Photos of birding trip South Sweden 17-24 Sep. 2004

John van der Woude  - 
See also report text with maps.

Golf course track to migration watchpoints at south tip of Falsterbo peninsula. Lighthouse visible amidst the wood. At the end of this track, walk left towards the extreme south tip.

Sign along the above road - instruction about how to avoid being hit by a golf ball: if the golfer shouts "Fore" then bent down immediately and cover your head with your hands. Better of course is to look out well every time (about 3 times) you cross a golf link. The golfers will always wait till you have passed. Hence, be sure that they have seen you. And please be kind to them, don't disturb the cooperation that has existed here for years now. Don't walk across the greens.

Birdwatchers at the extreme south tip of the Falsterbo peninsula, close to the southernmost golf greens. The bushes give some shelter against the wind.

Birders watching the midday raptor migration at the west border of the Ljungen heath of Falsterbo. The campsite is to the left.

Krankesjön in mid Skane, see text.

The lighthouse at the south tip of Öland. 
Seen from the wind breaker (south of the lighthouse) which most birders will use for watching the migration.

The salt marsh area (Schäferiängerna) of the south tip reserve of Öland.