Birding trip report Cambodia and Thailand Feb. 2016
John van der Woude
See also photos.

Cambodia is a great place for birders, and easy to combine with a visit to Thailand or Vietnam. Cambodia has several highly interesting habitats not or not easily found in other Asian countries.

Around a guided private birding tour to Cambodia Nollie and I added our own independent second birding trip to Thailand. The trip to Cambodia, organized by the Sam Veasna Center (, was from 17 to 25 Feb. 2016 and was excellently guided by Nara Duong [later he joined the Cambodia Bird Guide Association,]. Before that, from 12 to 17 Feb, we birded Pak Thale (the site for Spoon-billed Sandpiper and other special waders) and the now famous Kaeng Krachan NP. After the Cambodia trip we spent a week (until 3 March) in the cluster of hill forest national parks in central-north Thailand, plus at the end a day Khao Yai (a repeat visit from 2003).

In Cambodia, the first three days were spent at sites not too far from our base in Siem Reap, the pleasant and famous (for the temples) city near the huge lake Tonle Sap. The last four days were spent in the extensive woodlands in the central North of Cambodia, the area of the rare Giant and White-shouldered Ibises. It was a very pleasant trip across a high diversity of habitats.

For the Cambodia trip I had made a list of all our target species, based on the species lists for every site we would visit.

In Thailand we drove around in a rental car, and used the app for finding accommodation. Information for finding the bird sites was gathered mainly from the websites of Dave Sargeant (, Games ( and Nick Upton (, and from trip reports on (especially Barnagaud, Poelstra).

We also relied a lot on the app for finding our way, and before the trip I had added many waypoints in this app from important sightings etc. mentioned in the above trip reports and websites.

On the rare occasions that we could not communicate in some sort of English, we used the Google Translate app on the phone, to show in Thai what we meant and this was replied vice versa. A new and funny experience.

The weather was excellent all the time, we always felt at ease and we had no stomach or other health problems at all. I can really recommend a trip to Cambodia (preferably with Nara Duong) in combination with a trip to Thailand (or e.g. Vietnam).

Below, twenty maps give details about the birding sites in Thailand and how to get there. For Cambodia only one map is provided, as this was, and will probably be for nearly everybody, a guided trip. These waypoint maps are all screenshots from my app.

At the bottom of this page is the bird species list, with columns for the different sites. This is the main place in the report where species are mentioned. The remainder of the report is mainly meant to find your way and to get an idea of the habitats, based on the photos.

So, separately there are dozens of photos of the birding sites. Some more details about the sites are given there as well.

12-17 Feb. 2016:
1 = International airport Suvarnambumi
2 = Pak Thale shore bird area
3 = Kaeng Krachan NP

17-25 Feb. 2016:
4 = Siem Reap + Angkor Wat temple complex
5 = Tonle Sap lake border
6 = Ang Trapaeng open area
7 = Bengal Florican area
8 = Tmatboey open forest

25 Feb.- 3 March 2016:
9 = Stijn de Win's Wat site (Limestone Wren-Babbler)
10 = Nam Nao NP
11 = Phu Hin Rong Kla NP
12 = Chat Trakan NP
13 = Phu Suan Sai NP
14 = Phu Ruea NP
15 = Khao Yai NP

The waypoints of the Thailand maps below can be downloaded here:
To be used on e.g. Google Earth, and in the field with e.g. the app.

Airport, car rental, Bangkok:
1. Suvarnambumi international airport
2. car rental area (see details on next map) (driving is on the left in Thailand)
3. keep right here
4. go left here for Bangkok 
5. go left here for road 9 to the west (Pak Thale and Kaeng Krachan)

How to find your way from the car rental area.
1. car rental offices and cars
2. drive around this block to 3.
3. take the fly-over to get to the other side of the road
4. drive slowly to choose the right way to 5: keep right!
5. drive slowly to find the road to Bangkok (big sign above the road)
6. when returning the car, simply turn left below the fly-over; note also that (if I remember well) you don't need to leave the highway at 5 now but can continue to the broad and more normal highway crossing a little further east. Just follow the signs to airport and then rental car return.

