Birding trip Cuba 4-17 March 2001
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John van der Woude

Photos of birding sites and other spots,
part 2: Cayo Coco, Soroa, Havana


This is one of the many buses that the Cubans got from Holland. This has been bus 33 to Wieringerwerf, which is near good birding spots in the NW of Holland. Here it is at the start of the dam from mainland Cuba to the Cayo Coco islands.


The lighthouse on Cayo Paredon Grande, a small and beautiful island connected to Cayo Coco. In the shrubs to the right we had Cuban Gnatcatcher and nearby also Thick-billed Vireo.


One of the dolinas (small karstic lakes) along the trail leaving the Cuevas Jabali on Cayo Coco.


Low mangroves near the small dam between Cayo Coco and Cayo Paredon Grande. Beautiful scenery but few birds, as often in this habitat.


We lost our way a bit when driving back from Moron to the highway and were kindly advised by this musician.


More musicians, now in the old city of Havana. The guy left, a Mexican, was just a guest at this café and a good and passionate singer.


The start of the track & trail uphill near Soroa in the hill range West of Havana. The photo is taken from the guarded parking place.


View from the top of the hill above Soroa.


The parking place seen from the Capitol building in Old Havana shows a good collection of old timers.


You can hardly leave Cuba without buying a few cigars.