Birding trip report North Thailand Feb./March 2003 

 John van der Woude  -      -     See also Introduction

Photos of sites

Chiang Mai. Mae Hia site (agricultural university), and the transition to the hills beyond. 
Burmese Shrike was in the  foreground, Indochinese Bush-Lark and Rufous-winged Buzzard more in the background.

Doi Chiang Dao. The Wat (temple) at the end of the staircase amidst the woods at the base of the mountain. 
Asian Fairy-Bluebirds were fluttering above the temple.

Doi Chiang Dao, along the right-hand road as seen from Malee's. Mid-elevation forest with large bamboo. 
A quiet, good birding road: Sultan Tit, Black Bulbul, Chestnut Bunting, and many more. The car is our rental car.

Doi Chiang Dao, near the top. At the best spot for Giant Nuthatch. Relieved people, after great views of 3 Giant Nuthatches.

Doi Chiang Dao, on the trail back from the Giant Nuthatch site. 
Open wooded valley with Maroon Oriole, Crested Bunting and other good birds.

Doi Angkhang, view from the "orchard" at Km 19.9. Scrubs with Red-faced Liocichla, Spectacled Barwing, etc.

Doi Angkhang, view to the left from the "orchard". A narrow trail goes up gradually to the slightly more wooded part in the middle of the photo, and there we had Spot-breasted Parrotbill.

Doi Angkhang, at the new lodge below the tribal village of Ban Luang. 
At the large trees behind the cabins is a small waterfall which holds both water redstarts.

Doi Angkhang, at the luxurious Angkhang Nature resort.

Thaton, along the river near the water tower. Jerdon's Bushchat had been seen in the reeds on the opposite border. Siberian Rubythroat, Yellow-bellied Prinia and Black-faced Bunting on our side.

Thaton, at the arable fields near the water tower. Pipits, munias, etc.

Mekong river, as seen from the Rim Khong restaurant. The sand bar had many Small Pratincole and Spot-billed Duck and some Ruddy Shelduck.

Rice fields halfway Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Grey-headed Lapwing, Black-winged Stilt.

Chiang Mai city, from our hotel room. A pleasant city. The night market is a must.

Doi Inthanon, at the Mae Klang waterfall at the base of the mountain. Probably too busy for good birding.

Doi Inthanon, inside the famous moist forest below the parking place near the top of the mountain. Mostly known under the peculiar name "summit marsh". This is a very good birding site with e.g. Yellow-bellied Fantail, Chestnut-tailed Minla, Gould's and Green-tailed Sunbird.

Doi Inthanon, at the boardwalk in the moist forest of the previous photo. Right next to this boardwalk we had birds like Dark-sided Thrush and White-browed Shortwing.

Doi Inthanon, view on the small marsh at the campsite. Black-tailed Crake was walking on the the trail left.

Doi Inthanon, inside the forest at mid-elevation. Good for some specialties like both cochoas.

Mae Ping NP. The road to Tung Gik. Very open forest, good for woodpeckers.

An old Wat temple at Thoen.

Ancient temple complex at Kamphaeng Pet, on the way down South.

Bung Borapet nature reserve, lotus pond with reeds. Reed-warblers, bitterns and many other birds.

Bung Borapet nature reserve, view from the watch tower at the end of the nature trail. View towards the lake, with several Phaesant-tailed Jacana's in the wet border area.

A more open part of Bung Borapet. All in all, a nice birding site.

Khao Yai national park, the bats site a few km before the North entrance. Enormous numbers leave the caves just before dusk.

Khao Yai, one of those fascinating flowers of the forest floor.

Khao Yai, tall trees along trail 5 (new numbering).

Khao Yai, Pig-tailed Macaques below a fruiting tree along the road.

Khao Yai, near the watch tower at trail 5 (new numbering).

Khao Yai, tree fall along new trail 9.

Brook in Khao Yai NP.