Venezuela (Junglaven Amazonas, Henri Pittier, SE Falcon), 7-24 Jan. 1997 
Birding trip report - Species list
John van der Woude  -  -  also see main report

Species list

CU = Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, just off the coast of Venezuela, 2-6 Jan. 1997. Here we stayed before going to Venezuela. See further our synoptic report about Curacao.
HP = Henri Pittier National Park, 7-9 and 21 Jan.
LI = Litoral, the coastal fringe of the cordillera of Caracas, 10 and 24 Jan.  (LAY = LI + AY)
AY = Puerto Ayacucho (surroundings), 10 Jan.
JU = Junglaven, 11-20 Jan.
FA = SE Falcon, 21-23 Jan.

                 Great Tinamou            JU FA?    JU:twice on Road in fr of car, flew up 10 m high
             Cinereous Tinamou            JU        JU:near airstrip, before leaving
                Little Tinamou            JU FA     JU:on tape Big Lagoon
             Undulated Tinamou            JU        JU:on tape Big Lagoon
            Variegated Tinamou            JU        JU:sev. heard along The Road

                   Least Grebe               FA     FA:in litlle ponds at base of Cerro La Mision
Neotropic (Olivaceous) Cormorant          JU        JU:hundreds at Guayaje tributary
                       Anhinga            JU        JU:sev. along the rivers
                 Brown Pelican               FA     FA:at sea back from C.Lindo
       Magnificent Frigatebird CU    LI      FA     FA:groups along beach, with immatures
              Tricolored Heron               FA     FA:tens at Morrocoy, dispersed at lagoon
             Little Blue Heron CU         JU FA     JU,FA: both plumages blue and white
                   Snowy Egret CU         JU FA     JU:some at Guayaje trib.
                  Capped Heron            JU        JU:along small rivers, in tree tops
    Cocoi (White-necked) Heron            JU FA     FA:pair + young in huge tree at Llanos type farm C. Lindo
             Great White Egret            JU FA     JU:many at Guayaje trib.
                  Cattle Egret CU HP         FA     HP:evening flights from town to Choroni Road
        Striated (Green) Heron CU         JU FA
Agami (Chestnut-bellied) Heron            JU        JU:first one disc. at creek down Big Lagoon
     Black-crowned Night-heron            JU FA     JU,FA: few only
         Fasciated Tiger-heron    HP                HP:In river at Electr.Museum Choroni Rd
         Rufescent Tiger-heron            JU        JU:photo in flight (photo above)
                  Zigzag Heron            JU        JU:heard and just seen last night at creek down Big Lagoon
                    Wood Stork            JU        JU:some at Guayaje trib.
                        Jabiru            JU        JU:nest opposite 'Big Village' at Ventuari
                  Scarlet Ibis               FA     FA:very red indeed, more so than in Llanos
  Whispering (Bare-faced) Ibis               FA
                    Green Ibis            JU FA
              Greater Flamingo CU

        Fulvous Whistling-duck               FA     FA:at pond of Llanos-type farm Campo Lindo
      Black-bellied Whistling- CU         JU FA     FA:a.o. 1 pair with 5 pulli
                  Muscovy Duck            JU
               American Wigeon               FA
         White-cheeked Pintail CU
              Blue-winged Teal            JU FA     JU:2 groups of 20 on sandbars in Ventuari (new for JU?)

        American Black Vulture    HP LAY  JU
                Turkey Vulture    HP      JU FA
 Greater Yellow-headed Vulture            JU        JU:e.g. down Ventuari
                  King Vulture            JU        JU:along Ventuari, very high at noon
              Hook-billed Kite       LI             LI:quietly perched on cactus behind univ. campus
    White-tailed (Bl.Sh.) Kite               FA     FA:Cuare/Tacarigua area
                    Snail Kite               FA     FA:Many singing at Llanos farm C. Lindo
                Plumbeous Kite            JU        JU:along border of Ventuari
                    Crane Hawk            JU        JU:Guayaje trib., at 10 m high in tree
             Common Black-hawk               FA
              Great Black-hawk            JU        JU:at all small rivers, perched near water
                 Savannah Hawk               FA
           Black-collared Hawk            JU FA     JU:juvenals in savanna
                     Grey Hawk               FA     FA:twice below Cerro La Mision
                 Roadside Hawk       LAY  JU FA     AY:close at Tobogan dlSelva, with prey (snake?), photo above
             Short-tailed Hawk       LI             LI:hovering all the time at hill behind univ. campus
             White-tailed Hawk CU            FA     CU:attacked by two Am. Kestrel
              Black Hawk-eagle    HP                HP:late in morning crossing over R. Grande biol. station
                        Osprey            JU FA     JU:Big Lagoon
                Black Caracara            JU        JU:sev. groups in forest; sev. pairs at Guayaje trib.
         Red-throated Caracara            JU        JU:along Marieta/Piedras; last day group at Big Lagoon
              Crested Caracara CU     AY     FA
        Yellow-headed Caracara    HP LI      FA
               Laughing Falcon               FA     FA:garden C.Lindo; Tacarigua: eating snake in 10 sec, head first
              American Kestrel CU     AY     FA
                    Bat Falcon            JU        JU:at Ventuari bank, perched high
              Peregrine Falcon               FA     FA:at Tacarigua dam, later also Morrocoy NP (juv.)

