Photos of birding trip NW Venezuela 7-14 March 2005
John van der Woude   -  See also text of report

 Llanos-type moist savanna West of Maracaibo. Campo Boscan near GPS213.

Same spot as above.

Same spot as above, nesting tree of Common Tody-Flycatcher (range extension?).


Dry scrub region East of Maracaibo. Track north of Cabimas (GPS223).

Russet-throated Puffbird along track of previous photo. Here they have only one breast band.

Weedy field (GPS224) and small woods above El Encanto lodge, Sanare 
(Lara state; mid-elevation Andes here).

Terrace of El Encanto lodge, Sanare (

Backside of the rooms of El Encanto lodge. Tree right had roost of 50 Lesser Goldfinch.

View from our room of El Encanto lodge.

Terrace of El Encanto restaurant (4 km from lodge).

First stop in Yacambú national park above Sanare. Good birds here (GPS225).

The very quiet road through Yacambú NP.

View from shelter at waterfall (cascada) at El Blanquito recreation area inside Yacambú NP.

Butterfly near the waterfall.

Small laguna in Yacambú NP. Few birds here at midday.

Wasp-like insect with nest at shelter of the above laguna.

Tree at Yacambú NP.

Laguna de los Cedros recreation area of Guaramacal NP above Bocono (Trujillo state).

Paramo vegetation at the pass in the 4WD dirt road of Guaramacal NP.
(In the Andes, paramo is the shrubby vegetation above the tree line.)

Upper elfin forest (low trees below paramo) of Guaramacal NP.

Same, a bit lower.

Lower zone of elfin forest, or upper montane wet forest, Guaramacal NP.