Species list birding trip Gambia 18-25 November 2002
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John van der Woude
Description of sites see text part of this trip report. Note:
Abuko = Abuko national park
Brufut = Brufut national park/reserve
Tanji - beach at village port
Pirang = abandoned shrimp ponds, unless indicated otherwise (like rice fields near village)
Kololi = area of hotels and shops just outside Senegambia hotel
This list is in Sibley & Moore sequence.
Double-spurred Francolin  sev. heard, some seen e.g. Abuko, Bush Track
White-faced Whistling-Duck  1 family (?) Kotu ponds; Pirang two groups
Greater Honeyguide  Marakissa female in low bush along small trail
Fine-spotted Woodpecker  one only!, Marakissa in scope after long walk to southern marsh
Grey Woodpecker  sev. sites, also Senegambia hotel garden
Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird  often heard, once seen in low bush Marakissa
Vieillot's Barbet  Bush Track sev. around open savanna plot
Bearded Barbet  sev. in savanna woodlands (first at Fajara golf course)
Red-billed Hornbill  many places e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
African Pied Hornbill  Brufut in treetop, a few later at other sites
African Grey Hornbill  sev. places, e.g. Bijilo park
Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill  Bush Track pair in small tree in woodland savanna
Green Woodhoopoe  some groups e.g. Bijilo park left of entrance
Abyssinian Roller  a few only e.g. Fajara golf course
Rufous-crowned Roller  Bush Track 1 in open treetop, scope view
Blue-bellied Roller  Casino cycle track 3 in different palms; sev. later in wooded savannas
Broad-billed Roller  Senegambia hotel garden group in air at dusk; Brufut aerial group at midday
Malachite Kingfisher  just inland of Kotu bridge at small reed fringe
African Pygmy-Kingfisher  Brufut in low bushy savanna, close to the Striped Kingf.
Woodland Kingfisher  Bijilo park in small tree; only once later (Brufut?)
Blue-breasted Kingfisher  Pirang village below large shady tree along dusty road
Striped Kingfisher  Brufut close view in small tree
Giant Kingfisher  Abuko park Crocodile pond male and later female (preening)
Pied Kingfisher  sev. sites, once even hovering above sea (Tanji)
Little Bee-eater  best at Bijilo park, confiding group
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater  Brufut clear view in open tree
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater  Pirang sev. ar and in mangroves right
Levaillant's Cuckoo  Brufut well seen in small tree and in flight
Klaas's Cuckoo  Brufut well seen on top of small tree
Senegal Coucal  singles here and there, e.g. Fajara
Senegal Parrot  Bijilo park on palm stump
Rose-ringed Parakeet  opp. Bijilo park (a garden), few elsewhere
Mottled Spinetail  Brufut clear view, few elsewhere
African Palm-Swift  sev. throughout
Little Swift  sev., best seen at Pirang
Green (Guinea) Turaco  Abuko hoping from tree to tree a end of shortcut trail
Violet Turaco  Abuko 1 at shortcut trail, swallowing fruit; Brufut several!
Western Grey Plantain-eater  Abuko very noisy groups inside forest
Pearl-spotted Owlet  Brufut at end one seen at eye-level
Long-tailed Nightjar  Casino Cycle Track side track at dusk near beach 
Speckled Pigeon  Senegambia hotel garden 3 on roof; few other places, singles
Laughing Dove  many places, e.g. Senegambia hotel garden, often highly visible
Mourning Collared-Dove  where?
Vinaceous Dove  calling on many places
Red-eyed Dove  e.g. Senegambia hotel garden, on ground
Black-billed Wood-Dove  often heard (or Blue-spotted); good view in Brufut area
Blue-spotted Wood-Dove  best seen in Marakissa and Abuko: blue spots in sunshine
Namaqua Dove  several Bush Track
African Green-Pigeon  Pirang at town rice fields in trees; Marakissa village (video)
Black Crowned-Crane  Pirang 2 closeby in old shrimp ponds, landing at only 70 m distance
Black Crake  Abuko Croc. pond 2 walking on left-hand border; also heard at Marakissa river camp
Black-tailed Godwit  2 in Kotu stream Fajara golf course; large group (c. 40) on beach Tanji
Whimbrel  a few throughout
Common Redshank  four at Kotu ponds
Common Greenshank  Fajara: Kotu stream; a few later on (e.g. Pirang)
Wood Sandpiper  one at Kotu ponds
Common Sandpiper  a few
Ruddy Turnstone  sev. at Tanji beach
Sanderling  many at Tanji beach
Little Stint  Pirang 1 between 5 Curlew Sandp.
