Photos of birding trip Colorado 1-7 September 2002
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John  van der Woude, The Netherlands

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pawneemurphyrd.jpg (31267 bytes) In Pawnee National Grassland, along the road CR 96, "Murphy's Pasture". McCown's Longspur, and abundant Horned Larks.
pawneeprdogs.jpg (20221 bytes) Prairie dogs united. Part of a prairie dog town in Pawnee National Grassland.
bluegrouse.jpg (42030 bytes) Blue Grouse in Rocky Mountain National Park, near Club Lake trailhead in eastern part of the park. Small stream in the background.
rmnpeast.jpg (33845 bytes) The eastern part of Rocky Mountain National Park, with the valley of Moraine Park/Bear Lake/Club Lake.
trailridgeroad.jpg (21642 bytes) The tundra along the Trail Ridge road, high in Rocky Mountain National Park. Very dry now (and especially this year), with few birds. But some good species just below the tree line: Grey Jay, Townsend Solitaire.
arapahonwr.jpg (37821 bytes) Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, in an intermontane basin with sage brush and some pools. Ferruginous Hawk, Horned and Black-necked Grebe, Wilson's Phalarope, Sage Thrasher.
cameronpassbeaverdam.jpg (50806 bytes) Beaver dam along road through Cameron Pass, North of Rocky Mountain National Park.
cameronpassview.jpg (24709 bytes) Coniferous forests at Cameron Pass. Quite a few White-winged Crossbills (and Red Crossbill). Also Three-toed Woodpecker, Pine Siskin, Sharp-shinned Hawk.
dipperstreamcameron.jpg (32674 bytes) The stream going down eastward from Cameron Pass. American Dipper here.
gardengods1.jpg (27529 bytes) Garden of the Gods, a foothill reserve near Colorado Springs. White-throated Swift, Canyon Wren, Spotted Towhee, Scrub Jay.
twobuttescanyon.jpg (31253 bytes) Two Buttes state wildlife area, a well watered canyon amidst the prairies here in SE Colorado. Blue Grosbeak and a nice array of other species.
cottonwoodcanyon.jpg (30337 bytes) Cottonwood canyon, a long and winding narrow valley in the Comanche National Grasslands in SE Colorado. Mississippi Kite (several), Golden Eagle, Wild Turkey, Lewis Woodpecker, three kingbird species.