Birding trip West Malaysia 2-17 March 2002

Species list
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John van der Woude  - 

Description of sites:
Tj. Tuan
  =  Tanjung Tuan, a forested cape protruding into the Strait of Malacca, 100 km South of K.L., with raptor watch from the beach area behind hotel Ilham Resort, and golf course at hotel Guoman Resort 1 or 2 km towards Port Dickson.
Fr. Hill
  =  Fraser's Hill & roads (New and Old) down to The Gap. A largely forested hill area between 800 m altitude (Gap) and 1500 m altitude (Fraser's Hill).
Gap   see Fraser's Hill
T. Negara  = Taman Negara national park, inland lowland tropical rainforest, with resort at Tembeling river, and side river Tahan.
Raub  =  town at base of hill range of a/o Gap, Fraser's Hill.
K. Selangor  =  Kuala Selangor nature reserve at border of town of the same name: coastal habitats mangrove, marsh with pond, dry forest. 60 km NW of K.L.
Tj. Karang  =  Tanjung Karang, coastal town 15 km NW of K. Selangor. Mudflats and (inland) small-scale rice fields "Sawah Sempadan". Also large-scale rice fields in the direction of Sekinchan.
Cam. Highlands  =  Cameron Highlands, partly forested hills, with tea gardens (and with G. Brinchang).
G. Brinchang  =  Gunung (=mountain) Brinchang, especially the last 2 km of road to the top at 2030 m altitude. Low forest, partly ericaceous. Part of Cameron Highlands.

For most species, the sites mentioned are often only those of the first or best sighting.
At the bottom of this list the species are repeated that also are seen in NW Europe, 
with their Dutch name.

EN= endangered, VU= vulnerable, 
NT= near-threatened  according to Threatened Birds of the World (2001).
Sight records unless specified otherwise.     S = sound recording at Sounds
Little Egret Tj. Karang mangrove rim
Grey Heron K. Selangor reserve, central marsh
Purple Heron K. Selangor reserve, central marsh
Great Egret Tj. Karang mangrove rim
Intermediate Egret Tj. Karang mangrove rim
Chinese Pond-Heron Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan
Striated Heron K. Selangor reserve, central marsh; many Sawah Sempadan
Cinnamon Bittern Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan
Black Baza K. Selangor reserve, inside forest
Oriental Honey-buzzard Tj. Tuan migration hotspot
Black-winged Kite Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan several (nest boxes are for them?)
Brahminy Kite K. Selangor reserve, many
White-bellied Fish-Eagle K. Selangor reserve, transmission tower (nest); Tj.Tuan
Crested Serpent-Eagle Fr.Hill New Road 3 together
Crested Goshawk Templer park nest at campsite
Black Eagle Fr. Hill New Road
Changeable Hawk-Eagle G. Brinchang
Red Junglefowl K. Selangor reserve, inside forest
VU   Malayan Peacock-Pheasant T. Negara Swamp loop, close view of male     S
  NT   Great Argus T. Negara Jenet Muda trail, close view of male     S
Slaty-breasted Rail K. Selangor reserve, dike before central marsh
White-breasted Waterhen Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor
Watercock K. Selangor reserve, central marsh, from hide
Common Moorhen Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan
Pacific Golden-Plover Tj. Karang mudflats 1
Mongolian Plover Tj. Karang mudflats dozen
Red-wattled Lapwing boat trip to T. Negara 1
Black-tailed Godwit Tj. Karang mudflats group of 25
Whimbrel Tj. Karang mudflats 1
Eurasian Curlew Tj. Karang mudflats 2
Common Redshank Tj. Karang mudflats dozen
Marsh Sandpiper Tj. Karang mudflats dozen
   EN   Nordmann's Greenshank Tj. Karang mudflats 1
Terek Sandpiper Tj. Karang mudflats dozen
Common Sandpiper boat trip to T. Negara 2
White-winged Tern rice fields Sekinchan 100's
Spotted Dove Tj. Tuan etc.
Little Cuckoo-Dove Gap one pair
Zebra Dove Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor
Pink-necked Green-Pigeon Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor
Thick-billed Green-Pigeon T. Negara fruiting tree sev.
