Photos of birding trip Cape May 2nd week September 2002
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John  van der Woude, The Netherlands

The hawk watch at Cape May, near the lighthouse. Several raptors far overhead on this bright and warm day, some a bit closer.

Higbee Beach reserve, the track along the woodland border, best for viewing migrating warblers etc.

Same as above, a bit later in the morning...

Higbee Beach reserve car park. The car park borders are also good for birding. The track of the photos above starts to the left of the big sign.

The Dike, 200 meter or so N of Higbee car park. Just after a cold front this can be a tremendous spot for a stream of hastily migrating warblers and other songbirds.

Bombay Hook reserve along the other side of the Delaware Bay.

Brigantine reserve near Atlantic City. Bordering woodland to the right.

Brigantine reserve, with Atlantic City on the background. Tidal mudflats on the foreground.

Brigantine reserve seen from the observation tower midway.

Hawk Mountain in the far interior West of Philadelphia. Again, too hot for good raptor migration here. Most raptors appeared from the top of the slope left of the center of the photo. This is the farthest lookout as seen from the entrance.