Photos of birding sites NW Argentina Nov-Dec 2014
John van der Woude  -    -    See also the report of this trip (maps, species list)

Otamendi nature reserve NW of Buenos Aires

Me and the rental car we got, the free upgrade to a brand new and very comfortable Toyota Corolla.

Views over the Paraná floodplain from the road between Rosario and Victoria.

Pre-Delta national park at Diamante, S of Paraná.

View on many Wilson's Phalaropes from the boulevard of Miramar, at 100 m from our hotel. Laguna Mar Chiquita ('little sea').

The most western birding site at Miramar, a river mouth.

Chaco woodlands near Añatuya in province Santiago del Estero. Below are three photos of the publicly accessible track we found at point 5 on the map. The bird on the lowest photo is White Monjita.

Also near Anyatuya we came across a group of 400 (!) Swainson's Hawk, feeding in and above the arable fields it seemed.

Subtropical yungas forest during the ascend to Tafi del Valle.

Check the gullies in the open higher altitude above Tafi del Valle.

Below Tafi again the next morning, we haphazardly checked this piece of old road along the river, and we got a foraging Rufous-throated Dipper (our last dipper!) and a pair of Torrent Duck.

View from the bridge at 200 m from our hotel in Tafi (Hotel Tafi).

The open area well above Tafi, near El Infernillo.

The valley going down from above Tafi to Quilmes/Cafayate.

The publicly accessible sandy area a few km before joining road 40 to Quilmes. At point 2 on the map. Sandy Gallito here.

At the Quilmes archeological site.

Subtropical yungas forest along the old, slow road from Salta to Jujuy.

The open high-altitude scenery above Humahuaca. Whenever you see some sparse bush like here and below, there will be birds.

Subtropical yungas forest in Calilegua national park.

Cloud forest in the uppermost part of Calilegua national park. See map.

Drier forest in the lowest part of Calilegua NP.

Open hill forest near Rosario de la Frontera. Black-banded Woodcreeper.

The Saliñas Grandes salt pan in the north of province Cordoba. A stake-out for Saliñas Monjita, and the area looked promising, but we found none. See also map.

Open woodland at the Capilla del Monte site N of Cordoba.

The granitic plateau west of Cordoba, Pampa de Achala. Both endemic cinclodes not difficult here.

El Morro east of San Luis. Old volcano with pampas.

The dried-out grassy part of the lagoon at site 19.

One of many lagoons in the region south of Buenos Aires. For our last night we stayed in Chivilcoy, a provincial town. Our hotel was the Gran Hotel Chivilcoy (in the 40 euro range; with their own parking) close to the main square with the good and lively restaurant Olive on the other side of the square.