The wader areas near Pak Thale:
1. Petchaburi town (see separate map)
2. go left on the road that follows the coast up to Pak Thale
3. our hotel iTara, recommendable (see; hotels in this area are not as cheap as more inland)
4. viewpoint for Nordmann's Greenshank and Great Knot
5. Pak Thale, the best wader site (and Spoonbilled Sandpiper)

Where to go through Petchaburi:
1. coming along the highway from the north, take exit here onto service road
2. drive to the east from here (further see map above)

Situation at Pak Thale, the Spoon-billed Sandpiper site:
1. leave the coastal road here, at 13.150213 100.05358
2. park car here at broadest part of sandy track and not too close to the salt works
3. scan around all along this track for SBS and other waders.

How to reach Kaeng Krachan NP:
1. best leave main north-south highway here at 12.94197 99.903784
2. road to KK after some bends and bifurcations here
3. turn left for KK, unless you want to go along KK headquarters but for tickets this is not necessary anymore
4. keep twice right for KK short after each other
5. gate and ticket booth for KK NP.  See map below how to continue.

Kaeng Krachan NP, our main points of interest:
1. gate and ticket booth as on previous map; nice clearing and marsh directly after entering
2. forest clearing with Black-thighed Falconet
3. BanKrang camp and checkpoint; take your time here at the borders of this large half-open area; some food & drink sold here; at the gate, if you have a normal car, kindly ask if you may drive on to the first river crossing (this is normally allowed)
4. KK stream 1
5. KK stream 2
6. KK stream 3
Most birding in KK is done from points 3 to 6. If you have a 4WD then drive westward on to 12.8178 99.372 for a chance of seeing Rachet-tailed Treepie. We failed to find it but other birders saw it that day. We had rented a 4WD with driver for that second day KK but would probably not do that again and spend more time around points 3 to 6.

Situation at Siem Reap, Cambodia:
1. international airport with direct flights from Bangkok and many other cities (also Kuala Lumpur)
2. our very nice hotel Sonalong, quiet, with garden
3. old centre of Siem Reap (see map below)
4. Angkor Wat temple and woodland (largest hindu temple in SE Asia)
5. Angkor Thom temple
6. Ta Prohm temple
This whole former temple complex is an absolute must-see and is set in nice woodland. It is a mixture of hindu and buddhist temples.

Centre of Siem Reap, Cambodia:
1. hotel Sonalong (in front: 2 dollars for a tuktuk to old market etc.; or walk)
2. old market
3. good ATM at Canadia Bank
4. bookshop c. here
5. street with many restaurants
6. our favorite restaurant The Indian (excellent South-Indian food)

How to reach the Limestone Wren-Babbler site of Stijn de Win (see his
1. coming from Bangkok/airport this is a good hotel, Rongsang Resort, with small restaurant
2. get to the other side of the road here (see map below how)
3. LWB site: check the bushes at the base of the steep rock face behind and beyond the Wat (temple) 200 m West of waypoint 14.6574 100.9907. To find this, turn left at the T-junction end of the 2 to 3 road from the west, and then right(!) after 100 m; continue for c. 1 km.

How to turn right to Stijn's Wat from the highway (detail of previous map):
1. coming from the south, make U-turn here to other side of the road (U-turn indicated)
2. go left (east) here, just before (north of) a pedestrian bridge

Situation near Lom Sak, the town for visiting Nam Nao and Phu Hin Rong Kla NP's:
1. hotel etc. see map below
2. 7-11 shop (at petrol station) for food and coffee, open 24/24
3. go north here for PHRK NP
4. start of road to PHRK NP (west)

Lom Sak centre:
1. HT hotel: good, quiet and ample parking space (use Google Translate on your phone for questions)
2. make U-turn here to reach Big C (3)
3. Big C, a big supermarket with good restaurant inside front left

Nam Nao NP:
1. Lom Sak hotel etc. (see previous map)
2. 7-11 shop 24/24 (see above)
3. Nam Nao headquarters & trails c. here (well indicated along main road)
4. dirt road (at this spot we had flowering bamboo with Pin-tailed Parrotfinch)

