Birds of the southern taiga of western Siberia - song and habitat around Tomsk

Acrocephalus dumetorum
  -  Blyth's Reed Warbler - Садовая камышевка - Struikrietzanger - Song

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Recorded on the 28th of May 2004 near Kolarovo village (15 km to the south of Tomsk) (mixed woodland; at 5621N, 8456E). Background species: Turdus iliacus, Ficedula hypoleuca.

Arrives when the trees are fully in leaves and the grass has emerged. In Tomsk and its outskirts appears at the end of May.

Inhabits scrub on open ground, overgrown clearings in deciduous forest, tall grass, bushes along riversides, agricultural areas with deciduous copses or edges. Often in gardens and parks, and any other places with small 'islands' of tall grass, where it is abundant. Distributed over the whole region.

Sings from arrival until the end of June - early July.