Green Imperial-Pigeon T. Negara Tahan river trail overhead
Mountain Imperial-Pigeon Fr. Hill & Gap overhead sev. small groups
Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot a/o in front of chalet Taman Nagara
Indian Cuckoo T. Negara heard only
Oriental Cuckoo Fr. Hill L. Maxwell road     S
Violet Cuckoo Gap, in long flight
Drongo Cuckoo T. Negara Tahan river trail nearby
Asian Koel a/o Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor     S
NT   Black-bellied Malkoha Tj. Tuan forest near lighthouse
NT   Chestnut-bellied Malkoha K. Selangor mangrove
Raffles's Malkoha sev. groups (B. Teresik trail, Tahan river trail)
Chestnut-breasted Malkoha T. Negara J. Muda trail in dense foliage 20 m high
Greater Coucal a/o T. Negara start of Tahan river trail; K. Selangor reserve
Lesser Coucal T. Negara at resort
Collared Owlet heard Fr. Hill Telekom loop
Malaysian Eared-Nightjar T. Negara at hide Swamp loop (heard and brief view)
Grey Nightjar Fr. Hill Silverpark resid. area
Large-tailed Nightjar Tj. Tuan golf course at dusk
Glossy Swiftlet many places; nesting in garage Telekom loop Fr. Hill
Himalayan Swiftlet presumed; many places, migrant; best K. Selangor reserve
Silver-rumped Spinetail T. Negara swimming spot Tahan river
Brown-backed Needletail from boat to T. Negara, group
Asian Palm-Swift Tj. Tuan
Fork-tailed Swift a/o K. Selangor reserve
Little Swift many places, a/o Gap
Grey-rumped Treeswift T. Negara jetty Tahan river nr Tabing Hide
Whiskered Treeswift along road Raub - Gap; along road Cam. Highl. down
NT   Diard's Trogon T. Negara J. Muda trail; responsive but shy
NT   Scarlet-rumped Trogon T. Negara along Tahan river trail back from Tabing hide
Orange-breasted Trogon Gap at start of Nw Road
Red-headed Trogon heard a long time at Fraser's Hill Bishops Trail
Common Kingfisher K. Selangor central marsh
Blue-eared Kingfisher boat trip to T. Negara, probably this species (dark upperparts)
Black-backed Kingfisher T. Negara J. Muda trail in forest near stream (=Oriental Dwarf K.)
Banded Kingfisher T. Negara from Tabing hide
Stork-billed Kingfisher K. Selangor parking lot 2
White-throated Kingfisher a/o Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan: many
Black-capped Kingfisher K. Selangor reserve, pair at old tree in mangrove forest
Collared Kingfisher Tj. Tuan golf course; K. Selangor marsh
Red-bearded Bee-eater Gap Old Road 2 km up
Blue-tailed Bee-eater many places a/o Tj. Tuan
Dollarbird Tj. Tuan golf course, K. Selangor
Oriental Pied-Hornbill T. Negara overhead at resort 1
NT   Rhinoceros Hornbill T. Negara clearing at stream J. Muda trail 1 overhead
NT   Great Hornbill Gap Old Road 1km up, distant but good views in scope
NT   Helmeted Hornbill Fr. Hill New Road halfway, flying around us     S
Wreathed Hornbill Fr. Hill New Road, 2 flying in distance
Fire-tufted Barbet Fr. Hill L. Maxwell road
Gold-whiskered Barbet T.Negara 3 in fruiting tree nr resort
NT   Red-crowned Barbet T.Negara in fruiting tree nr resort
  NT   Red-throated Barbet T. Negara heard several times     S
Golden-throated Barbet G. Brinchang close view     S
Black-browed Barbet Fr. Hill New Road halfway, many heard elsewhere     S
