Birding trip report North Thailand Feb./March 2003 

John van der Woude  -      -     See also Introduction

Species list

MH = Mae Hia agricultural school site W of Chiang Mai
DCD = Doi Chiang Dao
DAK = Doi Angkhang
TT = Thaton lowlands
DI = Doi Inthanon
BB = Bung Borapet wetland reserve
KY = Khao Yai
* = lifer
(h) = heard only
CR->CM = along the road from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai
                                  MH  DCD DAK TT  DI  BB  KY
              Chinese Francolin * MH(h)
      Rufous-throated Partridge *                 DI(h)
       Scaly-breasted Partridge                           KY(h)
      Mountain Bamboo-Partridge *         DAK
                 Red Junglefowl                   DI      KY
                  Green Peafowl * Chiang Mai
          Lesser Whistling-Duck * MH                  BB
                 Ruddy Shelduck   Mekong
             Cotton Pygmy-goose *                     BB
               Spot-billed Duck * Mekong
         Grey-capped Woodpecker *     DCD
     Stripe-breasted Woodpecker *     DCD
              Rufous Woodpecker *                         KY
               Common Flameback   Mae Ping
              Greater Flameback * Mae Ping                KY
                   Great Barbet *     DCD
                Lineated Barbet * Mae Ping
             Green-eared Barbet *                         KY
         Golden-throated Barbet           DAK     DI
           Blue-throated Barbet *     DCD
              Moustached Barbet *                         KY
             Coppersmith Barbet * Chiang Mai      DI
         Oriental Pied-Hornbill                           KY
                 Great Hornbill                           KY
                Eurasian Hoopoe                   DI
              Red-headed Trogon                           KY
         Orange-breasted Trogon                           KY(h)
                  Indian Roller               TT
                     Dollarbird                           KY
              Common Kingfisher                   DI  BB
        Stork-billed Kingfisher                           KY
      White-throated Kingfisher   MH                  BB  KY
         Blue-bearded Bee-eater *     DCD
         Little Green Bee-eater   MH
      Chestnut-headed Bee-eater *                         KY
              Large Hawk-Cuckoo *                 DI(h)
               Plaintive Cuckoo *             TT
                     Asian Koel   MH              DI(h)
           Green-billed Malkoha * MH
     Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo *                         KY
                 Greater Coucal   MH
                  Lesser Coucal           DAK TT
          Vernal Hanging-Parrot *                         KY
          Red-breasted Parakeet *                         KY
             Himalayan Swiftlet       DCD             BB  KY
        Brown-backed Needletail                           KY
               Asian Palm-Swift                       BB  KY
              Fork-tailed Swift       DCD
                   Little Swift           DAK
              Crested Treeswift *     DCD
                 Collared Owlet       DCD(h)              KY(h)
             Asian Barred Owlet *     DCD
                  Grey Nightjar                           KY
                   Spotted Dove   MH                      KY
                     Zebra Dove                       BB
   Orange-breasted Green-Pigeon *                         KY
      Thick-billed Green-Pigeon                           KY
      Wedge-tailed Green-Pigeon *     DCD
       Mountain Imperial-Pigeon       DCD                 KY
        White-breasted Waterhen                       BB
             Black-tailed Crake *                 DI
           Ruddy-breasted Crake *                     BB
                Purple Swamphen                       BB
                 Common Moorhen   MH                  BB
              Common Greenshank   Mekong
                 Wood Sandpiper                       BB
               Temminck's Stint   Mekong
         Pheasant-tailed Jacana *                     BB
           Bronze-winged Jacana *                     BB
             Black-winged Stilt   CR->CM
           Little Ringed Plover   Mekong      TT
                 Kentish Plover   Mekong
            Grey-headed Lapwing * CR->CM              BB
            Red-wattled Lapwing                       BB  KY
            Oriental Pratincole *                     BB
               Small Pratincole * Mekong
                     Black Baza   Mae Ping
         Oriental Honey-buzzard                           KY
              Black-winged Kite   MH          TT      BB
          Crested Serpent-Eagle                           KY
          Eastern Marsh-Harrier *                     BB
          Rufous-winged Buzzard * MH  Mae Ping