      Rufous-vented Chachalaca    HP LI             HP:only spot: at blue water works at start Chor.Rd.
  Little (Variable) Chachalaca            JU        JU:in savanna woodland, also at Mirador hill
                   Spix's Guan            JU        JU:sev. along The Road
     Blue-throated Piping-guan            JU        JU:sev. along The Road
 Crestless (Les. R-b) Curassow            JU        JU:at creek borders, and Gal.lag.forest
                Black Curassow            JU        JU:often along or on The Road
              Crested Bobwhite CU                   CU:family near parking of Christoffel mountain
            Marbled Wood-Quail            JU        JU:endless song at beginning of terra firme The Road
         Grey-necked Wood-rail            JU        JU:near camp, border of Big Lagoon
     American Purple Gallinule               FA     FA:at Llanos type farm Campo Lindo
                Common Moorhen               FA
                    Sunbittern            JU        JU:singing close by over creek opposite harbour Ventuari
                       Limpkin               FA     FA:Cuare/Tacarigua area
         Grey-winged Trumpeter            JU        JU:often on Road, once 2 displaying high in trees
                Wattled Jacana               FA

            Black-necked Stilt CU            FA     FA:100 at Morrocoy lagoon
     Double-striped Thick-knee                      At airport of San Fernando de Apure OR Pto. Ayacucho
          Black-bellied Plover               FA     FA:at beach
               Collared Plover            JU        JU:at airstrip at arrival
                  Pied Lapwing            JU        JU:on sandbank in Ventuari
              Southern Lapwing               FA
            Greater Yellowlegs CU            FA?
             Lesser Yellowlegs CU
                      Whimbrel               FA     FA:at beach
            Solitary Sandpiper CU
             Spotted Sandpiper CU         JU
                    Sanderling               FA     FA:at beach
               Least Sandpiper CU            FA

            Yellow-billed Tern            JU
             Large-billed Tern            JU
                 Black Skimmer            JU        JU:on sandbanks in Ventuari

            Scaly-naped Pigeon CU                   CU:2 (prob. pair) in forest of Pos Spano
              Bare-eyed Pigeon CU            FA     FA:first one outside CU for us; CU: now common throughout
            Pale-vented Pigeon    HP      JU
                   Scaled Dove       LI             LI:on tape Via Galipan Macuto
                  Ruddy Pigeon    HP      JU FA     HP:3 seen; JU: good views at Big Lagoon
                    Eared Dove CU
            Common Ground-dove CU    LI      FA
             Ruddy Ground-dove               FA
              Blue Ground-dove            JU        JU:near camp (varzea)
             White-tipped Dove CU    LI   JU FA     JU:at airstrip (new for the JU list?)
             Grey-fronted Dove            JU?