Blue-eared Barbet T. Negara in front of chalet foraging     S
NT   Yellow-crowned Barbet T. Negara heard a few times     S
Malaysian Honeyguide ? T. Negara J. Muda trail, climbing thick branch
Speckled Piculet Fr. Hill in wave at Gate, at dead tree
Sunda Woodpecker K. Selangor mangrove forest
White-bellied Woodpecker T. Negara J. Muda trail
Banded Woodpecker T. Negara Tahan river trail long time on dead trunk
Lesser Yellownape Fr. Hill L. Maxwell road hanging below branch
Greater Yellownape Fr. Hill L. Maxwell road in open tree
Checker-throated Woodpecker T. Negara Tahan river trail
Laced Woodpecker K. Selangor reserve in forest
Common Flameback K. Selangor reserve near HQ in open trees
Maroon Woodpecker T. Negara start of Tahan river trail
Buff-rumped Woodpecker T. Negra small clearing J. Muda trail, climbing liana
NT   Buff-necked Woodpecker T. Negara Tahan river trail small bare tree right at trail
Dusky Broadbill T. Negara Tahan river trail before entering J Muda trail
Black-and-red Broadbill T. Negara Tahan river trail close view 5 m high
NT   Black-and-yellow Broadbill T. Negara heard Tahan river trail, seen in brief flight only
Long-tailed Broadbill Fr. Hill splendid views with Durai at L Maxwell rd
NT   Green Broadbill T. Negara at last visit to fruiting tree nr resort
Dusky Crag-Martin Tj. Tuan lighthouse
Barn Swallow many places
Pacific Swallow many places
Red-rumped Swallow Gap 1
Black-headed Bulbul a/o Tj. Tuan
Black-crested Bulbul Gap conspicuous
NT   Grey-bellied Bulbul T.Negara nr fruiting tree nr resort (like Blue-headed Tanager)
NT   Puff-backed Bulbul T. Negara Tahan river trail rather high in tree     S
Stripe-throated Bulbul T. Negara in nearly fruiting tree opposite our chalet
Yellow-vented Bulbul common esp. in lowlands
Olive-winged Bulbul T.Negara Tahan river trail
Red-eyed Bulbul T. Negara resort campsite
Ochraceous Bulbul Gap 2 km up New Road in tall trees
Yellow-bellied Bulbul T.Negara Tahan river trail; nice bird for a bulbul..
Hairy-backed Bulbul T. Negara clearing at stream J. Muda trail
Mountain Bulbul Fr. Hill, Cam. Highlands
Asian Fairy-bluebird a/o Gap
Greater Green Leafbird T. Negara at fruiting tree nr resort campsite
NT   Lesser Green Leafbird T. Negara start of J Muda trail, small clearing tall trees
Blue-winged Leafbird along road Raub to Gap
Orange-bellied Leafbird Fr. Hill
Tiger Shrike first years at Tj. Tuan golf course, Gap, Tahan hide T. Negara
Brown Shrike Tj. Karang at least 7 at Sawah Sempadan
Blue Whistling-Thrush T. Negara nr fruiting tree; local race has dark bill (?)
Siberian Thrush G. Brinchang 2 males (1 ad., 1 subad.) and probably 1 female
Asian Brown Flycatcher Fr. Hill at The Lodge
Mugimaki Flycatcher 1st yr males Fr. Hill L. Maxwell rd, and G. Brinchang
Rufous-browed Flycatcher Fr. Hill 1 along Hemmant trail, on rope
Snowy-browed Flycatcher G. Brinchang picking insects from road
NT   Rufous-chested Flycatcher T. Negra above forest stream crossing Tahan river tail
Little Pied Flycatcher Fr. Hill (Telekom loop clearing), Cam. Highl.
Verditer Flycatcher a/o Fr. Hill Telekom loop
Large Niltava a/o Fr. Hill L. Maxwell road pair on wire
Rufous-vented Niltava G. Brinchang - sitting op top of small tree!