Phu Hin Rong Kla NP:
1. road from Lom Sak (see map above)
2. around here, check for Jerdon's Bushchat, see (as said there, look beyond the ridge next to the road)
3. entrance of PHRK NP (500 baht pp for foreigners in 2016, the most expensive park in Thailand)
4. nice, short forest trail uphill left (fulvettas etc.) at wide parking spot
5. small parking spot in good forest
6. viewpoint across and into the canopy
7. small parking spot along straight road for easy birding (Dark-backed Sibia and Nepal House Martin for us)
Continue west to HQ at 17.0043 100.9944 and further west to area of map below.

Nakhon Thai town west of PHRK NP and near Chat Trakan NP:
1. road from (and through) Phu Hin Rong Kla NP
2. Panya Garden resort, where we stayed in a reasonable bungalow
3. Panya restaurant c. here (owner of resort will explain where)
4. nice rural road through rice fields and some bushes
5. road to Chat Trakan NP

Chat Trakan NP and further north:
1. Nakhon Thai (see map above)
2. Chat Trakan NP entrance and water fall (Blue Whistling-Thrush)
3. police checkpoint, turn right through nice tall forest
4. start of road uphill to nice botanical garden
5. Phu Suan Sai NP headquarters and info; possible to drive around along border, but best part probably 2 km before and after HQ.

Phu Ruea NP:
1. long and winding but nice road along border, from Phu Suan Sai NP (see previous map)
2. narrow road up to Phu Ruea NP well signposted in Phu Ruea town; headquarters and info at about 1/4 of road to 3
3. end of road, possible to walk up to summit; drive down left for a short while to other camp
4. road to/from Lom Sak
5. road to Loei, a regional centre.

Towards Khao Yai NP from the north:
1. on highway 2 take exit here, signposted Khao Yai; this is near Pak Chong; 1= 14.661058 101.39618
2. take the middle one of three roads here
3. proceed to Khao Yai NP

Khao Yai NP
1. hotel Khaoyai Palazzo, good and friendly, and good packed breakfast; ample parking on premises; this is just after the 90 degrees bend in road 3077 from Pak Chong exit of previous map
2. entrance of KY NP, pay here
3. km 33 trail
4. double tree
5. restaurant
6. start of best KY trail (going west, walk very slowly)
7. start of quiet Radar road
8. clearing in Radar road

Species list

This list is practically complete for the first days in Thailand and for all days in Cambodia. For the later days in Thailand (W-Y) the more common species are often not mentioned.