                 Scarlet Macaw            JU        JU:a.o. a wild one flying together with tame one of camp
           Red-and-green Macaw            JU FA     JU:once 3 pairs together over creek down Big Lagoon
        Chestnut-fronted Macaw       LI   JU FA     FA:two highway Moron; C.Lindo; LI: pair at univ. campus
      Scarlet-fronted Parakeet    HP                HP:3 early on Choroni Rd.
           White-eyed Parakeet            JU?       JU:very large Aratinga, no macaw-face
       Brown-throated Parakeet CU HP LI   JU FA
        Maroon-tailed Parakeet            JU        JU:group of 30 early in savanna, well seen
            Red-eared Parakeet    HP                HP:Blood-e., tens
        Green-rumped Parrotlet               FA     FA:common; 1 with yellow forehead of male
        Cobalt-winged Parakeet            JU        JU:group of 10 at savanna
  Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet            JU
     Sapphire-rumped Parrotlet            JU        JU:group of 25: size + flight behaviour
           Black-headed Parrot            JU        JU:often heard + some good views at The Road
         Orange-cheeked Parrot            JU        JU:wells een at forest/sav. border Road
            Blue-headed Parrot            JU FA     JU:once head out of hole at Big Lagoon
             Red-billed Parrot    HP                HP:early morning and late evening Chor.Rd.
      Yellow-shouldered Parrot CU                   CU:increasing again (it is said)
         Yellow-crowned Parrot            JU FA     FA:roost at Llanos type farm Campo Lindo
          Orange-winged Parrot            JU FA     FA:roost at Llanos type farm Campo Lindo
                  Mealy Parrot            JU        JU:two well seen at sav./forest border The Road

               Squirrel Cuckoo    x  LI   JU        HP:on the way back to Caracas
          Black-bellied Cuckoo            JU        JU:short view at creek down Big Lagoon; The Road (where?)
                 Little Cuckoo               FA     FA:after long chase in wet bush Llanos farm C.Lindo
                   Greater Ani            JU FA
             Groove-billed Ani CU            FA
                Striped Cuckoo               FA
   Rufous-winged Ground-cuckoo            JU        JU:The bird of the trip (see report), The Road

                   Mottled Owl            JU FA?    JU:on tape The Road
                   Crested Owl            JU?       JU:probably heard The Road
                Spectacled Owl               FA     FA:heard at Cerro La Mision early morning
         Ferruginous Pygmy-owl               FA
                  Common Potoo               FA     FA:heard and one seen in candle, turning its head
              Lesser Nighthawk            JU        JU:flew uop from savanna near woodland
         Band-tailed Nighthawk            JU        JU:sev. over the Big Lagoon
                      Pauraque            JU FA     FA:tens one night at side-road C.Lindo
               Rufous Nightjar            JU FA     JU:sev. along the Big Lagoon (varzea)

          White-collared Swift    HP      JU        JU:two groups along the Ventuari
             Grey-rumped Swift            JU
            Short-tailed Swift        AY  JU FA
            White-tipped Swift    HP
        Fork-tailed Palm-swift    HP  AY            HP:here!

            Long-tailed Hermit            JU        JU:a lek along The Road, one inspecting us
                Reddish Hermit            JU        JU:very inquisitive along The Road, middle part
                 Little Hermit               FA
              Green Violet-ear    HP                HP:at open patch on top of Cumbre
          Black-throated Mango               FA     FA:at Llanos type farm C. Lindo
        Ruby-topaz Hummingbird CU
              Festive Coquette            JU?       JU:a coquette, and this one most likely occ. here
         Blue-chinned Sapphire            JU FA     FA:hovering left and right in front of other
      Blue-tailed (Common) Eme CU    LI   JU        LI:E border of univ. campus, flow. tree
        White-chinned Sapphire       LI
     Green-tailed Goldenthroat            JU        JU:two or three in the savanne, displaying
   Glittering-throated Emerald       LI             LI:E border of univ. campus, flow. tree
          Speckled Hummingbird    HP                HP:Choroni Rd, back to town
     Violent-fronted Brilliant    HP
    Violet-chested Hummingbird    HP                HP:well seen both times Chor. Rd.
             Long-tailed Sylph    HP                HP:on Cumbre and at R.Grande feeder (m+f)
        Long-billed Starthroat            JU        JU:at Big Lagoon

          White-tipped Quetzal    HP                HP:well seen  in hairpin bend below Cumbre
           Black-tailed Trogon            JU        JU:on tape The Road
           White-tailed Trogon            JU        JU:in forest (Road) but also in sav. woodland
               Collared Trogon    HP                HP:two at Cumbre
             Violaceous Trogon            JU        JU:on tape The Road

             Ringed Kingfisher            JU FA
             Amazon Kingfisher        AY  JU FA     JU:common
              Green Kingfisher            JU        JU:common
   Green-and-rufous Kingfisher            JU        JU:our last kingfisher (small rivers)
     American Pygmy Kingfisher            JU        JU:at small creeks

