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Waypoint = a point in the field (e.g. where a good bird occurred, or at a fork in the road) measured with my GPS device, in X-Y coordinates. If you use these waypoints on your GPS device, you can exactly find these points of interest.
And how to upload that list of waypoints from the pc into your GPS device? Use a cable (see or e-mail  plus software like GPS Utility (; freeware can upload max. 50 waypoints in one go). 
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My GPS device is a Garmin GPS 12.
Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the correctness of these waypoints.

101 - hotel Villa Nova in Teresopolis (900 m above sea level)
102 - start of semi-paved track steep down from "Garafao-road": site of Kinglet Calyptura 1996
103 - Serra de Orgaos National Park, good spot on long trail up mountain, at 1520 m
104 - Sumidouro road, Three-toed Jacamar site at loop in the road
105 - Carmo, Rio de Janeiro Antbird site; found none, but nice other birds (Crowned Eagle in the air)

106 - hotel Caparaˇ Parque at 1100 m altitude
107 - Caparaˇ National Park, the Tronqueira = end of the road up the mountain = campsite

Santa Teresa/ Augusto Rushi 
108 - entry of Santa Teresa town at gas station: turnoff left to hotel Solar dos Colibris
109 - fork of the two dirt roads in Augusto Rushi reserve
110 - on left road of the two, Spot-billed Toucanet (Aug. Rushi reserve)
111 - one of the many leks of Swallow-tailed Manakin (Aug. Rushi reserve)
112 - view on 2 Bare-throated Bellbirds (Aug. Rushi reserve)
113 - nice spot in Aug. Rushi reserve, 3 nests

114 - where road into Linhares reserve leaves BR101
115 - start of road that bisects Sooretama reserve
116 - start of Estrada Quirinao in Sooretama reserve, from West side
(117 - where a long and winding dirt road towards Waypoint 116 leaves BR101)
(118 - a T-junction in the long road mentioned in Waypoint 117: go to the right)

119 - start of very long cut-off from Vitoria-BeloHorizonte road towards Cipˇ
120 - start of good birding trail uphill from road through Cipˇ site
121 - displaying Hyacinth Visorbearer, at 1290 m alt., ca. 150 m from trail (follow trail uphill towards open plateau surrounded by low rocks - Cipo Canastero in corner at righthand end)
122 - on the trail, near Horned Sungem and Buff-throated Pampafinch
123 - another territory of Hyacinth Visorbearer, in low bush, not far from Waypoint 120
124 - the marsh of the Cipˇ site

(map above: roads drawn very sketchily, but waypoints on exact points)
125 - near Betim after ringroad around Belo Horizonte; follow direction Divinopolis from here
126 - a next junction, follow Divinopolis again
127 - halfway the dirt road to Sao Roque de Minas (for Canastra NP): a roost of White-eyed and Yellow-chevroned Parakeets in lone tree left of road
128 - cemetary of Sao Roque at T-junction: right on up to Canastra higher parts, to the right down towards hotel Chapadao
129 - junction near factory: right down towards hotel Chapadao
130 - hotel Chapadao
131 - entry point of Vargem Bonita village (as seen from Sao Roque)
132 - house with hummer feeder (Stripe-breasted Starthroat and many others) in Vargem Bonita village; diagonally opposite post office
133 - exit of Vargem Bonita village towards Casca d'Ante (lower Canastra NP)
134 - shop & drinks along road to Casca d'Ante (lower Canastra NP), feeders and walk down to camping in river bend
135 - up towards entry of Canastra NP: Cinereous Warbling-finch & Rufous-winged Antshrike, just before sign "Capao Forro"
136 - entry of Canastra National Park above Sao Roque
137 - Ochre-breasted Pipit alarmed, staying on ground, with food; at high point in Canastra NP, grassy terrain
138 - parking place above Casca d'Ante waterfall in Canastra NP
139 - territory of pair Sharp-tailed Tyrant, 200 m along track left from parking place
140 - one of several of Cock-tailed Tyant territories, along road towards Rolinhos & Pedras
141 - at nice Pedras site: river pool, woods, etc. (Firewoodgatherer nest)

(map above: roads drawn very sketchily, but waypoints on exact points)
142 - big junction of motorways North of Campinas (follow direction Jacarei for Ubatuba)
143 - Ubatuba: leave BR101 here seaward for hotel Solar das Aguas Cantantes
144 - hotel Solar das Aguas Cantantes
145 - leave BR101 here for Corcovado and Folha Seca sites inland
146 - fork of asfalt road left towards Corcovado and dirt road right towards Folha Seca
147 - start of dirt road towards clearing of Corcovado
148 - clearing Corcovado, at start of trail into forest; true trail up mountain is said to begin shortly before 148, left just before small river
149 - at shop, fork left here toards Folha Seca
150 - Folha Seca: quarry still in use, go on to 151
151 - Folha Seca: unused quarry (Spotted Bamboowren site; not found here, see 161)
152 - further along same dirt road (track now): Slaty Bristlefront, Scaled Antbird
153 - Slaty Bristlefront best spot, open forest floor right
154 - the roundabout of Ubatuba, in BR101
155 - in BR101, start of road towards fazendas Capricornio and Angelim
156 - school near fork in road: go right for Fazenda Capricornio
157 - entry (chain) of Fazenda Capricornio; hummer house is 70 m further on the right side (just walk on and talk to nice people at hummer feeder house)
158 - the last house of Fazenda Capricornio, start of cacao plantation
159 - start of road towards Fazenda Angelim
160 - gate of Fazenda Angelim; walk on and ask 200 m further on for permission (no problem)
161 - fork in track on clearing of Fazenda Angelim: Spotted Bamboowren
162 - view on Buff-throated Purpletuft high in trees around Waypoint 161

Agulhas Negras road
163 - in first part of Agulhas Negras road, singing Black-and-gold Cotinga extremely well visible here
164 - Araucaria Tit-Spinetail pair high in Araucaria trees left of road; this is just after the marshy site
165 - presumed lek of Plovercrest
166 - several Itatiaia Spinetail here at 2350 m altitude, plus Plovercrest

Itatiaia National Park
167 - hotel Simon in Itatiaia National Park, at 1080 m alt.
168 - half open spot with much bamboo at 1240 m alt. in Tres Picos trail
169 - bit higher than 168, Slaty Bristlefront
170 - start of (birding) road towards hotel Dorati, inside Itatiaia National Park