Thailand 12-17 Feb. 2016:
o = along the road or anywhere
P = Pak Thale etc.
K = Kaeng Krachan
Cambodia 17-25 Feb. 2016:
A = Siem Reap + Angkor Wat temple complex
S = Tonle sap lake border
T = Ang Trapaeng open area
F = Bengal Florican area
B = Tmatboey open forest
Thailand 25 Feb. - 3 March 2016:
W = Stijn's Wat site (Limestone Wren-Babbler)
N = Nam Nao NP
R = Phu Hin Rong Kla NP
C = Chat Trakan NP
U = Phu Suan Sai NP
E = Phu Ruea NP
Y = Khao Yai NP
(h) = heard only
* = lifer
                Chinese Francolin        B        Francolinus pintadeanus
                   Red Junglefowl   K    B    U   Gallus gallus
                  Silver Pheasant               Y Lophura nycthemera
                   Kalij Pheasant   K             Lophura leucomelanos
 *          Grey Peacock-Pheasant   K             Polyplectron bicalcaratum
            Lesser Whistling Duck      T          Dendrocygna javanica
            Knob-billed/Comb Duck      TF         Sarkidiornis melanotos
               Cotton Pygmy Goose      T          Nettapus coromandelianus
                  Eurasian Wigeon      T          Anas penelope
          Indian Spot-billed Duck     STF         Anas poecilorhyncha
                         Garganey     ST          Anas querquedula
                     Little Grebe   K S           Tachybaptus ruficollis
                    Painted Stork  P  S F         Mycteria leucocephala
                   Asian Openbill o K ST          Anastomus oscitans
              Woolly-necked Stork        B        Ciconia episcopus
               Black-necked Stork        B        Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus
 *                Lesser Adjutant     S  B        Leptoptilos javanicus
 *               Greater Adjutant     S           Leptoptilos dubius
                Black-headed Ibis     S           Threskiornis melanocephalus
 *          White-shouldered Ibis        B        Pseudibis davisoni
 *                     Giant Ibis        B        Pseudibis gigantea
                   Yellow Bittern     S           Ixobrychus sinensis
                 Cinnamon Bittern   K S           Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
        Black-crowned Night Heron     ST          Nycticorax nycticorax
                   Striated Heron          N      Butorides striata
               Chinese Pond Heron  P AS FB        Ardeola bacchus
             Eastern Cattle Egret o K S  B        Bubulcus coromandus
                       Grey Heron  P  S F         Ardea cinerea
                     Purple Heron     ST          Ardea purpurea
              Eastern Great Egret  P  ST          Ardea modesta
               Intermediate Egret     STF         Egretta intermedia
                     Little Egret   K S           Egretta garzetta
              Spot-billed Pelican     S           Pelecanus philippensis
                 Little Cormorant  PK S           Microcarbo niger
                 Indian Cormorant     S           Phalacrocorax fuscicollis
                  Great Cormorant  P  S           Phalacrocorax carbo
                  Oriental Darter     S           Anhinga melanogaster
                       Black Baza o K   FB        Aviceda leuphotes
            Crested Honey Buzzard        B   C    Pernis ptilorhynchus
                Black-winged Kite o   STF         Elanus caeruleus
                       Black Kite      T          Milvus migrans
                    Brahminy Kite  P A            Haliastur indus
           Grey-headed Fish Eagle     S           Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus
            Crested Serpent Eagle o K    B      Y Spilornis cheela
            Eastern Marsh Harrier      TF         Circus spilonotus
                     Pied Harrier      TF         Circus melanoleucos
                  Crested Goshawk o      B?       Accipiter trivirgatus
                           Shikra    A  FB   CU   Accipiter badius
                            Besra             U   Accipiter virgatus
            Rufous-winged Buzzard      T B   C    Butastur liventer
             Indian Spotted Eagle      T          Aquila hastata
            Greater Spotted Eagle      T          Aquila clanga
             Rufous-bellied Eagle        B        Lophotriorchis kienerii
   Crested (Changeable) Hawk-Eagle  K             Nisaetus cirrhatus
 *            White-rumped Falcon        B        Polihierax insignis
 *         Black-thighed Falconet   K             Microhierax fringillarius
                 Peregrine Falcon  P              Falco peregrinus
 *                Bengal Florican       F         Houbaropsis bengalensis
          White-breasted Waterhen   K             Amaurornis phoenicurus
