Quick indexes to birding field guides  (plus HBW)

John van der Woude  via www.jvanderw.nl  (trip reports)

In the field one often wants to find a certain plate in the field guide as quickly as possible. So I made alphabetical quick indexes to the plates of our field guides if they don't have a quick index themselves. The index entries are at the level of families and often genera.

You can download them below. They are in Word format unless stated otherwise, and will fit in/on the back cover of the field guide.

If you have made such quick indexes yourself and want to share them on this page, please let me know (use above link).


Quick index HBW Illustrated Checklist volume 1

Quick index HBW Illustrated Checklist volume 2  (provided by Robert "Swissboy" on Birdforum)

HBW - Handbook of the Birds of the World, vols. 1 - 16, quick index at family level:
HBWindexalfab.doc   or as pdf:

Quick index to the BWP - Handbook of the Birds of the Western Palearctic vol. I - IX

indexBirdsIsrael.doc  Hadoram Shirihai's handbook


indexCollinsEurope2.doc - the second edition (Svensson et al. 2010) of the standard field guide for Europe.

indexCollinsEuro.doc  the first edition (1999); also in pdf: index_collins_europe.pdf ; also available in Dutch ]


indexNGS.doc  North America - Nat.Geogr.Soc. 3rd ed.

indexSibleyguide.doc  North America - Sibley Guide

indexmexico.doc  Howell & Webb

indexcostaricaGarriguesDean.xls  the new guide for Costa Rica (this index provided by Guus van Duin)

indexcuba.doc  Garrido/Kirkconnell (Helm edition)

indexSongbirdsSouthAmerica.doc  Ridgely & Tudor - Field guide to the Songbirds of South America (2009)

indexcolombia.doc  Hilty

indexbhandes.doc  Birds of the High Andes

indexPeruSchulenberg.pdf   Birds of Peru Schulenberg et al. 2nd edition (provided by Alan&Carol from Canada: taken from a post by Jim M on birdforum and further improved)  

indexBrazilvanPerloCA.xls  -  Brazil field guide Van Perlo (this index provided by Chuck Almdale). Also as one-page docx: indexBrazilPerlo1page.docx

indexbrasilaves.doc   Aves do Brasil (Souza)

indexbrazil.doc   Birds of Brazil (Souza)

indexsouthcone.doc  Collins of Southern South America

indexArgentinaFG  Birds of Argentina by Mark Pearman and Juan I. Areta (2020)


indexGambia.doc  Gambia field guide (Barlow et al.)

indexWestAfrica.doc  Birds of Western Africa (Borrow & Demey)

index_SA_Sinclair3.doc Birds of Southern Africa 3rd edition


indexNorthIndia.doc  Grimmett & Inskipp  2003 Birds of Northern India

indexSouthAsiaRipleyRasmAnd2005alf.doc  The Ripley guide (Rasmussen et al.) South Asia 2005

indexIndianSubcGrimmettInskipp2008alf.doc  Grimmett & Inskipp Indian Subcontinent 2008

indexSEAsiaRobson2005alf.doc  the 2005 edition of Craig Robson's field guide for Southeast Asia
(plus an adaptation for the 2000 edition, provided by Nicolaas van Zalinge)

indexmalaysiawest.doc  West Malaysia and Singapore (Jeyarajasingam & Pearson) 1st edition
indexmalaysiawest2.xls -  2nd edition (this index provided by
Syafiq Sivakumaran)

indexThailand.doc  Birds of Thailand by Craig Robson 2002

indexBorneoSumatraJavaBali.xls  MacKinnon & Phillips 1993, reprint 2007 (this index provided by Syafiq Sivakumaran)

indexBirdsIndonesiaArch.docx  the Lynx field guide (2016) for Indonesia  

indexchinaMackinnon.xls  MacKinnon en Phillipps, Birds of China (this index provided by Guus van Duin)

indexPhilippinesKennedy.doc Field guide Philippines by Kennedy et al. 2000/2009

indexNewGuinea.docx  Lynx' Birds of New Guinea 2017  NEW

indexPlatesNewGuineaBeehler1986-NvZ.doc  Birds of New Guinea (Beehler, Pratt and Zimmerman, 1986; this index provided by Nicolaas van Zalinge)


indexAustraliaPizzeyKnight8.doc  Australia Pizzey & Knight 8th ed.

indexAustraliaSlater2008.doc  Australia Slater 2008