Trip list Southern Ecuador 22 Aug - 15 Sep 1998    
John van der Woude, The Netherlands
Part of birding trip report at

wo = occurs in Western half of Ecuador only
eo = occurs in Eastern half of Ecuador only
ao = occurs in Amazonian part only
S = Occurs in Southern Ecuador only
H = heard only
D = partly identified by deduction 
    (from range, altitude; see introduction of report for explanation)
#  = observed from bus during drive from Guayaquil East through coastal plain
GL = obs. at Gualaceo - Limon road incl. surr. of Gualaceo
CS = obs. at Cajas N.P. West of Cuenca
SU = obs. at Surocucho reserve between Cuenca and Cajas
CN = obs. at Cajanuma part of Podocarpus N.P. near Loja
VL = obs. at dry valley near Vilcabamba
BO = obs. at Bombuscaro valley of Podocarpus N.P. near Zamora
OR = obs. at Oriente lowlands East of Zamora
BV = obs. at Buenaventura site near Piņas, El Oro
RP = obs. at Rio Pindo East of Piņas
PC = obs. at Punta Carnero on Sta Elena Peninsula
IP = obs. at Isla de la Plata or between island and mainland
AY = obs. at Ayampe valley and surroundings (S of Machalilla N.P.)
CB = obs. at Cerro Blanco reserve 5 km W of Guayaquil
end.  = endemic: 
Tumb. = Tumbesian 
Choco = Choco
CAP   = Central Andes paramo 
SCA   = South Central Andes 
EPEA  = Ec./Peru East Andes
                                 GL CS SU CN VL BO OR BV RP PC IP AY CB
                 Little Tinamou H                  OR             AY
woS         Pale-browed Tinamou H                                 AY    Tumb. end.
              Pied-billed Grebe                             PC
    Parkinson's (Black) Petrel) D                              IP?
               Sooty Shearwater D                              IP?
             Black Storm-petrel D                              IP?
          Red-billed Tropicbird                                IP
              Blue-footed Booby                             PC IP
                 Peruvian Booby                                IP
                   Masked Booby                                IP
            Neotropic Cormorant                             PC    AY
                  Brown Pelican                             PC
     Peruvian (Chilean) Pelican                             PC
        Magnificent Frigatebird                             PC    AY
              Little Blue Heron                             PC
                    Snowy Egret                             PC
     Cocoi (White-necked) Heron                             PC
              Great White Egret                             PC
                   Cattle Egret                                IP AY
ao       Striated (Green) Heron                             PC    AY
                  Speckled Teal    CS SU
               Blue-winged Teal D                           PC?
         American Black Vulture  #                 OR BV          AY
                 Turkey Vulture  #                 OR BV    PC IP AY
   Greater Yellow-headed Vulture                   OR
                   King Vulture                                      CB
   American Swallow-tailed Kite                 BO OR
                     Snail Kite  #                 OR
            Plain-breasted Hawk  GL    SU CN
               Grey-backed Hawk                       BV          AY CB Tumb. end.
               Great Black-hawk                       BV
wo                Savannah Hawk                       BV
    Black-chested Buzzard-eagle  GL       CN          BV
                      Grey Hawk                                   AY
                  Roadside Hawk                    OR BV          AY
           Puna (Variable) Hawk     CS
               Black Hawk-eagle                    OR BV
eo               Black Caracara                    OR
          Red-throated Caracara                                      CB
          Carunculated Caracara     CS                                  CAP end.
wo             Crested Caracara                       BV
                Laughing Falcon                                   AY CB
         Collared Forest-falcon                                   AY
               American Kestrel           CN          BV
                     Bat Falcon                 BO
wo     Rufous-headed Chachalaca H                     BV                Tumb. end.
woS                Bearded Guan           CN                            SCA end.