             Ruddy-breasted Crake     Sh          Porzana fusca
                  Purple Swamphen     S           Porphyrio porphyrio
                      Sarus Crane      T          Grus antigone
   Kurrichane (Small) Buttonquail       F         Turnix sylvaticus
               Barred Buttonquail        B        Turnix suscitator
               Black-winged Stilt  P  ST          Himantopus himantopus
                      Pied Avocet  P              Recurvirostra avosetta
              Grey-headed Lapwing     ST          Vanellus cinereus
              Red-wattled Lapwing o K             Vanellus indicus
            Pacific Golden Plover  P              Pluvialis fulva
                      Grey Plover  P              Pluvialis squatarola
             Little Ringed Plover  P  STF         Charadrius dubius
                   Kentish Plover  P              Charadrius alexandrinus
               Lesser Sand Plover  P              Charadrius mongolus
              Greater Sand Plover  P              Charadrius leschenaultii
     female Greater Painted Snipe     S           Rostratula benghalensis
           Pheasant-tailed Jacana   K ST          Hydrophasianus chirurgus
             Bronze-winged Jacana      T          Metopidius indicus
                 Pin-tailed Snipe       F         Gallinago stenura
                     Common Snipe     ST          Gallinago gallinago
              Black-tailed Godwit  P              Limosa limosa
                Bar-tailed Godwit  P              Limosa lapponica
                  Eurasian Curlew  P              Numenius arquata
                 Spotted Redshank  P    F         Tringa erythropus
                  Marsh Sandpiper  P   T          Tringa stagnatilis
                Common Greenshank  P  STF         Tringa nebularia
*N          Nordmann's Greenshank  P              Tringa guttifer
                   Wood Sandpiper     STF         Tringa glareola
                 Common Sandpiper      T          Actitis hypoleucos
 *                     Great Knot  P              Calidris tenuirostris
                       Sanderling  P              Calidris alba
                 Red-necked Stint  P              Calidris ruficollis
                  Long-toed Stint  P              Calidris subminuta
                 Curlew Sandpiper  P              Calidris ferruginea
 *         Spoon-billed Sandpiper  P              Eurynorhynchus pygmeus
           Broad-billed Sandpiper  P              Limicola falcinellus
                             Ruff  P              Philomachus pugnax
             Red-necked Phalarope  P              Phalaropus lobatus
              Oriental Pratincole     STF         Glareola maldivarum
                    Pallas's Gull  P              Ichthyaetus ichthyaetus
         Lesser Black-backed Gull  P              Larus fuscus
                 Gull-billed Tern  P              Gelochelidon nilotica
                     Caspian Tern  P              Hydroprogne caspia
                   Whiskered Tern     S           Chlidonias hybrida
                White-winged Tern  P              Chlidonias leucopterus
 *             Pale-capped Pigeon        B        Columba punicea
                  Red Turtle Dove o      b        Streptopelia tranquebarica
                     Spotted Dove o K    B        Stigmatopelia chinensis
              Common Emerald Dove   K         U   Chalcophaps indica
                       Zebra Dove o   ST B        Geopelia striata
         Pink-necked Green Pigeon        B        Treron vernans
     Orange-breasted Green Pigeon        B        Treron bicinctus
        Thick-billed Green Pigeon   K    B        Treron curvirostra
            Green Imperial Pigeon        B      Y Ducula aenea
         Mountain Imperial Pigeon   K       R     Ducula badia
            Vernal Hanging Parrot   K             Loriculus vernalis
             Alexandrine Parakeet    A   B        Psittacula eupatria
          Blossom-headed Parakeet        B        Psittacula roseata
            Red-breasted Parakeet    A   B        Psittacula alexandri
                   Greater Coucal   K STFB      Y Centropus sinensis
 *             Red-billed Malkoha   K             Zanclostomus javanicus
             Green-billed Malkoha   K    B  R     Phaenicophaeus tristis
 *         Chestnut-winged Cuckoo   K             Clamator coromandus
                       Asian Koel o K  T B    U Y Eudynamys scolopaceus
 *           Asian Emerald Cuckoo   K       R     Chrysococcyx maculatus
                    Violet Cuckoo   K    B        Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus
 *              Banded Bay Cuckoo   K    B        Cacomantis sonneratii