          Changeable Hawk-Eagle                           KY
                 Common Kestrel   MH          TT
                   Little Grebe                       BB
               Little Cormorant                       BB  KY
                   Little Egret                       BB
                     Grey Heron   Mekong              BB
                   Purple Heron                       BB
                    Great Egret   Mekong              BB
             Intermediate Egret                       BB
                   Cattle Egret                       BB
             Chinese Pond-Heron   MH   CR->CM         BB  KY
                    Green Heron *                         KY
                 Yellow Bittern *                     BB
               Cinnamon Bittern                       BB
                  Painted Stork *                     BB
                 Asian Openbill *                     BB
           Asian Fairy-bluebird       DCD                 KY
           Blue-winged Leafbird       DCD
        Golden-fronted Leafbird * Mae Ping
        Orange-bellied Leafbird       DCD
                   Brown Shrike   MH
                 Burmese Shrike * MH
             Long-tailed Shrike *         DAK TT      BB
             Grey-backed Shrike *     DCD
                   Eurasian Jay   MH  DCD Mae Ping
                    Blue Magpie *                 DI
                   Green Magpie                   DI
                   Grey Treepie *     DCD DAK
              Large-billed Crow                   DI  BB
               Ashy Woodswallow * MH                      KY
             Black-naped Oriole                           KY
          Slender-billed Oriole *     DCD
            Black-hooded Oriole *     DCD
                  Maroon Oriole *     DCD
       Indochinese Cuckooshrike *     DCD
                  Small Minivet * Mae Ping
           Grey-chinned Minivet       DCD         DI
            Long-tailed Minivet *     DCD
           Short-billed Minivet *         DAK
                Scarlet Minivet       DCD
   Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike       DCD
         Yellow-bellied Fantail *                 DI
                   Pied Fantail                       BB
                   Black Drongo   MH  DCD             BB
                    Ashy Drongo       DCD
    Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo       DCD         DI
                Spangled Drongo *     DCD                 KY
   Greater Racket-tailed Drongo           DAK
            Black-naped Monarch       DCD                 KY
      Asian Paradise-Flycatcher       DCD DAK TT
                    Common Iora   MH
               Blue Rock-Thrush                           KY
          Blue Whistling-Thrush       DCD DAK
                   Scaly Thrush *         DAK
              Dark-sided Thrush *                 DI
          Black-breasted Thrush *                 DI
         White-browed Shortwing *                 DI
        Red-breasted Flycatcher   MH          TT  DI
         Little Pied Flycatcher       DCD
            Sapphire Flycatcher *     DCD
            Verditer Flycatcher                   DI
                  Large Niltava           DAK
           Pale Blue-Flycatcher *     DCD DAK
           Hill Blue-Flycatcher       DCD                 KY
  Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher       DCD
            Siberian Rubythroat * MH          TT      BB
                     Bluethroat               TT      BB
          Oriental Magpie-Robin   MH              DI
             White-rumped Shama       DCD                 KY
    White-capped Water-Redstart *         DAK
       Plumbeous Water-Redstart *         DAK
             White-tailed Robin           DAK
          Black-backed Forktail *     DCD
          Slaty-backed Forktail       DCD                 KY
         White-crowned Forktail *                         KY
                  Purple Cochoa *                 DI
                   Green Cochoa *                 DI
               Common Stonechat   MH          TT      BB
                  Pied Bushchat * MH          TT  DI
                  Grey Bushchat *     DCD DAK TT  DI
      White-shouldered Starling *                     BB
            Asian Pied Starling *                     BB
        Black-collared Starling * MH          TT
                    Common Myna   MH          TT      BB
              White-vented Myna   MH                  BB
                      Hill Myna *                         KY
       Chestnut-vented Nuthatch *         DAK
      Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch * Mae Ping        DI
        Velvet-fronted Nuthatch       DCD
                 Giant Nuthatch *     DCD
                      Great Tit       DCD DAK
             Yellow-cheeked Tit *                 DI
