West Malaysia birding trip 217 March 2002
Photos of birding sites
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John van der Woude  -  www.jvanderw.nl 

The yearly raptor watch at Tanjung Tuan, at the hotel grounds of Ilham resort.

Oriental Honey-Buzzard is the main species seen at the raptor watch. Here they find a new thermal, after having crossed the Strait of Malacca.

The lush tropical hill forest at the Gap, where the Old Road comes down from Fraser's Hill.

Tembeling river as seen from the Taman Negara resort. Floating restaurants in front of Tahan village. Small boats cross the river all the time, for only half a ringit per person.

At the start of the Jenet Muda trail in Taman Negara national park. 
Admittedly, this is the worst part of this trail, but easy walks in Taman Negara are rare.

Taman Negara NP, forest opening at Tahan river, c. 300 m from the resort.

Barn Swallow roost next door to the peculiar chinese restaurant of Raub, the first city behind The Gap.

Sunday morning market at Raub, as seen from our hotel room.

A decent market, rather different from what we were used to in South America.

Along the road between Raub and The Gap. Promising foothill forest, and right here (at a crossing of a forest stream) we had Slaty-backed Forktail and Whiskered Treeswift. See text report for location details.

New Road between The Gap and Fraser's Hill, at Km 4 approximately. One of the rare times we had a bit of mist, but in less dry periods this should be normal. Barbets and hornbills.

Rare view on the forest canopy along the Old Road from Fraser's Hill to The Gap, at c. 1 km above The Gap, next to the only trail (left of the photo). Great Hornbill was busy all the time in the emerging trees in front of the last hill.

Long-tailed Macaque in the dry coastal forest of Kuala Selangor reserve. Several families together, and rather tame.

Open marsh of Kuala Selangor reserve, as seen from the hide at the end of the main trail. Watercock was in the foreground.

Sawah Sempadan, the small-scale rice fields East of Tanjung Karang (N of K. Selangor). Brown Shrike was in the bush left. Several Cinnamon Bittern and Chinese Pond-Heron in these fields.

Rare point of access to the coastal mudflats, West of Tanjung Karang. A true show here of waders which are rare back home: Mongolian Plover (dozens), Terek Sandpiper (a dozen), Marsh Sandpiper (a dozen). Also our rarest bird of the trip: a Nordmann's Greenshank.

Stunted forest near the top of the Brinchang mountain in the Cameron Highlands: White-tailed Robin, Golden-throated Barbet, Rufous-vented Niltava, Chestnut-tailed Minla, Snowy-browed Flycatcher.

Tea gardens along the road to Brinchang mountain.

Lush forest near the Parit falls in Cameron Highlands.