Hill Blue-Flycatcher a/o Fr. Hill Nw Road halfway
Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher T Negara Tahan river trail above forest stream; Fr. Hill C36
Oriental Magpie-Robin common near houses, gardens; often singing from roofs
White-rumped Shama T. Negara behind campsite and along Tembeling river     S
White-tailed Robin G. Brinchang several along road
NT   Chestnut-naped Forktail at stream along road Gap - Raub
Slaty-backed Forktail Fr. Hill New Road halfway, at stream
Yellow-bellied Prinia K. Selangor reserve in grass along canal
Oriental Reed-Warbler Tj. Karang behind coastal dike
Common Tailorbird commonly heard, nesting nr. chalet T.Negara
Dark-necked Tailorbird along road Raub - Gap one pair, strong reaction to tape
Ashy Tailorbird K. Selangor reserve common in bushes, e.g. at end of main trail
Inornate Warbler Cam. Highlands along road behind hotel in large bird wave
Arctic Warbler many places
Mountain Leaf-Warbler Fr. Hill in side of L. Maxwell rd
Chestnut-crowned Warbler sev. places often heard, best seen Telekom loop
Yellow-bellied Warbler a/o Gap singing in bamboo
Black Laughingthrush Fr. Hill group along Old road 2 km above Gap     S
Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush common at Fr. Hill
Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush Fr. Hill L. Maxwell road 2 closeby at eye level
Abbott's Babbler T. Negara J. Muda trail, two eating big cicada
NT   Sooty-capped Babbler T. Negara Tahan river trail last morning
Scaly-crowned Babbler T. Negara Tahan river trail last morning group low beside trail
Streaked Wren-Babbler Fr. Hill Old rd halfway down; G. Brinchang group in bush     S
Golden Babbler Fr. Hill Hemmant trail; Cam. Highl. Parit falls
Grey-throated Babbler Fr. Hill New Rd halfway, eating insect from folded banana leaf
NT   Black-throated Babbler T. Negara J. Muda trail two very vocal and responsive     S
Striped Tit-Babbler Gap 1 km up Old rd in bamboo
Silver-eared Mesia in bird waves Fr. Hill and Cam. Highl. a/o L Maxwell rd big wave
Cutia Fr. Hill Telekom loop bird wave at end of last day
White-browed Shrike-Babbler Fr. Hill small bird wave road down former Garbage tip
Black-eared Shrike-Babbler Fr. Hill bird wave L Maxwell rd 2nd visit
White-hooded Babbler Fr. Hill Old rd halfway down in tall trees small group
Blue-winged Minla Fr. Hill a/o L Maxwell rd nr the Lodge and Telekom loop last day
Chestnut-tailed Minla G. Brinchang close views     S
NT   Brown Fulvetta T. Negara at start of J. Muda trail two in mid strata     S
Mountain Fulvetta common at Fr. Hill
Long-tailed Sibia sev. groups at Fr. Hill, esp. active at dusk (gathering for night)
Sultan Tit Fr. Hill in bird wave near Gate
Velvet-fronted Nuthatch Gap 2 km up Old rd two racing up and down branches
Blue Nuthatch Fr. Hill in bird wave near Gate on dead branches
Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker along rd Raub - Gap at base of hills nr river
Yellow-vented Flowerpecker along rd Raub - Gap
Fire-breasted Flowerpecker Gap in front of resthouse (= Buff-bellied F.)
Plain Sunbird sev. times Fr. Hill and Cam. Highl. (but higher than 900 m!)
Plain-throated Sunbird T. Negara at resort
Purple-naped Sunbird T. Negara at resort
Olive-backed Sunbird K. Selangor from hide central marsh, closeby
Black-throated Sunbird a/o Fr. Hill male at Gate
Scarlet Sunbird T. Negara J. Muda trail male
Spectacled Spiderhunter T. Negara Tahan river trail, better view desired
Grey-breasted Spiderhunter T. Negara at resort in big tree
Streaked Spiderhunter common at Fr. Hill
Oriental White-eye Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor
Everett's White-eye Fr. Hill New rd near fruiting tree
Golden-bellied Gerygone K. Selangor reserve near mangrove
Eurasian Tree Sparrow common but not abundant
Forest Wagtail K. Selangor reserve close views behind entrance
Grey Wagtail Gap every time at New rd c. 1 km up
Richard's Pipit Tj.Tuan golf course several
Baya Weaver Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan
Scaly-breasted Munia Tj.Tuan (late at hotel), Tj. Karang
White-headed Munia Tj. Tuan early at golf course flying past us
Asian Glossy Starling a/o Tj.Tuan raptor watch site
Common Myna common at lowlands near houses
White-vented Myna a/o Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor reserve (mangrove even)
NT   Crested Jay T. Negara J. Muda trail group 7 m high in lower trees
NT   Black Magpie T. Negara at swimming place Tahan river, with bell sounds
Green Magpie Fr. Hill L Maxwell rd, stunning colours
House Crow a/o Tj. Tuan; not often seen
Slender-billed Crow a/o K. Selangor
Large-billed Crow a/o Fr. Hill
White-breasted Woodswallow Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan a few, on wires
NT   Dark-throated Oriole T. Negara J. Muda trail, responsive, rather high in trees
Black-naped Oriole a/o Tj. Tuan (first bird there); on many places elsewhere
Black-and-crimson Oriole a/o Fr Hill start of L Maxwel rd, male and female
Javan Cuckooshrike a/o Fr. Hill near The Lodge
Ashy Minivet K. Selangor reserve near bridge in main trail, group
Grey-chinned Minivet Fr. Hill several groups, mostly high
Scarlet Minivet T. Negara sev. small groups always high
Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike Fr. Hill in several bird waves
Black-winged Flycatcher-shrike group of 3 high in trees along road Tembeling - Raub
White-throated Fantail a/o Fr. Hill Hemmant trail
Pied Fantail K. Selangor reserve sev. near end of main trail
Spotted Fantail T. Negara Tahan river trail close view
Black Drongo Tj. Karang Sawah Sempadan 1
Ashy Drongo K. Selangor reserve near end of main trail
Bronzed Drongo Fr. Hill regularly in bird waves
Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo a/o Fr. Hill some
Greater Racket-tailed Drongo a/o Fr. Hill sev.
