Birding trip Cuba 4-17 March 2001
Part of report
John van der Woude

Species list

LGU = La Gura nature park and surroundings; in the wooded hills West of Havana; also some wetlands at base of hills.
ZAP = Zapata peninsula, vast inland reed marsh and (equally important) good forest around.
NAJ = Najasa, dry open woods and fields in hilly region South of Camaguey; includes a wetland at base of hills.
CAY = Cayo Coco and surrounding islands plus dam to mainland near Moron (North coast), woods, shrubs, mudflats, etc

species = Cuban endemic
species = Caribbean endemic
H = heard only

Least Grebe NAJ
Pied-billed Grebe NAJ
Neotropic Cormorant NAJ
Double-crested Cormorant ZAP CAY
Anhinga NAJ
Brown Pelican ZAP CAY
Magnificent Frigatebird CAY
Least Bittern near Cienfuegos
Tricoloured Heron ZAP NAJ CAY
Reddish Egret CAY
Little Blue Heron LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Snowy Egret LGU ZAP CAY
Great Blue Heron ZAP NAJ CAY
Great Egret ZAP NAJ CAY
Cattle Egret LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Green Heron NAJ
Black-crowned Night-Heron ZAP
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron NAJ CAY
White Ibis CAY
Glossy Ibis ZAP
Wood Stork ZAP
Greater Flamingo CAY
Ring-necked Duck NAJ
Ruddy Duck NAJ
Northern Pintail
Blue-winged Teal NAJ CAY
Turkey Vulture LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Gundlach's Hawk ZAP found a nest
Common Black-Hawk ZAP CAY Sometimes regarded as separate species: Cuban Black-Hawk, Buteogallus gundlachii
Broad-winged Hawk LGU ZAP NAJ
Red-tailed Hawk ZAP
Northern Harrier LGU clearly on migration northward, crossing the wooded hills
Crested Caracara ZAP CAY
American Kestrel LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Helmeted Guineafowl NAJ rather wild population in La Belen NP
American Purple Gallinule ZAP NAJ
Common Moorhen ZAP NAJ
American Coot ZAP NAJ CAY
Limpkin ZAP NAJ
Black-necked Stilt LGU CAY
Common Snipe LGU along road from Havana
Black-bellied Plover CAY
Semipalmated Plover CAY
Northern Jacana ZAP NAJ
Greater Yellowlegs CAY
Whimbrel CAY
Ruddy Turnstone CAY
Sanderling CAY
Semipalmated Sandpiper CAY
Western Sandpiper CAY
Short-billed Dowitcher CAY
Herring Gull [sp] CAY
Laughing Gull CAY
Caspian Tern NAJ
Royal Tern ZAP CAY
Sandwich Tern CAY
Scaly-naped Pigeon LGU H
White-crowned Pigeon ZAP CAY
Plain Pigeon NAJ
Mourning Dove LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Zenaida Dove LGU CAY
White-winged Dove LGU ZAP
Common Ground-Dove LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Grey-headed Quail-Dove ZAP
Key West Quail-Dove ZAP
Ruddy Quail-Dove ZAP flushed several but none seen well
Blue-headed Quail-Dove ZAP H Soroa 1 seen
Cuban Parakeet NAJ easy at Le Belen NP
Cuban Parrot ZAP NAJ
Great Lizard-Cuckoo LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Smooth-billed Ani LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Bare-legged Owl ZAP
Cuban Pygmy-Owl ZAP NAJ
Stygian Owl ZAP
Greater Antillean [Cuban] Nightjar CAY
Antillean Palm-swift LGU ZAP
White-collared Swift ZAP group of 4 above eastern part of Zapata marsh
Cuban Emerald LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Bee Hummingbird ZAP
Cuban Trogon LGU ZAP
Belted Kingfisher ZAP CAY
West Indian Woodpecker LGU ZAP NAJ
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Cuban Green Woodpecker LGU ZAP CAY
Northern [Cuban] Flicker ZAP
Fernandina's Flicker ZAP
Cuban Pewee LGU ZAP CAY Contopus caribeus, Greater Antillean, Crescent-eyed
La Sagra's Flycatcher LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Eastern Kingbird LGU ZAP
Loggerhead Kingbird LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Giant Kingbird NAJ one pair inside La Belen NP
Barn Swallow CAY
Cave Swallow CAY
Northern Rough-winged Swallow ZAP
Tree Swallow ZAP
Cuban Martin NAJ also in Havana
Zapata Wren ZAP
Grey Catbird LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Northern Mockingbird LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Bahama Mockingbird CAY see GPS location
Cuban Solitaire LGU
Red-legged Thrush LGU ZAP CAY
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher ZAP CAY
Cuban Gnatcatcher CAY see GPS location
Cuban Palm Crow NAJ Corvus minutus
Cuban Crow ZAP NAJ Corvus nasicus
House Sparrow Havana
Cuban Vireo ZAP NAJ CAY persistent song on many places, sounds like fast 'cuban vireo', descending
Thick-billed Vireo CAY see GPS location
White-eyed Vireo CAY
Yellow-throated Vireo NAJ
Northern Parula ZAP NAJ CAY
Yellow Warbler CAY
Cape May Warbler CAY
Black-throated Blue Warbler ZAP NAJ CAY
Yellow-rumped Warbler LGU
Black-throated Green Warbler ZAP
Yellow-throated Warbler NAJ
Olive-capped Warbler LGU
Prairie Warbler LGU ZAP CAY
Palm Warbler LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Black-and-white Warbler ZAP NAJ
American Redstart ZAP NAJ CAY
Worm-eating Warbler NAJ
Ovenbird ZAP NAJ CAY
Northern Waterthrush ZAP
Common Yellowthroat LGU ZAP NAJ
Yellow-headed Warbler ZAP NAJ
Oriente Warbler CAY
Western Stripe-headed Tanager LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Red-legged Honeycreeper LGU
Zapata (Cuban) Sparrow CAY 3 races at Cuba (1 at Zapata) so better called Cuban Sparrow
Cuban Bullfinch LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Cuban Grassquit NAJ
Yellow-faced Grassquit ZAP NAJ CAY
Black-cowled Oriole ZAP CAY
Red-shouldered Blackbird ZAP easy at Crocodile Farm Zapata (but only seen there)
Tawny-shouldered Blackbird ZAP
Eastern Meadowlark LGU NAJ CAY
Cuban Blackbird LGU ZAP NAJ CAY
Greater Antillean Grackle ZAP NAJ CAY
Shiny Cowbird LGU ZAP
Total number of species 43 84 65 78 Total 145 species
Other endemics possible: Antillean Nighthawk (not yet arrived), Cuban Kite (far in East), Zapata Rail (calling in other season), West-Indian Whistling-Duck (dawn and dusk), and who knows Ivory-billed Woodpecker (new assumption in military area in East, expedition to be held in spring 2002).