Species list of birding trip Cape May USA 8-14 September 2002
report in www.jvanderw.nl 
John  van der Woude, The Netherlands 
see also report

BOH = Bombay Hook, Delaware
HAM = Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania
HBB = Higbee Beach wildlife management area, Cape May
CMO = Cape May other sites than HBB
STH = Stone Harbor, 30 mins. NE of Cape May
BRI = Brigantine (Forsythe) reserve, N of Atlantic City

          Brown Pelican                     STH
Double-crested CormorantBOH                 STH  BRI
       Tricolored Heron                     STH  BRI
      Little Blue Heron                     STH
            Snowy Egret BOH  HAM       CMO       BRI
       Great Blue Heron BOH                 STH  BRI
            Great Egret BOH                 STH  BRI
            Green Heron                CMO
Black-crowned Night-HeroBOH                 STH  BRI
          Black Vulture      HAM       CMO
         Turkey Vulture      HAM       CMO
            Glossy Ibis BOH                      BRI
                  Brent                     STH
             Snow Goose BOH                 STH  BRI
           Canada Goose BOH            CMO       BRI
              Wood Duck                          BRI  sev. plumages
        American Wigeon                CMO       BRI
    American Black Duck                          BRI  group of 10 in centre
                Mallard common allover
       Blue-winged Teal BOH
       Northern Pintail                          BRI
      Green-winged Teal                          BRI
                 Osprey BOH  HAM       CMO       BRI  many at Hawk Watch Cape May
             Bald Eagle BOH            CMO       BRI  adult (CMO) and juvenile (BRI)
       Northern Harrier BOH            CMO  STH  BRI
     Sharp-shinned Hawk      HAM       CMO
          Cooper's Hawk      HAM       CMO
      Broad-winged Hawk      HAM
        Red-tailed Hawk      HAM       CMO
       American Kestrel      HAM       CMO
                 Merlin                CMO
       Peregrine Falcon                CMO
                   Sora                          BRI
 American Oystercatcher                     STH
            Grey Plover                     STH  BRI
    Semipalmated Plover BOH            CMO  STH  BRI
               Killdeer BOH
          Piping Plover                     STH       12 at beach (2nd visit)
               Whimbrel                          BRI
     Greater Yellowlegs BOH                 STH  BRI
      Lesser Yellowlegs BOH            CMO  STH
     Solitary Sandpiper                CMO
      Spotted Sandpiper                          BRI  half in summer plumage
                 Willet                     STH  BRI
        Ruddy Turnstone                     STH
 Short-billed Dowitcher BOH                 STH  BRI
               Red Knot                     STH
             Sanderling                CMO  STH
 Semipalmated Sandpiper BOH            CMO  STH  BRI
      Western Sandpiper BOH
        Least Sandpiper BOH                      BRI
 White-rumped Sandpiper                CMO
     Pectoral Sandpiper                CMO
                 Dunlin BOH
          Black Skimmer                CMO  STH
       Ring-billed Gull BOH            CMO  STH
           Herring Gull                     STH  BRI
Great Black-headed Gull                CMO  STH  BRI
          Laughing Gull BOH            CMO  STH  BRI  group fishing at BRI
           Caspian Tern                     STH
             Royal Tern                     STH
            Common Tern                     STH
         Forster's Tern BOH            CMO  STH  BRI
             Least Tern                CMO  STH
          Mourning Dove common throughout
   Yellow-billed Cuckoo           HBB                 HBB Parking place
          Chimney Swift      HAM                      migrating in groups of c. 4
Ruby-throated Hummingbird         HBB
      Belted Kingfisher                          BRI
 Red-bellied Woodpecker           HBB
       Downy Woodpecker           HBB
       Northern Flicker BOH       HBB            BRI
 Olive-sided Flycatcher           HBB
     Eastern Wood-Pewee BOH       HBB
     Acadian Flycatcher           HBB
       Eastern Kingbird BOH       HBB
           Tree Swallow BOH                      BRI  1000s westward ag. strong wind
No. Rough-winged SwallowBOH
            Sand Martin BOH
           Barn Swallow BOH
          Cedar Waxwing           HBB                 flocks migrating
                  Veery           HBB                 last day
      Swainson's Thrush BOH
         American Robin           HBB
     Carolina Chickadee                          BRI
        Tufted Titmouse           HBB
             Marsh Wren                          BRI  inquisitive, holding 2 reed
          Carolina Wren           HBB
             House Wren           HBB
       White-eyed Vireo           HBB
  Yellow-throated Vireo           HBB
     Philadelphia Vireo           HBB                 together with Red-eyed Vireo
         Red-eyed Vireo           HBB
     American Goldfinch BOH
            House Finch                     STH
        Seaside Sparrow                          BRI
      Tennessee Warbler           HBB
      Nashville Warbler           HBB
        Northern Parula           HBB
         Yellow Warbler           HBB
       Magnolia Warbler           HBB
Black-throated Blue Warbler       HBB            BRI  several from dike also
   Blackburnian Warbler           HBB
           Pine Warbler           HBB
           Palm Warbler                CMO            Meadows
Black-and-white Warbler           HBB            BRI
      American Redstart           HBB            BRI
    Worm-eating Warbler           HBB                 in large flock last day
               Ovenbird           HBB
   Northern Waterthrush           HBB
    Connecticut Warbler           HBB                 lifer; 1st from dike; woods
    Common Yellowthroat BOH       HBB                 many at HBB wood fringe
         Canada Warbler           HBB
   Yellow-breasted Chat           HBB
        Scarlet Tanager           HBB
 Rose-breasted Grosbeak           HBB
      Northern Cardinal common many sites
       Baltimore Oriole           HBB  CMO
   Red-winged Blackbird everywhere
         Common Grackle                     STH  BRI
               Bobolink                CMO            lifer; migrating in groups
         House Sparrow                CMO
        Common Starling everywhere
           Grey Catbird everywhere, small numbers
   Northern Mockingbird BOH            CMO
         Brown Thrasher           HBB
               Blue Jay           HBB
          American Crow                CMO
              Fish Crow                CMO            lifer; best at hawk watch