cisticola    3       Cisticola exilis
                          Sulawesi Babbler    8       Pellorneum celebense* Se
    Streak-headed Dark-eye/Sulawesi Heleia    2       Heleia squamiceps* Se
                        Mountain White-eye    6       Zosterops montanus
                   Lemon-bellied White-eye    6       Zosterops chloris*
                    Black-ringed White-eye    1       Zosterops anomalus* Se
                   Black-crowned White-eye    6       Zosterops atrifrons* Se
                       Halmahera White-eye H  3       Zosterops fuscifrons* He - fr Cream-throated WE
                         Metallic Starling    6       Aplonis metallica*
                     Asian Glossy Starling    1  not  Aplonis panayensis
                         Moluccan Starling    1       Aplonis mysolensis*
              Short-tailed Starling (Myna)    3       Aplonis minor
               Sulawesi/Short-crested Myna    4       Basilornis celebensis* Se
                                Javan Myna I  1 notJ  Acridotheres javanicus
                         White-necked Myna    2       Streptocitta albicollis* Se
   Fiery-browed Starling/Flame-browed Myna    5       Enodes erythrophris* Se
                         Grosbeak Starling   10       Scissirostrum dubium* Se
                         Red-backed Thrush    2       Geokichla erythronota* Se
                           Sulawesi Thrush    1       Cataponera turdoides* Se
              Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher    1       Muscicapa sodhii* Se
           Sulawesi Blue/Jungle Flycatcher    2       Cyornis omissus* Se
  Blue-fr Bl/Hoevell's Warbling-Flycatcher    1       Cyornis hoevelli* Se
          Matinan Blue/Warbling-Flycatcher    1       Eumyias sanfordi* Se
Island Verdt/Turquoise Warbling-Flycatcher    6       Eumyias panayensis
               Great Shortwing/ Heinrichia    1  not  Heinrichia calligyna Se (heard closeby)
                   Snowy-browed Flycatcher    1       Ficedula hyperythra
                    Little Pied Flycatcher    2 notJ  Ficedula westermanni
                    Halmahera Flowerpecker H  2       Dicaeum schistaceiceps* He
                 Yellow-sided Flowerpecker    8       Dicaeum aureolimbatum* Se
              Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker    1 notN  Dicaeum nehrkorni* Se
                   Grey-sided Flowerpecker    7       Dicaeum celebicum* Se
                    Brown-throated Sunbird    7       Anthreptes malacensis
                             Black Sunbird H  8       Leptocoma sericea*
                             Sahul Sunbird   15       Cinnyris clementiae frenatus* fr Olive-backed S
                     Eurasian Tree Sparrow   16       Passer montanus
                         Black-faced Munia H  4       Lonchura molucca*
                      Scaly-breasted Munia    4       Lonchura punctulata
                        Black-headed Munia    7       Lonchura atricapilla - from Chestnut Munia
                         Pale-headed Munia    2       Lonchura pallida* Se
                              Java Sparrow I  3       Lonchura oryzivora  (Rijstvogel)

                             Moore Macaque
                             Bear Couscous
                          Spectral Tarsier
                         Sulawesi Squirrel
                           Crested Macaque
                            monitor lizard
                            Sulawesi Gecko
                                snake spec
                     Halmahera Giant Gecko
                         rhinoceros beetle
                                 frog spec     

Here you can find a quick one-page alphabetical index to the field guide Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago:
See also the page with bird photos.