           Blue-crowned Motmot            JU        JU:earliest and latest day-bird Road (10 camp - Big Tree)
         Rufous-tailed Jacamar    HP         FA     HP,FA: rather common
          Green-tailed Jacamar            JU        JU:rather common
                Bronzy Jacamar            JU        JU:3 from Mirador at Camani camp, in tree top
              Paradise Jacamar            JU        JU:sav/forest border Road; sav. woodland; Mirador
              Spotted Puffbird            JU        JU:first at banana plantation, later several
      Russet-throated Puffbird               FA     FA:in bushes near pond Llanos type farm C. Lindo
         Rusty-breasted Nunlet            JU        JU:close view at start of trail 4 (Road)
                 Black Nunbird            JU        JU:The Road
                  Swallow-wing        AY  JU        AY:the first real Amazonian thing; JU: sev. in savanna
          Black-spotted Barbet            JU        JU:sev. heard; seen one briefly on canopy (Road)
        Groove-billed Toucanet    HP                JU:very near at Cumbre
                 Green Aracari        AY  JU        AY:a group at Tobogan dlS; JU: two fighting beak in beak
          Ivory-billed Aracari            JU        JU:Tha Road near savanna, and 2 near air strip
              Collared Aracari               FA     FA:along Cerro La Mision
           Many-banded Aracari        AY  JU        JU:evening: 6 gathering in tree tops near Big Tree
          Yellow-ridged Toucan            JU        JU:mixed form of Yellow-ridged and Channel-billed
               Cuvier's Toucan            JU        JU:fine view at Big Lagoon final day

       Golden-spangled Piculet            JU        JU:at forest island in savanna, male + female
                Scaled Piculet               FA     FA:on hill in Morrocoy NP
      Yellow-tufted Woodpecker        AY  JU        AY:fine view of group at Bare Rock
        Red-crowned Woodpecker    HP LAY     FA     HP:foraging, with Buff-thr Saltator for the remains
        Smoky-brown Woodpecker    HP
         Red-rumped Woodpecker    HP                HP:striking light cheek, red cap
       Golden-olive Woodpecker    HP
      Spot-breasted Woodpecker               FA     FA:Cuare/Tacarigua area
     Scaly-breasted Woodpecker            JU        JU:high in canopy twigs, The Road further end
           Chestnut Woodpecker            JU        JU:right along The Road; at Big Lagoon bank, eating ants
             Ringed Woodpecker            JU        JU:brief sighting on back, at flight, near airstrip
           Lineated Woodpecker            JU FA     JU:in hole in sav. woodland
    Crimson-crested Woodpecker            JU        JU:once 4 together on palm stems in sav. woodland

       Plain-brown Woodcreeper            JU
             Ruddy Woodcreeper    HP                HP:at Cumbre
        Olivaceous Woodcreeper    HP      JU        JU:The Road
      Wedge-billed Woodcreeper            JU        JU:together with Oliv.; The Road, at dawn
       Long-billed Woodcreeper            JU        JU:middle height of tree at The Road, further end
     Strong-billed Woodcreeper    HP                HP:fine view behind Electr. Museum
            Barred Woodcreeper            JU        JU:lower height in tree The Road, near savanna
      Black-banded Woodcreeper    HP
   Straight-billed Woodcreeper            JU        JU:The Road; and at air strip in sav. woodland
     Buff-throated Woodcreeper            JU        JU:also on tape, The Road
         Red-billed Scythebill            JU?FA     FA:on hill at Morrocoy NP, JU: on tape (The Road)

           Pale-legged Hornero               FA     FA:in bushes near pond of Llanos type farm Campo Lindo
       Pale-breasted Spinetail       LI      FA
               Ruddy Spinetail            JU        JU:big lek in forest halfway along the Road
              Rufous Spinetail    HP                HP:at Cumbre
             Crested Spinetail    HP                HP:at Cumbre
               Plain Thornbird               FA     FA:below Cerro La Mision
       Montane Foliage-gleaner    HP
  Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner    HP
 Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner            JU        JU:well seen (eyering), and on tape
         Slender-billed Xenops            JU        JU:in Galapagos Lagoon forest, well seen
                  Plain Xenops            JU

