Species list birding trip report N Chile 2000
John van der Woude  -  www.jvanderw.nl  -  see also report
AC: surroundings of Arica
PU: Putre and areas above and esp. below (down to the border of the semi-desert)
LC: Lauca national park
                    Ornate Tinamou       PU
                       Lesser Rhea          LC
                     Silvery Grebe          LC
                  Humboldt Penguin    AC
                       Cape Petrel    AC
                  Sooty Shearwater    AC
                    Peruvian Booby    AC
  Neotropic (Olivaceous) Cormorant    AC    LC
                  Guanay Cormorant    AC
              Red-legged Cormorant    AC
        Peruvian (Chilean) Pelican    AC
                         Puna Ibis          LC
                  Chilean Flamingo          LC
                   Andean Flamingo          LC
            Puna (James') Flamingo          LC
                        Ruddy Duck          LC
                      Andean Goose          LC
     Speckled (Yellow-billed) Teal          LC
                      Crested Duck          LC
                         Puna Teal          LC
                    Turkey Vulture    AC
                   Red-backed Hawk       PU
              Puna (Variable) Hawk          LC
                  American Kestrel    AC
                   Aplomado Falcon    AC PU LC
                        Giant Coot          LC
            Blackish Oystercatcher    AC
                     Andean Avocet          LC
                       Puna Plover          LC
                    Andean Lapwing          LC
                        Puna Snipe          LC
       Hudsonian Curlew (Whimbrel)    AC
                Greater Yellowlegs          LC
                 Lesser Yellowlegs          LC
                   Ruddy Turnstone    AC
            White-rumped Sandpiper          LC
                 Baird's Sandpiper          LC
                Pectoral Sandpiper          LC
           Grey-breasted Seedsnipe          LC
                  Band-tailed Gull    AC
                         Grey Gull    AC
                         Kelp Gull    AC
                       Andean Gull          LC
                   Franklin's Gull    AC
                      Elegant Tern    AC
               South American Tern    AC
                         Inca Tern    AC
                        Eared Dove    AC
                 White-winged Dove    AC
            Bare-faced Ground-dove       PU
        Golden-spotted Ground-dove    AC PU LC
                 Groove-billed Ani    AC
                Peruvian Pygmy-Owl    AC
                  Lesser Nighthawk    AC
                      Andean Swift    AC
                   Andean Hillstar       PU
                 Giant Hummingbird       PU
                 Oasis Hummingbird    AC
                Peruvian Sheartail    AC
                    Andean Flicker          LC
                        Puna Miner          LC
      Straight-billed Earthcreeper       PU
                 Rock Earthcreeper       PU      see text; at c. Km 105, see photo
       White-throated Earthcreeper       PU
       Plain-breasted Earthcreeper       PU LC
              Bar-winged Cinclodes          LC
            White-winged Cinclodes       PU LC
            Streaked Tit-spinetail       PU
             Cordilleran Canastero          LC
                  Canyon Canastero       PU?
Creamy-breasted (Dark-winged) Canastero  PU
             White-crested Elaenia    AC
          White-browed Chat-tyrant       PU
        Rufous-naped Ground-tyrant          LC
                Puna Ground-tyrant          LC
           Cinereous Ground-tyrant          LC
       White-fronted Ground-tyrant          LC
                    Andean Negrito          LC
                    Andean Swallow       PU
                      Barn Swallow    AC
                  Chiguanco Thrush       PU
                     House Sparrow    AC
              Yellow-rumped Siskin       PU
                Cinereous Conebill    AC PU
           Blue-and-yellow Tanager       PU
           Rufous-collared Sparrow    AC
         Black-hooded Sierra-finch       PU
             Mourning Sierra-finch       PU
            Plumbeous Sierra-finch          LC
         Ash-breasted Sierra-finch       PU
          White-winged Diuca-finch          LC
              Slender-billed Finch    AC
        Bright-rumped Yellow-finch       PU
             Greenish Yellow-finch       PU
              Blue-black Grassquit    AC
       Chestnut-throated Seedeater    AC
             Band-tailed Seedeater       PU
          Plain-coloured Seedeater       PU
     Black-throated Flower-piercer       PU
               Peruvian Meadowlark    AC
                     Shiny Cowbird    AC