                    Andean Guan  GL
             Sickle-winged Guan                 BO    BV
eo           Marbled Wood-quail H                  OR
wo        Black-eared Woodquail H                     BV
           White-throated Crake H                     BV
                  American Coot        SU
                 Wattled Jacana  #
         American Oystercatcher                             PC
             Black-necked Stilt                             PC
      Grey (Bl.-bellied) Plover                             PC
            Semipalmated Plover D                           PC
 Wilson's (Thick-billed) Plover                             PC
                Collared Plover D                                 AY
    Hudsonian Curlew (Whimbrel)                             PC
             Greater Yellowlegs                             PC
              Lesser Yellowlegs                             PC
             Solitary Sandpiper              VL
              Spotted Sandpiper  GL                      RP
              Wandering Tattler D                              IP
                         Willet                             PC
                Ruddy Turnstone                             PC
         Short-billed Dowitcher                             PC
                     Sanderling                             PC
                Least Sandpiper                             PC
             Pectoral Sandpiper D   CS
             Wilson's Phalarope                             PC
           Grey (Red) Phalarope                                IP
                      Grey Gull                             PC
                      Kelp Gull                             PC
               Grey-headed Gull                             PC
                  Sabine's Gull                                IP
                   Elegant Tern                             PC
                    Common Tern                             PC?
                     Black Tern                             PC
             Band-tailed Pigeon  GL    SU CN
               Plumbeous Pigeon H                     BV
                   Ruddy Pigeon                 BO OR BV          AY
wo                   Eared Dove  GL
wo       Ecuadorean Ground-dove                                      CB Tumb. end.
           Croaking Ground-dove                             PC
              White-tipped Dove                       BV          AY CB
wo                  Pallid Dove                                   AY
               Ruddy Quail-dove D                     BV
            Red-masked Parakeet                       BV          AY    Tumb. end.
ao        Dusky-headed Parakeet                    OR
                El Oro Parakeet D                     BV                Tumb. end.
wo            Pacific Parrotlet                             PC    AY CB Tumb. end.
woS       Grey-cheeked Parakeet                                      CB Tumb. end. 
             Blue-headed Parrot                    OR
           Speckled-facedParrot           CN
wo         Bronze-winged Parrot                       BV          AY
             Scaly-naped Parrot           CN
                Squirrel Cuckoo              VL BO OR BV             CB
                  Little Cuckoo                 BO
              Smooth-billed Ani              VL    OR BV
wo            Groove-billed Ani                             PC    AY CB
wo               Striped Cuckoo                       BV          AY
woS   West Peruvian Screech-owl H               BO
          Short-tailed Nightjar D         CN
                       Pauraque                 BO                AY
woS  Anthony's (Scrub) Nightjar D                           PC          Tumb. end.
eo            Blackish Nightjar                 BO
        Chestnut-collared Swift                    OR
           White-collared Swift  GL                OR
              Grey-rumped Swift                 BO
             Short-tailed Swift                                      CB
    Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift                                   AY
         Band-tailed Barbthroat H?                    BV
wo       White-whiskered Hermit                       BV
eo                 Green Hermit                 BO
             Long-tailed Hermit                                      CB
           Sparkling Violet-ear  GL
wo            Crowned Woodnymph                                   AY
wo   Violet-bellied Hummingbird                                      CB
           Amazilia Hummingbird              VL                   AY CB
            Ecuadorian Hillstar     CS
              Giant Hummingbird  GL
          Mountain Velvetbreast  GL
                  Collared Inca  GL       CN
       Buff-winged Starfrontlet           CN
  S        Rainbow Starfrontlet           CN                            SCA end.
       Sword-billed Hummingbird           CN
eoS  Amethyst-throated Sunangel  GL
eo          Tourmaline Sunangel  GL
  S    Purple-throated Sunangel           CN                            SCA end.
eo              Glowing Puffleg  GL       CN
        Sapphire-vented Puffleg     CS
       Green-tailed Trainbearer        SU
        Purple-backed Thornbill        SU
             Viridian Metaltail  GL
  S   Violet-throated Metaltail     CS                                  CAP end.
               Tyrian Metaltail  GL       CN
eo          Mountain Avocetbill  GL
wo          Violet-tailed Sylph                       BV
wo         Purple-crowned Fairy                       BV
eo            Black-eared Fairy                 BO
woS       Short-tailed Woodstar                             PC IP
          Golden-headed Quetzal H         CN
            Black-tailed Trogon                                   AY    Tumb. end.