               Great Antshrike               FA     FA:on tape, at Cerro La Mision
           Fasciated Antshrike            JU        JU:along The Road, near savanna
       Black-crested Antshrike            JU FA     FA:pair at Llanos-type farm C.Lindo; JU: pair at Galap.Lag.
              Barred Antshrike    HP LI      FA     HP:at start of Chor.Rd.; FA; sev.; LI: at Via Galipan
           Amazonian Antshrike            JU        JU:rather common, in all forest habitats
         Spot-winged Antshrike            JU        JU:high in tree, short tail spread out
           Cinereous Antshrike            JU        JU:nesting bird, calling (tape recorded)
                 Pygmy Antwren            JU?       JU:on tape The Road
             Cherrie's Antwren            JU        JU:in varzea near camp
      Stipple-throated Antwren            JU        JU:busy group of 5, easy to approach
         White-flanked Antwren            JU        JU:at middle heights in trees along The Road
                  Grey Antwren            JU        JU:sev. at creek down Big Lagoon
         White-fringed Antwren               FA     FA:quick but unmistakable, at hill in Morrocoy NP
                  Grey Antbird            JU        JU:group calling near Big Tree (twice)
                 Dusky Antbird            JU        JU:at Yellow-headed Manakin lek near Galap. Lagoon
          White-browed Antbird            JU        JU:in forest Galapagos Lagoon
              Warbling Antbird            JU        JU:rather common
         Black-chinned Antbird            JU        JU:in Galap. Lagoon forest, well seen after long chase
              Silvered Antbird            JU        JU:once male at creek border down Big Lagoon
         White-bellied Antbird            JU?FA     FA:pair taped out on Morrocoy NP hill; JU: on tape Road
        Black-throated Antbird            JU        JU:The Road
       Rufous-throated Antbird            JU        JU:good and close view of ant-following group near Road
          Scale-backed Antbird            JU        JU:taped out near Big Tree, remarkable scales
       Rufous-capped Antthrush            JU        JU:on tape 13/1/97 in evening near banana plantation Road
         Black-faced Antthrush    HP         FA     FA:heard many, seen none, despite taping out
       Rufous-tailed Antthrush    HP                HP:clear song, taped out, track below Cumbre
         Plain-backed Antpitta    HP                HP:heard, some on tape
     Chestnut-crowned Antpitta    HP                HP:Choroni Road, heard only (''Compra pan'')
       Rusty-breasted Antpitta    HP                HP:came sitting right in front of us

    Golden-breasted Fruiteater    HP                HP:at Cumbre
           Handsome Fruiteater    HP                HP:below Cumbre and at R.Grande
       White-browed Purpletuft            JU        JU:near Galap. Lagoon and along Big Lagoon, in bare trees
                Screaming Piha            JU        JU:one heard calling twice at Guayaje trib.
             Pompadour Cotinga            JU        JU:The Road, Galap. Lagoon (pair), Big Lagoon, Mirador
        Amazonian Umbrellabird        AY? JU        AY:first of too brief views, crossing river S. Pto Ayac.
      Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock            JU        JU:at Piedras river, 400 m below waterfalls

         Golden-headed Manakin            JU        JU:sev. leks along The Road
         White-crowned Manakin            JU        JU:m and f along creek down Big Lagoon; also The Road
          Lance-tailed Manakin               FA     FA:several leks Cerro La Mision
         White-bearded Manakin            JU        JU:lekking at border of forest island in savanna
        Yellow-crested Manakin            JU        JU:lek at start of trail to Galap. Lagoon
          Dwarf Tyrant-manakin            JU        JU:common (after recognition of the sound)

