Species list of birding trip Colorado state 1-7 September 2002
see report in www.jvanderw.nl 
John  van der Woude, The Netherlands

PM = Pawnee Nat. Grasslands: Murphy's Pasture & North-central  -  prairie
LB = Lower Latham reservoir & surroundings South (Bebee Draw)  -  lowlands
PW = Pawnee Nat.Grasslands Western part  -  prairie
BL =  Bear Lake road & Club Lake trailhead (RMNP)  -  mountain valley
EN =  Endovalley (RMNP)  -  mountain valley
TR = Trail Ridge road (RMNP)  -  mountain ridge
AR = Arapaho national wildlife refuge (Walden)  -  sage brush area with wetlands, intermountain
CP = Cameron Pass  -  mountain pass
GG = Garden of the Gods (Col. Springs)  -  foothills
FO = Fountain Creek regional park (Col. Springs)  -  lowland wetland and woods
TB = Two Buttes state wildlife area  -  open wooded canyon in SE Colorado plains
CA = Campo prairies SE Colorado
CC = Carrizo & Cottonwood canyons  -  open wooded fields in canyonland SE Colorado
BA = Barr Lake near Denver  -  wetland in plains

* = lifer

                          PM LB PW BL EN TR AR CP GG FO TB CA CC BA [also (or details)]
            Horned Grebe                    AR
      Black-necked Grebe                    AR
           Western Grebe     LB
           Clark's Grebe *   LB
  American White Pelican     LB                                  BA

Double-crested Cormorant     LB                                  BA
             Snowy Egret     LB
        Great Blue Heron     LB                         TB       BA
          Turkey Vulture                                TB    CC    Ft. Collins
        White-faced Ibis     LB

              Ruddy Duck                    AR
            Canada Goose           BL       AR                   BA more sites
                 Gadwall     LB             AR                   BA
                 Mallard     LB             AR       FO
       Northern Shoveler     LB             AR

                  Osprey                                TB
        Mississippi Kite *                                    CC    Lamar city 1
              Bald Eagle     LB
        Northern Harrier  PM LB             AR          TB CA CC
      Sharp-shinned Hawk                       CP

        Northern Goshawk           BL
         Swainson's Hawk  PM                AR          TB          Ft. Collins
         Red-tailed Hawk  PM                AR CP
        Ferruginous Hawk *                  AR                      two juvenals together
            Golden Eagle                 TR                   CC

          Prairie Falcon *      PW                                  road CC > Kim
             Blue Grouse           BL
             Wild Turkey                                      CC    2 x group of 8
            Scaled Quail                                   CA       group of 15
           American Coot                    AR

         American Avocet     LB                                  BA
                Killdeer  PM LB             AR       FO          BA
            Common Snipe     LB
       Lesser Yellowlegs  PM LB             AR
      Solitary Sandpiper  PM LB

       Spotted Sandpiper                             FO
         Least Sandpiper  PM                                     BA BA: 100
      Wilson's Phalarope                    AR                   BA BA: 50
        Ring-billed Gull     LB
         Franklin's Gull     LB

              Black Tern                                         BA one only
           Mourning Dove                                            common throughout
        Great Horned Owl                                            Denver near airport
        Common Nighthawk                                            Lamar city 1
    White-throated Swift                          GG

       Belted Kingfisher                       CP       TB    CC
      Lewis's Woodpecker *                              TB    CC
   Red-headed Woodpecker                                      CC
     Red-naped Sapsucker           BL EN
  Williamson's Sapsucker              EN                            one juvenal

        Downy Woodpecker                             FO             Lamar city 1
        Hairy Woodpecker              EN             FO
   Three-toed Woodpecker                       CP
        Northern Flicker              EN                TB       BA
  Olive-sided Flycatcher                                TB

      Western Wood-Pewee  PM       BL                FO          BA
          Eastern Phoebe                                      CC    one juvenal
            Say's Phoebe                                   CA CC
       Cassin's Kingbird                                      CC
        Western Kingbird  PM LB             AR       FO TB CA CC    always in groups

        Eastern Kingbird                                      CC
             Horned Lark  PM    PW       TR AR             CA
No. Rough-winged Swallow                       CP
             Sand Martin                                TB
            Barn Swallow     LB    BL                   TB

       Loggerhead Shrike  PM    PW                         CA CC
           Cedar Waxwing                                TB          Ft. Collins 1
         American Dipper                       CP
        Western Bluebird              EN
       Mountain Bluebird           BL

    Townsend's Solitaire *               TR
           Hermit Thrush                                TB
          American Robin           BL EN TR    CP GG FO TB
                 Bushtit                          GG
  Black-capped Chickadee *         BL             GG    TB

      Mountain Chickadee              EN          GG
          Pygmy Nuthatch              EN
   Red-breasted Nuthatch *            EN       CP
   American Tree-Creeper              EN
               Rock Wren  PM             TR                   CC

             Canyon Wren                          GG                heard only
              House Wren  PM                            TB
   Blue-grey Gnatcatcher                          GG
             Pine Siskin                       CP
      American Goldfinch                             FO

             House Finch                             FO
           Red Crossbill           BL EN       CP
  White-winged Crossbill                       CP
       McCown's Longspur *PM    PW
Chestnut-collared Longspur*     PW

            Lark Bunting *PM    PW                      TB CA CC
            Song Sparrow                             FO
       Lincoln's Sparrow           BL EN       CP
   White-crowned Sparrow                 TR
         Dark-eyed Junco           BL    TR             TB

        Savannah Sparrow  PM    PW                         CA CC
     Grasshopper Sparrow *      PW
        Chipping Sparrow        PW       TR             TB CA CC
        Brewer's Sparrow *PM
          Vesper Sparrow *PM    PW

            Lark Sparrow  PM                         FO
        Cassin's Sparrow *                                 CA
          Spotted Towhee                          GG
          Yellow Warbler           BL    TR          FO TB
   Yellow-rumped Warbler           BL    TR    CP

        Wilson's Warbler        PW BL    TR    CP    FO TB    CC BA
         Western Tanager                                TB          female
   Black-headed Grosbeak                             FO
           Blue Grosbeak                                TB    CC
          Lazuli Bunting              EN                            female

        Bullock's Oriole                                TB
 Yellow-headed Blackbird     LB PW
    Red-winged Blackbird     LB    BL                FO
      Western Meadowlark  PM LB PW                         CA CC    song in CC
          Common Grackle                             FO

      Brewer's Blackbird     LB
           House Sparrow  PM                                        Baca: Springfield
          American Pipit                 TR AR             CA
         Common Starling                             FO TB
    Northern Mockingbird                                TB

           Sage Thrasher *PM                AR             CA
                Blue Jay                             FO          BA
           Steller's Jay           BL EN       CP GG
               Scrub Jay                          GG          CC
                Grey Jay *         BL    TR    CP

     Black-billed Magpie     LB    BL EN       CP GG
      Clark's Nutcracker           BL    TR
           American Crow           BL EN             FO
        Chihuahuan Raven                                TB CA CC
            Common Raven           BL EN       CP GG

                  total   22 26 13 22 17 14 19 18 12 20 28 14 23 14
                          PM LB PW BL EN TR AR CP GG FO TB CA CC BA
       only at this site   1  9  3  3  5  2  5  6  5  7  8  2  6  1