Birding trip South Ecuador 1998 - photos of sites
report at  -  John van der Woude
These photos were made by friends a year before our trip. 
We visited the same sites.

Truck near the pass in the road between Gualaceo and Limon, east-Andes slope.

Lower part of the Gualaceo-Limon road

Cajas national park, Laguna Toreadora near the visitor centre.

Cajas NP, epiphyte-laden Polylepis forest pocket at lake border (see photo of lake above).

The Cajanuma part of Podocarpus NP near Loja. You come up via the road right of the centre

Along the unsurfaced road up to Cajanuma.

The Bombuscaro part of Podocarpus NP, the river valley, at the parking place.

Vilcabamba valley South of Podocarpus NP. A rather dry intermontane basin.

Buenaventura valley near Piņas.

Punta Carnero, view from hotel room balcony.

Punta Carnero, the typical dry bush scenery.

Mouth of river Ayampe in Southwest Ecuador.

Wooded valley floor of river Ayampe.

Cerro Blanco reserve near Guayaquil.