      Olive-striped Flycatcher    HP
     Pearly-vented Tody-tyrant       LI             LI:close observ., singing, road Galipan Macuto
        Common Tody-flycatcher               FA     FA:Cuare/ Tacarigua area
        Rufous-tailed Flatbill            JU        JU:on tape (The Road)
      Southern Scrub-Flyc (Smo CU                   CU:several in Christoffel Park
     Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet            JU?
                Forest Elaenia            JU        JU:at middle height in tree, The Road
                  Grey Elaenia            JU        JU:high in tree (very white below), The Road
             Caribbean Elaenia CU                   CU:1 in Christoffel Park
        Yellow-bellied Elaenia       LI      FA
         Plain-crested Elaenia            JU        JU:well seen in savanna
         Helmeted Pygmy-tyrant            JU        JU:clear crest, in small tree at The Road
       Yellow-olive Flycatcher    HP
    Yellow-breasted Flycatcher            JU        JU:in Galap. Lagoon forest
      Bran-coloured Flycatcher               FA     FA:below Cerro La Mision (easy to identify)
           Cinnamon Flycatcher    HP
Smoke-coloured (Greater) Pewee    HP
                Tropical Pewee               FA
                  Black Phoebe    HP
         Vermillion Flycatcher               FA     FA:garden of Campo Lindo
             Drab Water-tyrant            JU        JU:at intervals along Ventuari/Marieta/Piedras rivers
        Amazonian Black-tyrant            JU        JU:at creek bank down Big Lagoon, near Agami Heron
             Pied Water-tyrant            JU FA
                 Cattle Tyrant               FA
               Cinnamon Attila            JU        JU:pair near Big Tree; also Big Lagoon: really cinnamon
         Citron-bellied Attila            JU        JU:along The Road, close view
          Bright-rumped Attila            JU
               Greyish Mourner            JU
          Pale-bellied Mourner            JU        JU:in savanna near airstrip
             Cinereous Mourner            JU        JU:weel seen and on tape (at noon), male, pectoral tufts
         Pale-edged Flycatcher    HP                HP:at Cumbre
      Brown-crested Flycatcher CU                   CU:in forest of Pos Spano
             Tropical Kingbird    HP LAY  JU FA     JU:at water front of camp
        Fork-tailed Flycatcher        AY            AY:along road S of Pto. Ayacucho, on fence
                 Grey Kingbird CU            FA
        Boat-billed Flycatcher    HP  AY
       Lemon-browed Flycatcher               FA     FA:at Llanos-type farm C.Lindo
           Streaked Flycatcher               FA
     Rusty-margined Flycatcher            JU FA
             Social Flycatcher       LI             LI:busy as usual, at creek below Via Galipan, Macuto
      Dusky-chested Flycatcher            JU        JU:pair in small clearing E of Big Tree; also The Road
            Pyratic Flycatcher            JU        JU:in savanna, on tape
               Lesser Kiskadee            JU?FA
                Great Kiskadee       LAY     FA
Thrushlike Schiffornis [Manakin]          JU        JU:often heard, finally identified (The Road)
           White-winged Becard               FA     FA:below Cerro La Mision, half-open habitat
        Black-and-white Becard    HP                HP:fem. in flock of tan. etc.
              Cinereous Becard               FA     FA:pair at nest in rather bare tree
          Pink-throated Becard            JU        JU:male, along The Road middle part (well seen)
           Black-tailed Tityra        AY  JU
                 Masked Tityra    HP
          Black-crowned Tityra               FA

          White-winged Swallow        AY  JU
          Grey-breasted Martin            JU?FA
        Blue-and-white Swallow    HP
          White-banded Swallow            JU        JU:many at Marieta/Piedras rivers
         White-thighed Swallow               FA
 Southern Rough-winged Swallow       LI   JU FA
                  Barn Swallow            JU

       Black-capped Donacobius               FA     FA:at garden marsh of Campo Lindo guesthouse
         Rufous-and-white Wren               FA     FA:also on tape
            Buff-breasted Wren            JU FA     JU:sev. ao.o. Guayaje river bank scrubs
           Southern House Wren       LI   JU FA     LI:many at univ. campus; JU: at camp (below old truck)
      White-breasted Wood-wren    HP                HP:at Cumbre singing all the time
     Southern Nightingale-wren    HP                HP:the incredible song again

              Andean Solitaire    HP                HP:pair quite confident at side-track
           Glossy-black Thrush    HP                HP:many at Cumbre
           Black-hooded Thrush    HP                HP:Choroni Rd.
                  Cocoa Thrush            JU        JU:singing at camp
              Bare-eyed Thrush    HP LI

         Blue-grey Gnatcatcher               FA
          Tropical Gnatcatcher       LI   JU FA     JU:twice a pair in savanna woodland

                Violaceous Jay            JU        JU:sev. in savanna woodland
                     Green Jay    HP

