Southern Ecuador Aug./Sep. 1998
   -  John van der Woude
sounds recordings of birding trip (see report at

Club-winged Manakin, at a lek at the Buenaventura site near Piñas, El Oro. One in the foreground, two others answering in the background. Also chirps of probably Yellow-throated Bush-Tanager: cwman.mp3 , 6 sep. 1998 at 10.30 a.m.

Andean Solitaire, two in song contest 5 m from each other: ansol.mp3  

Bay Wren, plus Azara's Spinetail and Andean Solitaire at the end: baywr.mp3  

Bearded Guan at Cajanuma, Podocarpus N.P.: brguan.mp3 

Glossy Flowerpiercer, Gualaceao-Limon road (singing uninterruptedly for at least 1 minute):

Tawny Antpitta, Gualaceo-Limon road: tawant.mp3  

Orange-billed Sparrow, Ayampe river valley (West coast): orbisp.mp3  

Crimson Finch-Tanager, Ayampe river valley: crfita.mp3  

Fasciated Antshrike, Guayzimi, Southern Oriente: fasant.mp3  

Mouse-colored Antshrike, Guayzimi, Southern Oriente: mocant.mp3  

Russet-backed Oropendola, Guayzimi, Southern Oriente: ruboro.mp3  

Guayaquil Woodpecker, alarm call: campwope.mp3


Mystery bird sounds the same trip (at first unknown to me) (PCo = identified by Paul Coopmans):

At Bombuscaro, Podocarpus N.P., humid East slope forest at c. 1000 m:

ec98213m.mp3 Hummer? Special song of Green Hermit (many seen)?

At Cajanuma, Podocarpus N.P., low temperate forest at c. 2800 m:

ec98128m.mp3  Ash-colored Tapaculo?

ec98308x.mp3  (most probably duet song of Russet-crowned Warbler; a longer take is ec98308m.mp3)

ec98310m.mp3 . Found (PCo): Buff-breasted Mountain-Tanager.

ec98320m.mp3 (tapaculo, not seen). Found (PCo): Scytalopus parkeri.

ec98321m.mp3 (tapaculo ?, not seen)

At Buenaventura, near Piñas, El Oro, humid West slope forest at c. 900 m:

ec98419m.mp3 (most probably Uniform Antshrike, not seen). Found (PCo): Uniform Antshrike indeed.


At Ayampe river valley, West coast near Machalilla N.P., moist valley bottom forest at sea level:

ec98453m.mp3 . Found (PCo): Speckled-breasted Wren - Thryothorus (sclateri) maculipectus.

ec98464m.mp3 . Found (PCo): Tropical Parula.

ec98509m.mp3 (antshrike?, not seen, with Slaty Spinetail). Found (PCo): Great Antshrike.

ec98510m.mp3 . Found (PCo): same as 453 (Speckled-breasted Wren)