                 Plaintive Cuckoo     ST          Cacomantis merulinus
                Large Hawk-Cuckoo        B        Hierococcyx sparverioides
                  Oriental Cuckoo     S           Cuculus optatus
 *             Oriental Scops Owl        B        Otus sunia
                   Brown Fish Owl        B        Ketupa zeylonensis
 *               Spotted Wood Owl      T          Strix seloputo
 *                 Brown Wood Owl      T          Strix leptogrammica
               Asian Barred Owlet    A   B        Glaucidium cuculoides
                    Spotted Owlet      T          Athene brama
            Large-tailed Nightjar   K           Y Caprimulgus macrurus
                  Indian Nightjar        B        Caprimulgus asiaticus
                 Savanna Nightjar        B        Caprimulgus affinis
                Crested Treeswift        B        Hemiprocne coronata
 *             Germain's Swiftlet   KAS  B        Aerodramus germani
                 Asian Palm Swift o  ASTFB        Cypsiurus balasiensis
      Pacific (Fork-tailed) Swift           R     Apus pacificus
                     Little Swift o               Apus affinis
           Orange-breasted Trogon   K             Harpactes oreskios
                Red-headed Trogon               Y Harpactes erythrocephalus
                    Indian Roller o K  T B        Coracias benghalensis
              Oriental Dollarbird   K             Eurystomus orientalis
          Stork-billed Kingfisher        B        Pelargopsis capensis
        White-throated Kingfisher o K             Halcyon smyrnensis
          Black-capped Kingfisher    AS           Halcyon pileata
                Common Kingfisher     STF       Y Alcedo atthis
                  Pied Kingfisher      T          Ceryle rudis
                  Green Bee-eater   K  T B        Merops orientalis
            Blue-tailed Bee-eater     S FB        Merops philippinus
        Chestnut-headed Bee-eater   K    B      Y Merops leschenaulti
                  Eurasian Hoopoe o K    B        Upupa epops
           Oriental Pied Hornbill   K    B        Anthracoceros albirostris
                   Great Hornbill   K             Buceros bicornis
                Wreathed Hornbill   K             Rhyticeros undulatus
                     Great Barbet             U   Megalaima virens
                  Lineated Barbet    A T B        Megalaima lineata
               Green-eared Barbet   K             Megalaima faiostricta
           Golden-throated Barbet           R     Megalaima franklinii
             Blue-throated Barbet   K             Megalaima asiatica
                Moustached Barbet   K          E  Megalaima incognita
                Blue-eared Barbet   K             Megalaima australis
               Coppersmith Barbet   K  T B        Megalaima haemacephala
             White-browed Piculet   K             Sasia ochracea
        Rufous-bellied Woodpecker        B        Dendrocopos hyperythrus
     Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker        B N      Dendrocopos canicapillus
        Yellow-crowned Woodpecker        B        Dendrocopos mahrattensis
                Rufous Woodpecker        B        Celeus brachyurus
         White-bellied Woodpecker        B        Dryocopus javensis
               Greater Yellownape   K    B N      Picus flavinucha
 *        Black-headed Woodpecker        B        Picus erythropygius
           Grey-headed Woodpecker   K             Picus canus
                 Common Flameback   K    B        Dinopium javanense
                Greater Flameback   K    B        Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus
                   Bay Woodpecker           Rh    Blythipicus pyrrhotis
           Great Slaty Woodpecker        B N      Mulleripicus pulverulentus
            Long-tailed Broadbill   K             Psarisomus dalhousiae
     Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike        B N    Y Hemipus picatus
                 Large Woodshrike   K    B        Tephrodornis virgatus
                Common Woodshrike        B        Tephrodornis pondicerianus
                 Ashy Woodswallow   K        C    Artamus fuscus
                      Common Iora      T B N      Aegithina tiphia
                       Great Iora   K             Aegithina lafresnayei
               Large Cuckooshrike        B N      Coracina macei
         Indochinese Cuckooshrike        B        Coracina polioptera
                Swinhoe's Minivet        B N      Pericrocotus cantonensis
                     Ashy Minivet        B        Pericrocotus divaricatus
                    Small Minivet        B        Pericrocotus cinnamomeus
