Texas birding trip list 1992 (+1997)
John van der Woude  -  www.jvanderw.nl
In april 1992 we visited Texas (2 weeks): all along the coast (including High Island), lower Rio Grande valley, and a bit of the Edwards Plateau.
In late April 1997 we made a stopover of a few days in Texas again and visited High Island and surroundings only. For details of the latter trip see the report on our trip to Arizona.
List of species seen on one or both trips:
                  Least Grebe
            Pied-billed Grebe
Neotropic (Olivaceous) Cormorant
     Double-crested Cormorant
            Am. White Pelican
                Brown Pelican
                Reddish Egret
             Tricolored Heron
            Little Blue Heron
                  Snowy Egret
             Great Blue Heron
            Great White Egret
                 Cattle Egret
       Striated (Green) Heron
   Yellow-crowned Night-heron
    Black-crowned Night-heron
                Least Bittern
             American Bittern
                   White Ibis
                  Glossy Ibis
             White-faced Ibis
            Roseate Spoonbill
       Fulvous Whistling-duck
   White-faced Whistling-duck
 Black-bellied Whistling-duck
                 Muscovy Duck
                    Wood Duck
                 Mottled Duck
             Blue-winged Teal
            Northern Shoveler
                 Lesser Scaup
        Red-brested Merganser
       American Black Vulture
               Turkey Vulture
   White-tailed (Bl.Sh.) Kite
             Northern Harrier
                Cooper's Hawk
                 Harris' Hawk
                    Grey Hawk
          Red-shouldered Hawk
            Broad-winged Hawk
              Swainson's Hawk
            White-tailed Hawk
              Red-tailed Hawk
             Crested Caracara
             American Kestrel
             Peregrine Falcon
             Plain Chachalaca
                  Wild Turkey
            Northern Bobwhite
                 Clapper Rail
                    King Rail
                  Sora (Rail)
                  Yellow Rail
    American Purple Gallinule
               Common Moorhen
                American Coot
       American Oystercatcher
           Black-necked Stilt
              American Avocet
    Grey (Bl.-bellied) Plover
          Semipalmated Plover
Wilson's (Thick-billed) Plover
                Piping Plover
 Fantail Snipe (Common Snipe)
               Marbled Godwit
  Hudsonian Curlew (Whimbrel)
           Long-billed Curlew
             Upland Sandpiper
           Greater Yellowlegs
            Lesser Yellowlegs
           Solitary Sandpiper
            Spotted Sandpiper
              Ruddy Turnstone
              Dowitcher spec.
       Short-billed Dowitcher
                     Red Knot
       Semipalmated Sandpiper
            Western Sandpiper
              Least Sandpiper
             Ring-billed Gull
                 Herring Gull
                Laughing Gull
             Gull-billed Tern
                 Caspian Tern
                   Royal Tern
                Sandwich Tern
               Forster's Tern
                   Least Tern
                   Black Tern
                Black Skimmer
     Feral Pigeon (Rock Dove)
            Red-billed Pigeon
                Mourning Dove
            White-winged Dove
                    Inca Dove
           Common Ground-dove
            White-tipped Dove
         Yellow-billed Cuckoo
            Groove-billed Ani
           Greater Roadrunner
          Eastern Screech-Owl
             Great Horned Owl
             Lesser Nighthawk
         Common Nighthawk (m)
       Chuck-will's-widow (m)
            Chimney Swift (m)
     Buff-bellied Hummingbird
    Black-chinned Hummingbird
    Ruby-throated Hummingbird
            Belted Kingfisher
             Green Kingfisher
    Golden-fronted Woodpecker
       Red-bellied Woodpecker
     Ladder-backed Woodpecker
             Downy Woodpecker
          Pileated Woodpecker
           Eastern Wood-pewee
           Acadian Flycatcher
             Least Flycatcher
               Eastern Phoebe
        Vermillion Flycatcher
      Ash-throated Flycatcher
     Great Crested Flycatcher
     Brown-crested Flycatcher
             Couch's Kingbird
             Western Kingbird
    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
             Eastern Kingbird
               Great Kiskadee
          Horned (Shore) Lark
                 Tree Swallow
                Purple Martin
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
                Cliff Swallow
                 Cave Swallow
                 Barn Swallow
                Cedar Waxwing
                  Cactus Wren
                  Canyon Wren
                   Marsh Wren
                   Sedge Wren
           Western Marsh Wren
                Bewick's Wren
            Loggerhead Shrike
                 Grey Catbird
         Northern Mockingbird
         Long-billed Thrasher
        Curve-billed Thrasher
               Brown Thrasher
             Eastern Bluebird
            Swainson's Thrush
                  Wood Thrush
        Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
              Tufted Titmouse
           Carolina Chickadee
                     Blue Jay
                    Green Jay
                 Common Raven
             Chihuahuan Raven
                American Crow
                House Sparrow
            European Starling
           Black-capped Vireo
             White-eyed Vireo
        Yellow-throated Vireo
           Philadelphia Vireo
               Red-eyed Vireo
       Eastern Warbling-vireo
                  House Finch
          Blue-winged Warbler
        Golden-winged Warbler
            Tennessee Warbler
            Nashville Warbler
              Northern Parula
               Yellow Warbler
       Chestnut-sided Warbler
             Magnolia Warbler
 Black-throated Green Warbler
       Golden-cheeked Warbler
         Blackburnian Warbler
         Bay-breasted Warbler
            Blackpoll Warbler
             Cerulean Warbler
      Black-and-white Warbler
            American Redstart
         Prothonotary Warbler
         Northern Waterthrush
        Louisiana Waterthrush
             Kentucky Warbler
          Common Yellowthroat
               Hooded Warbler
             Wilson's Warbler
         Yellow-breasted Chat
               Summer Tanager
              Scarlet Tanager
       White-throated Sparrow
             Savannah Sparrow
              Seaside Sparrow
             Chipping Sparrow
                 Lark Sparrow
       Black-throated Sparrow
       Rufous-crowned Sparrow
        Brown (Canyon) Towhee
                Olive Sparrow
       Rose-breasted Grosbeak
            Northern Cardinal
                Blue Grosbeak
               Indigo Bunting
              Painted Bunting
              Altamira Oriole
              Northern Oriole
               Orchard Oriole
                Hooded Oriole
  Northern (Baltimore) Oriole
         Red-winged Blackbird
           Eastern Meadowlark
               Common Grackle
          Boat-tailed Grackle
         Great-tailed Grackle
           Brewer's Blackbird
              Bronzed Cowbird
         Brown-headed Cowbird