                     Sultan Tit       DCD
                   Barn Swallow   MH      DAK         BB  KY
             Red-rumped Swallow       DCD     TT          KY
               Striated Swallow * MH  DCD         DI
             Asian House-Martin *     DCD
                Striated Bulbul *         DAK
            Black-headed Bulbul       DCD
           Black-crested Bulbul       DCD                 KY
           Red-whiskered Bulbul * MH
          Brown-breasted Bulbul *         DAK
            Sooty-headed Bulbul * MH          TT  DI
         Stripe-throated Bulbul   MH                      KY
              Flavescent Bulbul *     DCD
           Yellow-vented Bulbul                       BB
            Streak-eared Bulbul * MH  DCD         DI  BB
           Puff-throated Bulbul *     DCD                 KY
                   Black Bulbul *     DCD
              Zitting Cisticola   MH
                    Hill Prinia *         DAK
               Rufescent Prinia * MH          TT
           Grey-breasted Prinia * MH
          Yellow-bellied Prinia               TT
                   Plain Prinia *                     BB  KY
     Chestnut-flanked White-eye *                 DI
             Japanese White-eye *                 DI
            Slaty-bellied Tesia *                 DI
           Chinese Bush-Warbler *         DAK
   Pallas's Grasshopper-Warbler *                     BB
      Black-browed Reed-Warbler *                     BB
          Oriental Reed-Warbler                       BB
            Mountain Tailorbird *                 DI(h)
                  Dusky Warbler       DCD DAK TT
          Ashy-throated Warbler *                 DI
               Inornate Warbler       DCD
                 Hume's Warbler *     DCD
                 Arctic Warbler           DAK
       Pale-legged Leaf-Warbler *     DCD(N)
        Eastern Crowned-Warbler *         DAK
           Blyth's Leaf-Warbler *     DCD DAK
      White-tailed Leaf-Warbler *                 DI
           Grey-crowned Warbler *         DAK
       Chestnut-crowned Warbler                   DI
         Yellow-bellied Warbler           DAK
   White-crested Laughingthrush *                 DI      KY
    White-necked Laughingthrush *                 DI(h)
Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush                   DI
            Red-faced Liocichla *         DAK
               Abbott's Babbler                           KY
          Puff-throated Babbler *         DAK             KY
  White-browed Scimitar-Babbler *         DAK
             Pygmy Wren-Babbler *                 DI(h)
         Rufous-fronted Babbler * MH  DCD DAK
                 Golden Babbler                   DI
          Grey-throated Babbler       DCD         DI
            Striped Tit-Babbler       DCD
        Chestnut-capped Babbler *             TT
            Yellow-eyed Babbler *                 DI
             Silver-eared Mesia           DAK
    White-browed Shrike-Babbler       DCD DAK
     Black-eared Shrike-Babbler                   DI
             Spectacled Barwing *         DAK     DI
              Blue-winged Minla           DAK
          Chestnut-tailed Minla                   DI
         Rufous-winged Fulvetta *                 DI
         Brown-cheeked Fulvetta *     DCD DAK
          Grey-cheeked Fulvetta *         DAK     DI
             Black-headed Sibia *         DAK     DI
           White-bellied Yuhina *                         KY
       Spot-breasted Parrotbill *         DAK
           Indochinese Bushlark * MH
     Yellow-vented Flowerpecker                           KY
    Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker * MH              DI
           Olive-backed Sunbird       DCD
                 Purple Sunbird                   DI
                Gould's Sunbird *         DAK     DI
           Green-tailed Sunbird *                 DI
         Black-throated Sunbird           DAK
          Streaked Spiderhunter       DCD         DI
           Plain-backed Sparrow * MH                  BB
          Eurasian Tree Sparrow   MH          TT
                  White Wagtail   MH          TT
                   Grey Wagtail       DCD                 KY
                Richard's Pipit   MH          TT
               Paddyfield Pipit * MH          TT          KY
             Olive-backed Pipit   MH  DCD     TT  DI
                    Baya Weaver               TT
             White-rumped Munia *             TT
           Scaly-breasted Munia   MH          TT
             Black-headed Munia *                     BB
               Common Rosefinch       DCD     TT  DI
                Crested Bunting *     DCD
             Tristram's Bunting *         DAK
               Chestnut Bunting *     DCD         DI
            Black-faced Bunting *             TT