             Grey-chinned Minivet           R     Pericrocotus solaris
                  Scarlet Minivet   K    B N      Pericrocotus speciosus
                     Brown Shrike     ST B        Lanius cristatus
                   Burmese Shrike        B  R     Lanius collurioides
           White-bellied Erpornis          N      Erpornis zantholeuca
               Black-naped Oriole   KAST B        Oriolus chinensis
              Black-hooded Oriole        B        Oriolus xanthornus
                     Black Drongo oP   TFB        Dicrurus macrocercus
                      Ashy Drongo   K    B        Dicrurus leucophaeus
               Crow-billed Drongo   K             Dicrurus annectans
              Hair-crested Drongo   K    B        Dicrurus hottentottus
     Greater Racket-tailed Drongo   KA   B N  U   Dicrurus paradiseus
           White-throated Fantail          N      Rhipidura albicollis
             White-browed Fantail   K    B        Rhipidura aureola
           Malaysian Pied Fantail     STF         Rhipidura javanica
              Black-naped Monarch   KA   B        Hypothymis azurea
        Asian Paradise Flycatcher   K           Y Terpsiphone paradisi
                     Eurasian Jay          N      Garrulus glandarius
           Red-billed Blue Magpie        B      Y Urocissa erythrorhyncha
              Common Green Magpie          N    Y Cissa chinensis
                   Rufous Treepie        B        Dendrocitta vagabunda
            Racket-tailed Treepie      T B        Crypsirina temia
                Large-billed Crow o   S  B        Corvus macrorhynchos
    Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher   K    B   C  Y Culicicapa ceylonensis
                        Great Tit            C    Parus major
                       Sultan Tit   K      N      Melanochlora sultanea
            Horsfield's Bush Lark       F         Mirafra javanica
            Indochinese Bush Lark       F-B       Mirafra erythrocephala
                 Oriental Skylark       F         Alauda gulgula
              Black-headed Bulbul   K             Pycnonotus atriceps
             Black-crested Bulbul o K    B      Y Pycnonotus flaviventris
              Sooty-headed Bulbul        B  R  EY Pycnonotus aurigaster
           Stripe-throated Bulbul   K    B        Pycnonotus finlaysoni
                Flavescent Bulbul   K       R     Pycnonotus flavescens
             Yellow-vented Bulbul hotel garden SR Pycnonotus goiavier
              Streak-eared Bulbul     S  B        Pycnonotus blanfordi
             Puff-throated Bulbul        B        Alophoixus pallidus
                Ochraceous Bulbul   K             Alophoixus ochraceus
                  Mountain Bulbul           R     Ixos mcclellandii
                      Sand Martin     S F         Riparia riparia
             Grey-throated Martin                 Riparia chinensis
                     Barn Swallow o   STFB        Hirundo rustica
                Dusky Crag Martin           R     Ptyonoprogne concolor
 *             Nepal House Martin           R     Delichon nipalense
               Red-rumped Swallow o K    B        Cecropis daurica
              Mountain Tailorbird           R     Phyllergates cucullatus
                    Dusky Warbler     S           Phylloscopus fuscatus
 *                Radde's Warbler   K    B  R   Y Phylloscopus schwarzi
            Yellow-browed Warbler commonthroughoutPhylloscopus inornatus
               Two-barred Warbler   K    B        Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus
         Pale-legged Leaf Warbler        B N      Phylloscopus tenellipes
          Eastern Crowned Warbler   K       R     Phylloscopus coronatus
           Davison's Leaf Warbler          NR     Phylloscopus davisoni
 *       Sulphur-breasted Warbler          N   E  Phylloscopus ricketti
            Oriental Reed Warbler     ST          Acrocephalus orientalis
 *        Manchurian Reed Warbler       F         Acrocephalus tangorum
             Thick-billed Warbler        (Bh)     Iduna aedon
               Striated Grassbird     S           Megalurus palustris
 *            Lanceolated Warbler     ST          Locustella lanceolata
                Zitting Cisticola     S           Cisticola juncidis
                     Brown Prinia        B        Prinia polychroa
                 Rufescent Prinia        B      Y Prinia rufescens
             Grey-breasted Prinia        B        Prinia hodgsonii
                     Plain Prinia     S           Prinia inornata
                Common Tailorbird o K    B      Y Orthotomus sutorius
           Dark-necked Tailorbird     S  B  R     Orthotomus atrogularis
            Puff-throated Babbler              EY Pellorneum ruficeps