Curlew Sandpiper  one Kotu ponds; several Pirang
Ruff  Pirang 1 in flight
African Jacana  Abuko Croc. pond and at first hide
Senegal Thick-knee  sev., best at Pirang 2 below dike; first one at end of Brufut area, at small creek
Eurasian Oystercatcher  one at Tanji beach
Black-winged Stilt  c. 6 at Kotu ponds; some at Pirang
Pied Avocet  Pirang a few
Common Ringed Plover  Tanji beach a few
Spur-winged Lapwing  one at Fajara golf course
Black-headed Lapwing  sev., first at Fajara golf course (two together)
Wattled Lapwing  two along road to Bijilo park entrance
Lesser Black-backed Gull  Tanji beach a few
Grey-headed Gull  sev. along coast
Gull-billed Tern  Pirang a few flying around
Caspian Tern  sev. along coast
Royal Tern  Pirang group to the right
Sandwich Tern  Tanji beach a few
Common Tern  Tanji beach sev.
Little Tern  Pirang a few near mangroves right
Osprey  a few throughout
Black-winged Kite  Kotu bridge, and a few later on
Black Kite  common but should be more visible in other seasons
Palm-nut Vulture  Abuko male a while before zoo, nearby in flight; later a few only (e.g. Pirang)
Hooded Vulture  common, e.g. at Senegambia hotel
Bateleur  Bush Track 1 adult overhead
Western Marsh-Harrier  Pirang 1 subad. male; Marakissa swamp 1
African Harrier-Hawk  sev., best at Abuko Croc.pond close view in tree
Lizard Buzzard  sev. Marakissa; first at Brufut, in palm
Dark Chanting-Goshawk  in flight sev. places e.g. Casino Cycle Track
Gabar Goshawk  Brufut overhead (format; rump); Marakissa perched, scope view early a.m.
Shikra  a few, first at Fajara golf course, chased by Pied Crows
Grasshopper Buzzard  first bird of Bush Track, splendidly exposed in tree (video)
Tawny Eagle  Marakissa dark female adult, circling overhead near marsh far at right
Wahlberg's Eagle  probably one at Brufut: narrow straight wings and tail
Martial Eagle  Bush Track 1 adult circling overhead
Common Kestrel  a few, e.g. in Kololi, chased by Little Swifts
Grey Kestrel  Bijilo park Ornith. trail 1 on palm stump
African Hobby  Pirang small rice fields twice closeby overhead
Lanner Falcon  Marakissa low flight across road
Little Grebe  sev. Kotu ponds
African Darter  Marakissa river camp on river bank
Long-tailed Cormorant  Kotu ponds 1 flying out; sev. at Pirang
Black Heron  a few at Pirang (first ones: 2 overhead)
Little Egret  Pirang in large flight group of egrets and spoonbills
Western Reef-Egret  one closeby along Casino Cycle Track marshy spot
Grey Heron  Abuko 1 , Pirang 1
Black-headed Heron  dozens Abuko evening roost flight; Abuko Croc.pond sev. in flight
Purple Heron  Pirang a few
Great Egret  some, esp. Pirang
Intermediate Egret  sev. Pirang, e.g. on dikes
Cattle Egret  sev. throughout in pastures
Squacco Heron  Abuko Croc.pond two; one Kotu bridge
Striated Heron  Abuko just before Croc.pond
Black-crowned Night-Heron  Abuko Croc. pond sev.
Hamerkop  Abuko Croc.pond and some elsewhere (Casino Cycle Track)
Greater Flamingo  Pirang 4 ad. plus 2 young in upper right-hand corner
Eurasian Spoonbill  Pirang a few
African Spoonbill  Pirang sev., esp. in large group of egrets etc.
