Birding trip Bahia (East Brazil) 13 - 26 March 2004
John & Nollie -

Photos of birding sites and general scenery

see also report and species list
Along the BR242 from Salvador to the Chapada Diamantina. First rock formations.
Same spot as above. The BR242 is still very good here!
Casa da Geleia, our lodge for this week at the Chapada Diamantina.
View from our balcony. Lençois historical centre at the background.

The Rio Preto, with some gallery forest, between dense caatinga scrub.
Birding site at East side of Chapada Diamantina.

Rio Preto site, a bit further up along the road. Great Xenops still a bit further on.
Pai Inacio top. Hooded Visorbearer here (along rim left).
Looking South from top of Pai Inacio.
North entrance road to Igato, South of Andarai, West of Chapada Diamantina.
Silvery-cheeked Antbird here.

Butterflies on dirt track near river N of Mucugé.
Cattleya orchid in campo rupestre N of Mucugé.
Also seen on the top of Pai Inacio.

Trail near dirt road from Lencois to Remanso,
at humid West side of Chapada Diamantina.
Black-billed Scythebill and Flavescent Warbler.

Bromeliad-rich dry forest near Boa Nova.
Slender Antbird right here.

Boa Nova start of track to humid forest (looking back).
Typical spot for Brazilian Tanager.

Same spot. Rio de Janeiro Antbird pair a bit further on, just along the track!
Boa Nova "old logging road" into humid forest at the background.
There we had Ochre-cheeked Antbird.

Frogspawn at start of trail to humid forest of Boa Nova.
Boa Nova humid forest at the top, clearings below.
The trail to the humid forest site runs from lower left to right on the photo.

Here the trail into the humid forest at Boa Nova disappears in the ferns.
The " old logging road" (see photo above) is more to the West and is the only access now at this site.

Fazenda de Dra. Katira, high up in the Serra das Lontras.
Friendly locals. Bring some presents!

View from our shelter at the fazenda.
Golden-capped Parakeet and Green-headed tanager here.

Trail upwards from the fazenda to the crest.
Pink-legged Graveteiro shortly in the tree at the bend.

View from the fazenda down into the valley full of shaded cocoa plantations.
Neotropical River Warbler at bridge across small stream at end of pasture.

Shaded cocoa plantations along the track down from the fazenda.
Beautiful forest-like but few birds.

Una EcoParque,trail in humid forest.
Red-headed Manakin, Striped Manakin, Olivaceous Flatbill.