            White-tailed Trogon                    OR
                Collared Trogon                 BO    BV          AY
                  Masked Trogon        SU CN
              Violaceous Trogon                                   AY
              Ringed Kingfisher                          RP       AY
eo            Amazon Kingfisher                                   AY
               Green Kingfisher                       BV          AY
            Blue-crowned Motmot                 BO
eo      Coppery-chested Jacamar                 BO                       EPEA end.
ao        White-chinned Jacamar                    OR
wo     White-whiskered Puffbird                                   AY
eo         Black-spotted Barbet H                  OR
              Red-headed Barbet                 BO
eo             Emerald Toucanet           CN          BV
        Crimson-rumped Toucanet                       BV
eo         Ivory-billed Aracari                    OR
woN      Pale-mandibled Aracari                                   AY     Choco end.
  Grey-breasted Mountain-toucan           CN
eo         Lafresnaye's Piculet                 BO
wo           Olivaceous Piculet                                   AY
wo     Black-cheeked Woodpecker                                   AY
       Yellow-tufted Woodpecker                    OR
wo    Scarlet-backed Woodpecker                                   AY CB
        Golden-olive Woodpecker              VL                   AY
     Crimson-mantled Woodpecker           CN
           Guayaquil Woodpecker                                   AY
            Lineated Woodpecker                    OR             
        Plain-brown Woodcreeper                 BO OR             AY
         Olivaceous Woodcreeper                 BO OR             AY CB
       Wedge-billed Woodcreeper                       BV
wo          Spotted Woodcreeper D                     BV
      Strong-billed Woodcreeper H         CN
eo     Olive-backed Woodcreeper D         CN
wo    Streak-headed Woodcreeper                                   AY CB
       Spot-crowned Woodcreeper           CN
           Bar-winged Cinclodes  GL CS
         Stout-billed Cinclodes     CS
wo              Pacific Hornero           CN VL                   AY
           Andean Tit-spinetail     CS
  S  Mouse-coloured Thistletail  GL                                      CAP end.
              Azara's Spinetail  GL    SU CN          BV
wo              Slaty Spinetail                       BV          AY
eo      Dark-breasted Spinetail                 BO OR
eo              Dusky Spinetail                 BO
               Rufous Spinetail  GL
woS         Necklaced Spinetail                                   AY     Tumb. end.
         Many-striped Canastero  GL
             Pearled Treerunner        SU CN
           Streaked Tuftedcheek           CN
wo Slaty-winged Foliage-gleaner                       BV
                   Plain Xenops                       BV
                Streaked Xenops                 BO                AY CB
            Fasciated Antshrike                    OR
woS          Collared Antshrike                                   AY CB  Tumb. end.
eo              Lined Antshrike                 BO
wo      Western Slaty Antshrike H                                 AY
        Mouse-colored Antshrike H                  OR
                 Plain Antvireo                                   AY
eo               Ornate Antwren                 BO
                  Slaty Antwren                                   AY
          White-backed Fire-eye                                   AY
           Scale-backed Antbird H               BO
          Plain-backed Antpitta H               BO    BV
      Chestnut-crowned Antpitta H         CN
        Chestnut-naped Antpitta           CN
                Rufous Antpitta HGL       CN
                 Tawny Antpitta  GL CS
                Andean Tapaculo  GL       CN
             Ocellated Tapaculo           CN
              Barred Fruiteater           CN
        Andean Cock-of-the-rock                 BO
eo          Blue-rumped Manakin                 BO
wo          Club-winged Manakin                       BV                 Choco end.
           Dwarf Tyrant-manakin H                  OR
       Streak-necked Flycatcher  GL
       Ochre-bellied Flycatcher H                                 AY?
