Birding trip North India 12 Jan - 1 Feb 2008
John van der Woude,  

Photos of scenery etc.

see also: report, bird photos, species list

Kosi river at c. 10 km N of Ramnagar. Ibisbill photographed through scope.

Wild elephant at river in center of Corbett NP. Nice mix of savanna and woodland.

Typical view of track in Corbett NP. Spotted Deer is numerous.

Elephant at Dikhala in center of Corbett NP. Is probably carrying his own food.

Sal forest near Dikhala in Corbett NP.

Jackal in savanna of Corbett NP.

In hamlet c. 17 km W of Ramnagar. This hamlet will be given up because of incorporation into the NP.

Dry river bed just W of the hamlet of the previous photo.
Indian Peacock.

At border of Kosi river valley. Cricket playgrounds of all sorts and sizes did we see on the entire trip.

Wedding ceremony on the street in the Himalayan foothills, just E of Nainital.

At c. 2000 m altitude in the Himalayan foothills, near Pangot.

Near Pangot.

Hamlet without any road, below Pangot. Good for birding although a bit too dry this year.

Forest high above Pangot. This type of forest is good for Koklass Phaesant.

Nollie holding icicles from a small stream high above Pangot. With our guide Hari Lama. Yes it was freezing cold, the morning.

Site for Cheer Phaesant high above Pangot. As so often, not found. 

Got a note March 2009 that on recent trips it is found every time.

View of the true Himalaya, from the road high above Pangot.

Dry gully at Sat Tal, c. 3 km before the dam. Good for several songbirds, like Golden Bush Robin.

Sat Tal lake, at c. 1300 m. Clearly a lower zone than Pangot, more lush forest.

Nilgai antilope in one of the duller parts of Ranthambore NP in Rajasthan. 'Canter' truck with visitors.

Leopard on rocky outcrop in Ranthambore NP section 2.

Tiger along section 2 of Ranthambore NP. An overwhelming experience.

Wild Pigs in Ranthambore NP.

River bed seen from largest bridge on road from Bharatpur to Ranthambore NP. Several special birds (like sandgrouse) at the remaining water.

Fruit stall on cart. Our guide Ratan Singh (front left) buys us bananas.

Tea stall for the very tasty 'masala tea'. Good for a short rest during a long drive.

Along the small road from Bharatpur to Bund Baretha.

Colony of Flying Fox (a giant bat) at Bund Baretha.

Detail of above.

One of the very few wet parts in Bharatpur NP. Water was being pumped up here. Bar-headed Geese.

This basin should also have been wet. Bharatpur NP suffers from a long drought and small trees sprout in the basins now.

Efforts are being made now to clear the basins of these small sprouting trees. This will be an enormous job. Dusky Eagle-Owl nest in left part of big tree.

Not to be missed on a trip to North India: the Taj Mahal.

Chambal river E of Agra. A remarkably dry area (good for e.g. Sand Lark). On the foreground: Gavial and Indian Skimmer.

see also: report, bird photos, species list