Pink-backed Pelican  sev. Pirang
Yellow-billed Stork  Pirang a few
Woolly-necked Stork  Pirang one on small dike between shrimp ponds, in distance
Woodchat Shrike  male Bush Track in same tree as Vieillot's Barbet
Yellow-billed Shrike  sev. open places a.g. along road to Bijilo park entrance
Piapiac  group at drip system Senegambia hotel garden; few elsewhere
Pied Crow  small groups of 2 or 3 on sev, places e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
African Golden-Oriole  Brufut (female), Marakissa male close view in small tree
Fork-tailed Drongo  Kotu ponds first one; later few elsewhere
Red-breasted/Black-headed Paradise-Flycatcher  Abuko several, some with white on wing! (video)
Northern Puffback  Abuko one in large acacia in savanna part near cross trail; more at Marakissa 
Black-crowned Tchagra  Brufut sev. heard, finally seen one hidden in top of small tree
Common (Yellow-crowned) Gonolek  easy in Senegambia hotel garden; elsewhere only heard
Grey-headed Bushshrike  near Marakissa river camp one in big tree (other side of road)
White(-crested) Helmetshrike  Marakissa close view in small tree at trail (video)
Senegal Batis  Brufut female close view in small tree while we searched a calling tinkerbird
Brown-throated Wattle-eye  male Abuko dense tall forest part close view right at trail
African Thrush   in garden Senegambia hotel, and often elsewhere on shady places
Northern Black-Flycatcher  singles at sev. placese.g. Senegambia hotel garden near small pond
Common Nightingale - one singing at Brufut
Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat  a few in the elevated part of Bijilo park, on forest floor
White-crowned Robin-Chat  a few in garden Senegambia hotel
Whinchat  one on small stake Brufut
Purple Glossy-Starling  Brufut in tall tree along road
Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling  e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Long-tailed Glossy-Starling  e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Yellow-billed Oxpecker  two at border of small rice fields near Pirang town
Barn Swallow  Pirang next to Red-chested Swallow on twigs
Red-chested Swallow  a group at Brufut; some at Pirang
Wire-tailed Swallow  Kotu ponds several; Pirang one group
Mosque Swallow   few passing overhead at Pirang while waiting for the cranes
Red-rumped Swallow  Pirang in group of other swallows at Marshy pond
Fanti Sawwing  Abuko Croc. pond one or two circling around; only once later (Marakissa?)
Garden (Common) Bulbul  singles at many places, e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Little Greenbul  Abuko one shortly after entrance in shady tree
Yellow-throated Greenbul  agitated group inside forest Abuko
Singing Cisticola  close view in grass Brufut, with song
Siffling Cisticola  Brufut well seen
Zitting Cisticola  Brufut in grass; also Pirang at marsh left side
Tawny-flanked Prinia  calling in many places; first seen at weedy patch before entrance Bijilo park
Oriole Warbler  sev. heard and some seen Bijilo park esp. lower part
Grey-backed Camaroptera  Bijilo close views
Olivaceous Warbler  Pirang rice fields in tree together with Bonelli's Warbler
Melodious Warbler  one seen singing Brufut near Nightingale
Senegal (Green-backed) Eremomela  close view in sun in low tree Brufut
Northern Crombec  two in small tree Bijilo ornith. trail; Brufut one too
Bonelli's Warbler  Brufut: best view ever (light conditions), inside tree
Blackcap Babbler  noisy group in Senegambia hotel garden
Brown Babbler  two quarreling with bulbuls at Senegambia hotel garden; few elsewhere
Subalpine Warbler  sev. singing and some seen e.g. Brufut
Crested Lark  sev. on dikes Pirang
Collared Sunbird  one adult (Bush Track?)
Variable Sunbird  male in small tree along Casino Cycle Track
Splendid Sunbird  a few, e.g. female Bijilo park, male Casino Cycle Track near nightjar spot
Beautiful Sunbird  many places, often well visible; first at Senegambia hotel garden
House Sparrow  a few at Kololi
Grey-headed Sparrow  sev. places, fist in bush along Casino Cycle Track
Yellow Wagtail  Pirang a few
White-billed Buffalo-Weaver  small group in tree at Casino Cycle Track (side track to nightjar spot)
Black-necked Weaver  many wooded places; first Bijilo park a few low in dense trees
Village Weaver  many places e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Orange (Northern Red) Bishop  Brufut and Bush Track male in transition plumage; sev. female types
Red-billed Firefinch  undergrowth Bijilo park Red Trail
Red-cheeked Cordonbleu  small groups and singles e.g. weedy patch before entrance Bijilo park
Lavender Waxbill  groups in bushes e.g. at small pond Senegambia hotel garden
African Silverbill  group in high grass along Casino Cycle Track
Bronze Munia (Mannikin)  small groups sev. places, e.g. Senegambia hotel garden
Village Indigobird  female types in dry bush along Casino Cycle Track
Pin-tailed Whydah  male with short tail Brufut exposed in tree
Yellow-fronted Canary  Brufut in small tree in open savanna (video)