ao      Slaty-capped Flycatcher                       BV
eo   Black-throated Tody-tyrant           CN
         Common Tody-flycatcher                    OR
   Black-headed Tody-flycatcher                       BV
  Southern Beardless Tyrannulet                                   AY CB
         Yellow-bellied Elaenia                                   AY
          White-crested Elaenia  GL       CN
      White-throated Tyrannulet  GL CS SU
        White-tailed Tyrannulet           CN
        White-banded Tyrannulet  GL       CN
             Torrent Tyrannulet  GL
woS  Tawny-crowned Pygmy-tyrant                                   AY
    Marble-faced Bristle-tyrant                 BO
     Scale-crested Pygmy-tyrant                       BV          AY
        Yellow-olive Flycatcher                 BO
              Ornate Flycatcher                 BO    BV
       Bran-coloured Flycatcher                       BV
        Black-tailed Flycatcher                                   AY
            Cinnamon Flycatcher  GL       CN
eo             Cliff Flycatcher                 BO
             Western Wood-pewee                                   AY
                 Tropical Pewee              VL
                   Black Phoebe  GL          VL       BV
          Vermillion Flycatcher                             PC IP
            Crowned Chat-tyrant        SU
       Slaty-backed Chat-tyrant           CN
    Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant           CN
       Brown-backed Chat-tyrant     CS
       White-browed Chat-tyrant  GL       CN
         Red-rumped Bush-tyrant     CS SU
    Streak-throated Bush-tyrant  GL
     Black-billed Shrike-tyrant     CS
     Plain-capped Ground-tyrant     CS
woS   Short-tailed Field-tyrant                             PC
wo          Masked Water-tyrant                                   AY
             Long-tailed Tyrant                    OR
           Bright-rumped Attila H                  OR             AY
        Dusky-capped Flycatcher                       BV
woS    Sooty-crowned Flycatcher                                   AY CB  Tumb. end.
              Tropical Kingbird              VL BO OR BV          AY
         Boat-billed Flycatcher                       BV RP       AY
eo      Lemon-browed Flycatcher                 BO
      Golden-crowned Flycatcher                 BO
woS          Baird's Flycatcher                                IP AY     Tumb. end.
            Streaked Flycatcher                                   AY CB
woN   Rusty-margined Flycatcher                                   AY
              Social Flycatcher                       BV
             Piratic Flycatcher H                  OR             AY?
ao               Great Kiskadee                    OR
                Lesser Kiskadee H                  OR
         Black-and-white Becard                                      CB
wo          One-coloured Becard                          RP       AY CB
                  Masked Tityra                    OR
           Grey-breasted Martin                       BV    PC    AY
          Brown-bellied Swallow  GL       CN
         Blue-and-white Swallow  GL             BO OR BV
eo         White-banded Swallow                 BO OR
  Southern Rough-winged Swallow              VL BO OR BV          AY
                   Barn Swallow                    OR
eo      Black-capped Donacobius                    OR
eo             Thrush-like Wren H                  OR
wo               Fasciated Wren              VL          RP       AY CB
                    Rufous Wren           CN
              Plain-tailed Wren           CN
wo  Whiskered (fr. Moust.) Wren                       BV
wo       Speckled-breasted Wren                                   AY
wo                     Bay Wren                       BV
woS          Superciliated Wren                                   AY     Tumb. end.
            Southern House Wren                 BO OR BV    PC    AY
                  Mountain Wren  GL
        Grey-breasted Wood-wren  GL       CN          BV
       White-breasted Wood-wren H               BO
      Southern Nightingale-wren H                                 AY
wo                    Song Wren H                     BV
woS     Long-tailed Mockingbird                             PC IP
                   Great Thrush  GL    SU CN
wo      Plumbeous-backed Thrush                       BV                 Tumb. end.
eo          Black-billed Thrush                 BO OR
               Pale-eyed Thrush H               BO
             Pale-vented Thrush H?                    BV
            White-necked Thrush H               BO
wo            Ecuadorian Thrush                       BV          AY CB  Tumb. end.
           Tropical Gnatcatcher                             PC    AY CB
                  Turquoise Jay        SU CN
eo               Violaceous Jay H                  OR
woS            White-tailed Jay                                      CB  Tumb. end.
eo                    Green Jay                 BO
                  House Sparrow  GL
     Rufous-browed Peppershrike H                                 AY
                 Red-eyed Vireo                                   AY CB
                  Hooded Siskin  GL
                Tropical Parula                 BO    BV          AY CB
            Masked Yellowthroat                       BV
        Slate-throated Redstart  GL             BO    BV
            Spectacled Redstart  GL CS SU CN
wo        Grey-and-gold Warbler                       BV          AY CB  Tumb. end.
eo              Citrine Warbler           CN
          Black-crested Warbler  GL
         Russet-crowned Warbler           CN
                     Bananaquit                 BO                AY
             Cinereous Conebill  GL
           Blue-backed Conebill  GL       CN
                 Giant Conebill     CS
eo               Magpie Tanager                 BO OR
            Grass-green Tanager  GL
            Common Bush-tanager                       BV
wo           Dusky Bush-tanager                       BV                 Choco end.
