Birding trip Hungary (+ Eastern Austria) 4-16 May 2005
Photos of birding sites
John van der Woude, 

Hansag Austria, old large hay fields, East of Neusiedler See area


Hansag Austria. Great Bustard, Short-eared Owl, Whinchat.


Mixed deciduous forests of Bükk NP in Eastern Hungary. Grey-headed Woodpecker, Hawfinch.


Beech forest in Bükk NP. White-backed Woodpecker.
See also short film of this woodpecker entering hole (274 KB wmv).


Beech forest and brook along forest road SE of Repashuta. Red-breasted Flycatcher.


Open scenic area in mid-southern section of Bükk NP. 
Hawfinch is probably the most abundant breeding bird of Bükk NP.


Farm Lator ( at southern border of Bükk NP. Lodge and campsite.
Collared Flycatcher, Wryneck, Golden Oriole, raptors.


Borsod Mezoseg reserve, the "little Hortobagy" between Bükk NP and the Tisza river.  Along southern W-E dirt road. All three black tern species.


Borsod Mezoseg. Isolated tree clusters in large hay fields. Imperial Eagle.


Borsod Mezoseg, northern part near Mezöcsat. Red-footed Falcon colony here.


Border area of Hortobagy NP, along road to Nagyivan. Roller, Red-footed Falcon, black terns.


Halasto fish ponds Hortobagy NP. View from SE tower. Distant views of herons etc.


Halasto fish ponds, from mid-western tower along old mini railway. 
Pygmy Cormorant, Little Bittern, Savi's Warbler.


Same tower. Bearded Tit.


Northernmost part of Hortobagy NP, middle tower along W-E road. Summering Cranes.
Lesser Grey Shrike not far from here.


Zemplen hills, from Regec fortress ruin, with Regec below. Said to be raptor watch point.


Poster: 4000 euro fine for killing Imperial Eagle or Saker Falcon.


Bodrogköz floodplains east of Zemplen hills. Southern part, near Zalkod.


Bodrogköz near Viss. Our picnic site with Red-backed Shrike, River Warbler, Syrian Woodpecker.


Bodrogköz floodplain near Tokaj (Timar). Bittern calling.