Black-naped Monarch T. Negara 60 m after start of Tahan river trail, pair with nest mat.
Asian Paradise-Flycatcher T. Negara female from Tabing hide
Common Iora a/o Tj. Tuan, K. Selangor
Other :
Siamang (gibbon) Fraser's Hill New Road Km 3 group seen high in trees; often heard
Dusky Leaf Monkey Along road Raub - The Gap near river, one group
Silvered Leaf Monkey Kuala Selangor reserve, sev.
Long-tailed Macaque Kuala Selangor reserve, sev. groups
Common Palm Civet Kuala Selangor reserve, adult with one young
Smooth Otter Tanjung Karang Sawah Sempadan rice fields
wild pig Taman Negara Tahan hide; Fraser's Hill Telekom loop
squirrel many; both plain-colored species as chipmunk-like striped ones
bats several species
Water Monitor Lizard Kuala Selangor reserve, small and huge ones
flying lizard Taman Negara twice; with webbed feet
slijkspringer (Dutch) fish jumping over mudflat surface; Tj. Karang (many)
butterflies a/o "birdwing" Trogonoptera brookiana; hairstreaks (pages, Du.)


NOTE for Nordmann's Greenshank.
This is probably the rarest bird of our trip, so here is the field description: rather robust tringa-like sandpiper with strikingly white head and neck, short light-colored legs and relatively thick bill (slightly curved upward), and showing a white "cigar" on the rump between dark upperwings when making a short flight. The bird was often motionless for a period and then walking a short distance. The remarkably short legs (much shorter than e.g. Common Greenshank) were well seen when the bird walked over the mud (in stead of in the small pools). The bird was observed through a Nikon scope (45x), from a distance of about 200 m. It stayed near the tide line all the time (about 15 minutes).

Species from the above list that also occur in Europe (with Dutch name):

Little Heron - Mangrovereiger

Little Egret - Kleine Zilverreiger
Great Egret - Grote Zilverreiger
Grey Heron - Blauwe Reiger
Purple Heron - Purperreiger
Black-winged Kite - Grijze Wouw
Moorhen - Waterhoen
Coot - Meerkoet
Lesser Sand Plover - Mongoolse Plevier
Pacific Golden Plover - Aziatische Goudplevier
Red-wattled Lapwing - Indische Kievit
Common Sandpiper - Oeverloper
Terek Sandpiper - Terekruiter
Marsh Sandpiper - Poelruiter
Black-tailed Godwit - Grutto
Curlew - Wulp
Whimbrel - Regenwulp
White-winged Tern - Witvleugelstern
Oriental Cuckoo - Boskoekoek
Little Swift - Huisgierzwaluw
White-throated Kingfisher - Smyrnaijsvogel
Red-rumped Swallow - Roodstuitzwaluw
Richard's Pipit - Grote Pieper
Grey Wagtail - Grote Gele Kwikstaart
Siberian Thrush - Siberische Lijster
Arctic Warbler - Noordse Boszanger
Yellow-browed Warbler - Bladkoninkje
Brown Shrike - Bruine Klauwier
House Crow - Huiskraai
Tree Sparrow - Ringmus