Photos of birding sites south-central Turkey 26 Mar - 4 Apr 2006 
John van der Woude  - 

See also text report and species list

Akseki half open coniferous forest along lefthand road to Konya. Snow below and above.

Remains of steppe along road Konya - Eregli.

Crater lake along road Konya - Eregli.

View from saddle in Aladag NP above Demirkazik. Caspian Snowcock on rocks left.

Gorge at lower end of Aladag NP.

Darkness (street lights on) during midday sun eclipse in southern Cappadocia.
Distant snow mountain still receiving some light.

Kentish Plover site at coast near Tuzla, Adana delta.

Kentish Plover.

Gravel road with Hoopoes amidst shrubs and canals in delta of Tarsus.

White Pelicans flying over delta of Tarsus.

View from 'best' platform in Göksu delta, Silifke (see text).

View from largest observation tower in Göksu delta, S of holiday village.
Akgöl lake left, dune area right.

Anamurion historic site near Anamur, good maquis.

Side (E of Antalya), ancient site with coastal shrubs.