   Yellow-throated Bush-tanager                 BO OR BV
     Ashy-throated Bush-tanager                 BO    BV
       Grey-hooded Bush-tanager  GL       CN
      Superciliared Hemispingus        SU
eo     Black-headed Hemispingus           CN
wo       Ochre-breasted Tanager                       BV
ao        Flame-crested Tanager                    OR
       White-shouldered Tanager                                      CB
            White-lined Tanager                 BO
           White-winged Tanager                 BO
          Silver-beaked Tanager                 BO OR
           Flame-rumped Tanager                       BV          AY
              Blue-grey Tanager              VL BO OR BV          AY
                   Palm Tanager                 BO    BV
            Blue-capped Tanager           CN
        Hooded Mountain-tanager  GL       CN
eo      Masked Mountain-tanager           CN                             CAP end.
     Lacrimose Mountain-tanager  GL       CN
     Scarlet-bellied Mt-tanager  GL CS SU CN
         Golden-crowned Tanager  GL       CN
       Buff-breasted Mt-tanager  GL CS    CN
          Fawn-breasted Tanager  GL             BO
          Thick-billed Euphonia                 BO    BV          AY
        Orange-bellied Euphonia                 BO    BV
eo         Orange-eared Tanager                 BO
eo             Paradise Tanager                 BO
eo       Green-and-gold Tanager                 BO
                 Golden Tanager                 BO    BV
wo      Silver-throated Tanager                       BV
eo         Golden-eared Tanager                 BO
            Flame-faced Tanager                       BV
eo       Yellow-bellied Tanager                 BO
             Bay-headed Tanager                 BO    BV
           Golden-naped Tanager                       BV
            Blue-necked Tanager                 BO    BV          AY
         Beryl-spangled Tanager                       BV
         Blue-and-black Tanager           CN
ao        Yellow-bellied Dacnis                    OR
             Green Honeycreeper                                   AY
ao          Purple Honeycreeper                 BO
woS             Tit-like Dacnis     CS
                Swallow Tanager                       BV
        Rufous-collared Sparrow  GL                   BV
          Yellow-browed Sparrow                 BO OR
          Orange-billed Sparrow                                   AY
  S        Black-capped Sparrow                                   AY     Tumb. end.
wo        Black-striped Sparrow                       BV          AY
eo       Pale-naped Brush-finch  GL       CN
       Rufous-naped Brush-finch  GL    SU CN
      Stripe-headed Brush-finch        SU
                    Olive Finch                 BO
eo    Black-backed Bush-tanager  GL                                      CAP end.
wo      Crimson Finch(-Tanager)                                   AY     Tumb. end.
         Plumbeous Sierra-finch     CS
                    Slaty Finch           CN
woS     Collared Warbling-finch                                IP
woS               Saffron Finch              VL
           Blue-black Grassquit                    OR       PC
             Variable Seedeater                       BV          AY
      Black-and-white Seedeater                    OR
  S     Parrot-billed Seedeater                             PC
eo   Chestnut-bellied Seedeater                    OR
          Band-tailed Seedeater  GL
       Plain-coloured Seedeater     CS
               Paramo Seedeater  GL
           Rusty Flower-piercer              VL
     White-sided Flower-piercer           CN
          Glossy Flower-piercer  GL
           Black Flower-piercer     CS SU CN
          Masked Flower-piercer  GL    SU CN
       Southern Yellow Grosbeak  GL                               AY CB
        Slate-coloured Grosbeak                                   AY CB
         Buff-throated Saltator                 BO OR BV          AY
          Black-winged Saltator                       BV
              Streaked Saltator                                   AY
eo           Crested Oropendola                    OR
       Russet-backed Oropendola                 BO
          Yellow-rumped Cacique                    OR
eo          Subtropical Cacique                 BO
eo             Mountain Cacique           CN
wo         Yellow-tailed Oriole              VL                   AY CB
            Peruvian Meadowlark                             PC
wo              Scrub Blackbird              VL       BV RP       AY CB
           Great-tailed Grackle              VL
                  Shiny Cowbird  GL                      RP