    White-browed Scimitar Babbler   K             Pomatorhinus schisticeps
 *         Limestone Wren-Babbler         W       Napothera crispifrons
           Rufous-fronted Babbler   K          E  Stachyris rufifrons
                   Golden Babbler                 Stachyris chrysaea
          Pin-striped Tit-Babbler     S        Eh Macronus gularis
          Chestnut-capped Babbler   K             Timalia pileata
     White-crested Laughingthrush          N      Garrulax leucolophus
 * Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush  K      N      Garrulax monileger
 *  Black-throated Laughingthrush   K             Garrulax chinensis
                Blue-winged Minla           R     Minla cyanouroptera
           Rufous-winged Fulvetta           R     Alcippe castaneceps
                  Yunnan Fulvetta           R  E  Alcippe fratercula
 *              Dark-backed Sibia           R     Heterophasia melanoleuca
               Oriental White-eye o(1X)           Zosterops palpebrosus
             Asian Fairy-bluebird   K             Irena puella
                 Burmese Nuthatch        B        Sitta neglecta
          Velvet-fronted Nuthatch   K    B N      Sitta frontalis
              Golden-crested Myna   K             Ampeliceps coronatus
                 Common Hill Myna    A     N      Gracula religiosa
        Great (White-vented) Myna  P  STFB        Acridotheres grandis
                      Common Myna o K   FBetc     Acridotheres tristis
          Black-collared Starling        B        Gracupica nigricollis
                        Pied Myna  P              Gracupica contra
        Chestnut-cheeked Starling        B        Agropsar philippensis
        White-shouldered Starling     S           Sturnia sinensis
                 Eyebrowed Thrush           R     Turdus obscurus
                       Bluethroat       F         Luscinia svecica
 *            Siberian Blue Robin           Rf    Luscinia cyane
            Oriental Magpie-Robin   K    B  R     Copsychus saularis
               White-rumped Shama   K    B    U Y Copsychus malabaricus
   Siberian (Stejneger's) Stonechat   STFB  R     Saxicola maurus
                   Pied Bush Chat     S  B   C    Saxicola caprata
 *             Jerdon's Bush Chat           R     Saxicola jerdoni
                 Blue Rock Thrush          N C    Monticola solitarius
       White-throated Rock Thrush    A            Monticola gularis
            Blue Whistling Thrush            C    Myophonus caeruleus
           Asian Brown Flycatcher   K    B   C    Muscicapa dauurica
   Red-breasted (Taiga) Flycatchero K    B        Ficedula parva
              Verditer Flycatcher   K    B  R     Eumyias thalassinus
           Hainan Blue Flycatcher    A   B        Cyornis hainanus
             Hill Blue Flycatcher          N      Cyornis banyumas
                    Large Niltava           R     Niltava grandis
             Blue-winged Leafbird        B N      Chloropsis cochinchinensis
          Golden-fronted Leafbird   K    B        Chloropsis aurifrons
               Plain Flowerpecker          N      Dicaeum minullum
      Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker    A T B        Dicaeum cruentatum
 *           Ruby-cheeked Sunbird        B   C    Chalcoparia singalensis
            Van Hasselt's Sunbird        B        Leptocoma brasiliana
                   Purple Sunbird        B        Cinnyris asiaticus
             Olive-backed Sunbird   K S  B   C    Cinnyris jugularis
           Black-throated Sunbird           R     Aethopyga saturata
            Streaked Spiderhunter   K       R     Arachnothera magna
                    House Sparrow      T B        Passer domesticus
             Plain-backed Sparrow      T          Passer flaveolus
            Eurasian Tree Sparrow o   ST B        Passer montanus
                      Baya Weaver      T          Ploceus philippinus
                     Red Avadavat       F         Amandava amandava
 *         Pin-tailed Parrotfinch          N      Erythrura prasina
               White-rumped Munia            C    Lonchura striata
                   Forest Wagtail    A            Dendronanthus indicus
                     Grey Wagtail   K        C    Motacilla cinerea
                    White Wagtail           R     Motacilla alba
                  Richard's Pipit        B        Anthus richardi
                 Paddyfield Pipit o   ST          Anthus rufulus
               Olive-backed Pipit        B     E  Anthus hodgsoni
               Red-throated Pipit      T          Anthus cervinus
 34                            325

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