    Rufous-browed Peppershrike    HP                HP:many on tape again
         Dusky-capped Greenlet            JU
       Golden-fronted Greenlet               FA     FA:below Cerro La Mision
                Scrub Greenlet               FA     FA:on top of hill in Morrocoy NP, on tape
              Lesser Goldfinch               FA?    FA:garden of Campo Lindo
         Grey-chested Greenlet            JU?       JU:on tape in savanna
                Yellow Warbler CU         JU FA     JU:one in canopy at Big Tree; FA: group at Tacarigua
          Blackburnian Warbler    HP
             Blackpoll Warbler               FA
       Black-and-white Warbler    HP
             American Redstart    HP
          Northern Waterthrush    HP      JU        JU:at bank of Guayaje tributary
       Slate-throated Redstart    HP
         Three-striped Warbler    HP                HP:sev. at Cumbre
                    Bananaquit CU    LI   JU        JU:many at airstrip

          White-eared Conebill               FA     FA:a pair at the forest wall of Cerro La Mision
           Bicoloured Conebill               FA     FA:in mangrove scrub of Morrocoy NP, reacts to hissing
           Black-faced Tanager            JU        JU:at airstrip when leaving
           Common Bush-tanager    HP                HP:finally seen again after many years
         Yellow-backed Tanager            JU        JU:high in trees (The Road), below: yellow-white-yellow
           Grey-headed Tanager    HP
         Flame-crested Tanager            JU        JU:high in canopy along The Road (throat!)
       Fulvous-crested Tanager            JU        JU:The Road (:black throat); later more clearly Big Lag.
           White-lined Tanager    HP         FA
      White-shouldered Tanager            JU        JU:sev. pairs in savanna woodland
        Red-shouldered Tanager            JU        JU:at airstrip
         Silver-beaked Tanager    HP LAY     FA
             Blue-grey Tanager    HP LAY  JU
              Glaucous Tanager               FA     FA:one finally convincing, Morrocoy NP
                  Palm Tanager    HP  AY  JU FA     JU:one, at palm leaf roof of Camani camp
           Blue-capped Tanager    HP                HP:at Cumbre
  Blue-winged Mountain-tanager    HP
      Purple-throated Euphonia            JU        JU:sev. in savanna woodland brushes
         Thick-billed Euphonia               FA     FA:below Cerro La Mision
White-lored (Gold.bel) Euphonia           JU        JU:first one at camp; also further along The Road
         White-vented Euphonia            JU        JU:The Road
       Orange-bellied Euphonia    HP
       Rufous-bellied Euphonia            JU        JU:in canopy at Big Tree
       Blue-naped Chlorophonia    HP
                Golden Tanager    HP                HP:at Cumbre and below
              Speckled Tanager    HP
            Bay-headed Tanager    HP
        Beryl-spangled Tanager    HP                HP:Choroni Rd. back from Cumbre
          Black-capped Tanager    HP                HP:common at Cumbre and below
           Opal-rumped Tanager        AY            AY:a new tanager! And only here (lower than JU?)
            Green Honeycreeper    HP      JU?       HP:at Cumbre
     Short-billed Honeycreeper            JU        JU:first and best in low canopy along creek Big Lag.
           Purple Honeycreeper    HP      JU        HP:black nails seen R. Grande forest

       Rufous-collared Sparrow CU
             Grassland Sparrow            JU        JU:twice in savanna
    Ochre-breasted Brush-finch    HP                HP:sev. at Cumbre, just below bus stop
   Orange-fronted Yellow-finch               FA     FA:one final decisive observation
                 Saffron Finch CU            FA     CU:sev. throughout
          Blue-black Grassquit       LI      FA
                Grey Seedeater               FA?
      Yellow-bellied Seedeater            JU
       Large-billed Seed-finch               FA     FA:behind guesthouse C.Lindo
         Black-faced Grassquit CU    LI      FA
        Buff-throated Saltator       LI
              Greyish Saltator               FA
             Streaked Saltator               FA     FA:along lagoon in Morrocoy NP
           Blue-black Grosbeak            JU        JU:pair at The Road, near savanna

            Crested Oropendola    HP LI
      Russet-backed Oropendola    HP
              Olive Oropendola            JU
         Yellow-rumped Cacique            JU        JU:showy, but not many: camp, Road, Galap. Lagoon
                Moriche Oriole        AY            AY:several singing
                 Yellow Oriole       LI      FA
              Oriole Blackbird       LI      FA     LI:at bus station of univ. campus
       Yellow-hooded Blackbird               FA     FA:Cuare/Tacarigua area
                 Carib Grackle       LI      FA
                 Shiny Cowbird       LI      FA
                 House Sparrow CU                   CU:at water purif. plant