Birds of the southern taiga of western Siberia - song and habitat around Tomsk

Hippolais icterina 
-  Icterine Warbler - Зеленая пересмешка - Spotvogel  -  Song

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Recorded on the 26th of May 2002 near the railway station of Mezjeninovka (to the east of Tomsk) (deciduous woodland; at 5621N, 8525E). Background species: Cuculus canorus, Fringilla coelebs, Turdus pilaris.

Arrives after the foliage expansion. In Tomsk and its outskirts appears in the second half of May.

Prefers open deciduous forest with undergrowth and clearings, soggy upland birch clumps. Also found in grassy pine forests, parks and well-wooded gardens. Common in the south of the region, rarer in the north.

Sings from the second half of May until mid-July.