Birding trip report 
Western South Africa & Namibia 23 Oct. - 15 Nov. 2003
John van der Woude  -  report
Photos part 3. Namibia (Central and North)
The Spitzkoppe area, inland from Swakopmund.
Campsite at the foot of one of the Spitzkoppes. Layard's Tit-Babbler was our best bird here. If you want to see the Herero Chat you might need to stay overnight here, but even then success is not garantueed.
The Erongo mountains. Omaruru is at the back of these. We had many good birds near Omaruru.
Lion crossing the road in Etosha national park, on the entrance road near Okaukuejo.
Sabota Lark was often present at the roadside in Etosha NP.
Northern Black Korhaan in the area SE of Okaukuejo in Etosha NP.
Kori Bustard walking from one shadowy place to the other.
Giraffes at weavers nests. Would they consume some of it?
Springbok, Zebra, Giraffe and Oryx (Gemsbok) at a water hole between Okaukuejo and Halali in Etosha NP.
Elephant show at the water hole at Halali camp in Etosha NP.
African Fish-Eagle holding his prey at the border of the Okavango river, in the Mahango reserve in NE Namibia.
Baobab tree in Mahango.
Waterberg Plateau, good for Rüppell's Parrot.
Damara Dik-dik in Waterberg Plateau national park, along the trail below the cliff face. "Dik" means fat in Dutch, but we have never seen such a slender mammal. Its shoulder height is only 40 cm.
Diederik Cuckoo in Daan Viljoen park near Windhoek. Above the parking place at the end of the only tarred road of the park.
Daan Viljoen park holds a nice cross-section of birds of central Namibia. Short-toed Rock-Thrush was our best new bird here.